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 2 part of chapter 15 of doom tunnel

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Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:37 am

I stood there frozen not knowing what to do at all. The giant was like a skyscraper, how am I possible suppose to do anything to it? Daniel was still screaming in the giant’s hand clutched tightly together. Giant bird circled the blue silky sky. I remember in this book I read that you do this sort of whistle so the bird will come over to you. Oh what was it? Oh yeah, it was a simple, loud whistle. I whistled and one of the giant birds came soaring down to me. The bird stopped. The bird had golden colored feather wings with a silver beak and the bird stood gracefully in front of me. I slowly moved my hand over to its head to pet it. The golden bird cocked its head and sort of shifted but when I laid my hand on his head and started to pet him, he started to purr. A silver chain was wrapped around his neck and on it’s wings, there were to ends that I could hold on to. I stepped onto the bird. I pointed to the giant and the bird started to flap its delicate, beautiful wings. The bird’s feet lifted off the ground and the bird and I started to take off. My hair chased after me and my clothes seeped into my skin. My skin was cold and had goose bumps all over them. The golden bird started to loop around the giants head. The giant fanned the bird away but was to slow to hit us.

I’m coming Daniel!” I yelled as loud as I could.

The next loop around, the bird slowed down and landed on the giant’s hand. I grabbed Daniel’s hand trying to pull him out of the giant’s clutch. The bird started peck at the giant’s hand.

“OWW!!!” the giant bellowed in a deep voice.

The giant’s clutch loosened and I was able to Daniel out.

“Come on!” I yelled.

I headed towards the bird. I got on and so did Daniel. The bird flailed it’s wings and we flew off into the baby blue sky. We were above the thousands of fluffy, white clouds. They sort of looked like a vanilla ice-cream scoop. The bird, Daniel and I flew through the clouds. The sun was beating down on my back and blazing like a fire on a snowy night. My eyes hurt because of the bright light surrounding me wherever I went or turned. The bird cocked its head and winked at me. Wait, how can birds wink? The bird cocked its head back to its original place. Weird, never thought birds could wink. I smiled crept onto my face. The bird, Daniel, and I seeped down under the clouds and flew to the waterfall up ahead. The bird flew straight to the middle of the waterfall. We got closer and closer. I crossed my fingers and hoped we were going up. I closed my eyes. I couldn’t stand it any longer realizing we were about to die, again. Water spilled onto me and the area around me felt colder. I opened my eyes. Did we just go through the waterfall? How’s that possible? A hollowed out cave surrounded us. The bird started to slow down and came to a halt in a open space room where other birds were.

“Good job HXL3. I’ll go get your food. Come with me Daniel and David, please,” a man that was tall and skinny said. He wore some sort of jump suite.

“What type of birds are these?” I asked.

“They’re argosyners. They’re not griffins but they are related to them,” the guy answered.

“I thought argosy means a richly laden merchant ship,” I said.

“It does. We named them that because most of them help the chosen ones off of a ship. But you were different. Hxl3 knew you would be in some type of danger but not in the sea. He’s one of our different birds. He sense things on land not sea. Most argosyners sense sea but some sense land and sky.”

“How come you name these birds letters and numbers?” I asked.

“We don’t. HXL is short for Hariet Xal Lassourougener and the 3 means he was the third. Most argosyners were plain names like Daisy or Deluxou. Again, he was different of many,” the guy answered.

“How do you find their names?”

“Long ago argosyners could talk like humans. These children have been born for over 1300 years to 4500 years. Their parents are around 109000 to 200000 years old. Humans like us asked the parents of these children for their names and allergies and stuff like that. We put them into files and keep them. Some argosyners speak to humans because they carry on their parents gifts. They can also speak argosyious, their bird language.”

The tall man opened a door and grabbed a sack of green beans and threw it onto his back. We started to walk back to the argosyner. As soon as we get back to HXL3, the skinny man pulled a knife out and sliced the top of the back open. He spilled the green beans in front of the argosyner, HXL3. Ding ding. Ding ding. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone. The tall man’s face drooped into a frown.

“Deshanuler, tell Hariet he has a mission to find the hills these boys are looking for,” he ordered.

Another argosyner came over and spoke in a weird language. I could only make out a few words like help. It was helpoe when the bird spoke. Hariet looked at me and nodded to Deshanuler. Hariet nodded his head yes. The man gestured me to get on the bird. Okay, I thought. I mounted onto Hariet and so did Daniel. The bird and us flew down the cave and into the air. Hariet was a good flyer but he was sort of unbalanced because of his big giant silver beak.

We flew over some hills, but Hariet never did stop to see if it was the hill with the windmills. Remember, he’s a bird who senses land. Just cool down, I think he knows what he’s doing. We just kept on flying. Tons of hills we passed but we never did stop to look at one. This bird is getting me impatience, when are we going to find the hill? A hill with an unusual shade of blue was up ahead. Why is the hill blue? Hariet started to slow down and soon landed on the blue hill. The argosyner kneeled down and Daniel and I got off. We stood at the bottom of the hill where the rocks made a wall separating us from the blue hill.

“How come we can’t go over the wall?” I asked knowing the bird probably couldn’t understand me.

Hariet started to fly upwards. Suddenly, Hariet crashed. A light blue glass wall started to glow like stars. Hariet flew down to us and bowed his head in disappointment.

“Then how do we get to the top of the blur hill with you?”

The bird pointed to a hole in the corner of the rocks with its golden foot. I didn’t notice that before. I walked over to the hole and just starred at it. It’s probably big enough to fit HXL3 through, I thought.

I looked at Daniel with a question saying “Should we go in through this way?” Daniel looked at me like I was a crazy old man. Shrugging, I started to walk into the hole. All I heard was my footsteps walking on the ground of the hole. I turned to face the argosyner and Daniel.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” I asked.

The argosyner just looked at Daniel with a questionable face. Daniel looked at me with a plain, pale face. He shrugged and followed me into the tunnel. HXL3 followed David who was following me. The tunnel looked that it could go on for miles and miles and hole was too dark for me to see anything. Torched that I thought held fire, was lined up in the middle of the wall. One second the tunnel was dark and gloomy and the next, a gush of wind came in. The whole tunnel lit up. A ball of water floated just a little above the torch. It glowed slightly enough for me to see that in the middle of the water ball that there was a green crystal. I looked at five torches and all of them were the same. Same green crystal, same amount of light, and same size shape. As Hariet, Daniel, and I walked on more, I felt tiny dots of water sprinkling onto my face. I notice that it didn’t come from the sky. The water came from up ahead. As we walked on closer, the bigger the water drops were getting. Hariet stopped.

“What is it boy?” I whispered in its ear.

Waghter,” it spat out. Oh, he’s probably trying to say water. Hariet gave a loud screeching sound.

“Hush, no need to screech,” I whispered. I started to pet him on the head trying to calm him down.

About a couple of minutes later, another argosyner swooped in next to Hariet. The argosyner sniffed around and nodded at Hariet.

“Hariet will be the lookout becomes he isn’t a water argosyner,” it said.

I looked over at Hariet. He nodded a couple of times up and down and then walked to the front of the cave.

“I’m Deshanuler. I’ll help you through the rest of your mission,” she said. I just stood there, frozen.

Deshanuler whistled and blue, turquoise, and green wind spiraled around Daniel and me. The wind blew into my nose and mouth. I felt itchy and my hands felt weird. I looked down at my hands and found them green and scaly like a dragon. Daniel was the same. Deshanuler whistled again, but this time it circled around her. The wind seeped into her birdlike body. What use to be the golden feathers, was now blue, turquoise, green, yellow, and orange colored scales. All of her body was scales except for her beak, claws, and feet.

“Get on my back,” Deshanuler ordered.

I walked over to her and when I got on, I felt like I was sitting on a bumpy rock. Deshanuler flew down the tunnel. The droplets of water were now the size of baseballs. It use to be the size of a pin.

Deshanuler closed her nose. I saw water falling down up ahead of me. We were at the edge of the water but a second later, Deshanuler jumped. We were exactly facing down to the water. Water splashed my whole body. I knew when I got out of this water, I would be soaked to the bone. My ribs hurt. The water still pushed me. For some weird reason, I could breath without holding in air.

“Howg cangg Ig breathg?” I asked but the water -probably- made my words hard to understand anything that I said. The water gurgled up my words. The argosyner looked back at me.

“Because I cast a spell on you so you could breath,” Deshanuler said perfectly. She faced back to where the place she was looking at before. Up ahead, I saw a couple of water tunnels.

After about 20 minutes of trying to find the right tunnel with the windmills, Deshanuler, Daniel, and I saw a tunnel up ahead that had a shinning light. Maybe it’s that tunnel, I thought. It was like Deshanuler could read my mind. She swam down the tunnel with the light. As soon as we got closer, the light grew around us. It was too bright for me to see but Deshanuler looked straight ahead. I faced backwards on the argosyner. That’s better. Someone tapped me on the shoulder.

“Look over here,” I heard.

I turned to face the front. This time it wasn’t as bright as it use to be. Deshanuler landed onto the flat, dirt surface that separated the water from the land. In front of us was giant hole that covered the edges of the cave like room. It went all around the room. In the exact middle of the room, there was a tall, skinny, rectangular rock. On the rock was a old looking scroll. It looked like a scroll from the 1800’s when there was villages and when they had horses connected to like wagons. Or was that when we had phones and stuff? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. The room was sort of medieval like. It had gargoyles and there was spikes on the wall in spots.

“How are we suppose to get the scroll with a giant hole in front of us?” Daniel whined.

“There must be a lever or something to make a bridge pop up,” Deshanuler said.

Daniel started knocking rocks that were in the entryway. I looked at the two walls that were on the edge of the hole from the entryway. Leaning forward, I could see six gargoyles. All of them were the exact same. I could see that one brick on top of all the gargoyles was carved out on its edges. Swinging onto the edge of the wall, with one hand I held onto the wall so I wouldn’t fall into the hole and with the other I tried to budge the brick out of its hole. I tried to pull one of the sides out. The edges started to crack. I pulled the other side and the grey brick popped out. Inside, I could see that there was a little scroll. I took the scroll and popped the brick back in. I swung back to the flat surface. I opened the scroll and there I found a hint.







To see which one that you pull,

Look into their eyes

One of them are different,

The rest the same

Pull the different one up,

And there you have it,

The thing you wanted all along



Maybe it’s talking about the gargoyles. I showed Deshanuler and Daniel. Daniel just looked confused. I swung onto the edge of the wall and the gargoyles were above me. I looked into each ones eyes very carefully. All of them looked the same to me. I looked over them again and then when I went to the forth gargoyle, his eyes blazed and its eyes moved. I was terrified at the sight. It was actually….. alive….. I looked for a lever on it. All I could see was its to fangs popping out. I took my hand that I wasn’t using and pulled one of the teeth down. The gargoyle stiffened and its eyes died out. I swung back onto the surface of the entryway. The ground started to shake and rocks fell from the place where the water and land separated. Great, we lost out way back home, I thought. The roof cracked but it still stood. I looked back at the scroll. Instead of a hole in front of me, there was now a rock. I looked around the edge of the cave like room. There was now a thin walk way. Deshanuler hopped onto the rock and started to flap its wing so it would move to the scroll. I stepped onto the thin walk way. I laid my back on the wall while my body faced the middle of the room. I slowly moved with each step on the walk way. Daniel stepped onto it and did the same thing as me. I slowly moved. When I got to the side of the cave room, I laid my foot down on a rock and the rock slid off into the hole. My foot slipped with the rock and my leg was hanging on the edge with one hand holding onto Daniel’s hand. Daniel grabbed me arm and helped me up. My leg and my body moved upward to the ground.

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