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 2 other poems from camp in 2015 that i wrote

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Sun May 01, 2016 5:31 pm


Hope is our foundation. Hope is what keeps us alive. Hope can be all a depressed person can need. Hope is all it takes to save. Hope is something we all need. Hope and love, love and hope. Without each other nothing can be right.
Love is simple and kind. Love does not hurt and break. Love restores broken hearts. Love saves lives. Loving is easy. Love is true and strong. It builds broken walls back up. Without love, what’s the point of life?  Love is caring for others. Love is having and showing compassion for others. So let’s love one another and not hate one another. Let’s shine and spread God’s love. Brothers and sisters are love. Parents are love. Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles are love. Dogs show undying love an loyalty till the end. Love is true to the end. Think about how many lives we can save with love?! So let’s show love like God does for us. Let’s make love the core of the earth. So who loves you and who do you love? Think about God’s love and how it could save lives and the whole world! Love is many things. So let’s spread love and kindness. Love can change the world if we take that big brave bold step. Love your eneimies and help them try to change their ways. Love everyone for God loves you. Love can change the heart. Let’s change the world so love is everywhere and in the air. So be brave and show the world God’s love. Let’s stop suicide because love can only stop that. Love is worth it. Love can be everywhere if we take that big step. Let’s share God’s love instead of keeping it to ourselves.So what are you going to do to show and share God’s love. Whatever way you want just do it because you could maybe just maybe save a life. So what does love mean to you because this poem is what it means to me? So what are you waiting for go share and show God’s love? Because God’s love has to be shared and showed. To bring others to Jesus Christ and we’ll have a new brother or sister in Christ and that’s one less person in Hell. Love may be sappy but it is not I repeat it is not for suckers.


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