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 A Hogwarts romance story

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Scene takes place on a Saturday. No classes. 
Neville thrust his hands into the bush, thorns pricked his dirty arms, but by now he wasn't bothered by it. He felt the warm earth and upturned some soil. He poked through the huge bush, gathering handful after handful of heated soil. Finally, he felt something, was it the nut of the Jugoa root? He pulled on it, but it stayed firm. He stood up, put his hands on his hips and looked down on it. Then, he almost jumped out of his skin. The thing was a white-ish blonde and - wavy? It moved, he gasped. It stood up. He stood back in embarasment. It was Loony- Luna. "What are you doing?" she asked serenley, cocking her head. But something was different about her now, something about the light? No, she had always been this way. She was beautiful. Her peaceful, lightning blue eyes stood out on her pale skin. Neville noticed he had been staring with his mouth open- about to say something - maybe? He didn't remember anymore. He blushed and muttered something unrecognizable. Luna blinked. Neville coughed. "I was looking for the Jugoa nut..." he said, barely meeting her steady gaze. She nodded. "So was I, it's said that the Jugoa root wards off nargles." Neville nodded. Luna took Neville's hand. "I don't think that'swhat you're looking for now though." she said, her voice rising. Neville shook his head. Luna could see right through him. But he didn't mind. Neville stepped over the bush. Luna put her cold hands on his shoulders and bent nearer. Neville was afraid. He was right to be so. Suddenly, he didn't know what came over him. He pulled her closer. Then something amazing happened. Something Neville would never forget. Neville kissed Loony Lovegood.  

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