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 -24 Hours Until The Fireworks Of Destruction.: Chapter 1: Reasons:

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Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:06 pm

24 Hours Until The Fireworks Of Distruction

Chapter 1: Reasons

~*-August 19, 2011-*~

Hello there.

I can tell you one thing.

Your luckier then me.

I just have twenty-four hours to save the city, until the fireworks of distruction go off.

First of all, I never asked for this in the first place.

Second, I should've never trusted him, why do I always have to trust people who turn out to be the enemy?

Third, I wonder why?

Of all things why?
Why me?
Why did he have to betray us.
I don't care what his reason is, but whatever it is, it better be a good one.

Because, if it's not.

He will destroy the city with those fireworks of distruction.

I'm not insane or paranoid.

Those fireworks are dangerous.

And far more of a hazard then the ones at Fourth of July.

Fourth of July.
Why can't it be today?
Why does today have to be December twenty?

One day before the city possibly gets blown off the map?

If there's anything I'd wish.

It's that I had something to turn back the clock.

Something to stop this.

Right in the midst of rising.

And that he never even met me.

I hate him now.

Why'd he turn his back on us?
We helped him out and everything.

And he just turned his back on us....

We just met him a few months ago.

And he just had to turn his back on us?
December first.

I hate that day.

I will forever remember it as the day of the traitor.

Because, he betrayed us.

Turned his back on us.

I never saw it coming....

I was so foolish!
Aaaah, I can't believe that I still here his voice, stuck in my head, calling my name. "Leanna...,"
that's what he says.

I can't stop hearing it, the echo from his lips as he calls my name, repeatedly as it echoes throughout my head. "Aaaah!," I scream as I can't bare the echo."Leanna?," asks Payton, a good friend of mine, she seems worried.

Of course, she's worried.

I screamed. "Don't worry, Payton, I'm fine.," I say as I fake a smile.

I know that nothing will be the same.

He still betrayed us.

'But, he's still there....,' I think.

I quickly push those thoughts away.

I close my eyes and breathe in deep.



I still see his gray-green eyes, staring at me, when my eyes are closed.

I shake my head and open my eyes, knowing.

Knowing that he'll never change.

Knowing that he's never going to change.

I know it's the truth.

He's never going to make me believe him again.

I won't be deceived twice.

My hand goes into a fist, as it closes in around the dirt around us.

This part of the city is the park, it looks as though it's been abandoned. "Or lost in time.," I mutter under my breath.

I zip my coat up, trying not to freeze to death.

'We've still got time. Time to defeat you. To foil your plans, Nolan. Or Xile, or whatever you go by now.,' I think as I get more angry, my hands start to mess with the dark gray sand-soil."Well, I think I should call, Destiny.," says Payton out loud, I watch as she pulls out her silver and purple cell phone.

She dials Destiny's number.

Destiny and Payton are twins, same dark hair, same brown eyes, same tanned skin, except for two things.

One of them's here, and the other isn't.

And they both have necklaces with their names written on them, in cursive.

I listen as Payton talks to her sister, she tells Destiny to tell their mom, that she won't be home anytime soon, and that she needs to take care of something, Destiny understands.

She knows what we are trying to do.

Destiny nods her head, it seems like Destiny will tell their mom, that Payton's staying with us or she's hanging out with me for awhile.

Like she always tells their mom when things like this happen.

And truthfully she is over at my house, we are on the same street, but I guess Destiny can hear the same falling from the spaces between my fingers.

Because, then I hear Payton say, "So, I'll call you later to tell you if you need to evacuate or stay.," she says sort of joking but, it's the truth.

Unless we can convince Nolan or Xile or whatever he goes by now....

That traitor.

Well, anyway, if we don't convince him, he'll set up his distructive fireworks, and bye bye city.

So, in order to protect the citizens we must stop him, at all costs.

No matter what.

I don't care what stunt he tries to pull with us this time.

He's still a traitor.

We won't be deceived again.

Even if he tries to pull his ultimate deceiving trick....

Which is what he pulled last time....

It's cruel.

That he doesn't even mean what he says.

He just says he does.

He's just lying.

I know it.

That trick.

It won't be pulled over me again........

'Or will it?' I think as the words of the trick roll in my head, and I remember how it was said by him.......

"I love you."

And he doesn't even mean it.....

-Author's Comments...:
I hate the spacing....

Anyway, so yeah, I'll post a better version of this later.

(Me: At least it's not that bad....)

So, I'll repost this later.... -_-'

Don't ask about the fonts and stuff, spacing hates me....




Nolan (Xile)







See ya around the boards! [XD]

(I'll post whenever I can.)

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 Re: -24 Hours Until The Fireworks Of Destruction.: Chapter 1: Reasons:

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Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:13 pm
I really like this. There are a couple of punctuation mistakes (with commas), but otherwise it´s really fascinating and I enjoyed reading it! :D

 Re: -24 Hours Until The Fireworks Of Destruction.: Chapter 1

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Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:38 pm

s u m m e r d a w n 2 8

 Re: -24 Hours Until The Fireworks Of Destruction.: Chapter 1

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Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:53 pm

I just wanted to say. Tradition Scripts are like this: Example


Hello, Mum.



The screen panes to Sean sitting with Xane


What was our homeowrk?


Uh, I don't know.


Fine I'll text Daniel

Sean texts Daniel while Xane throws a ball up and down.

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