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 A new song... Inside Of Me

Joined: Sun Jul 10, 2011 6:08 pm
Posts: 165
Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:24 am


I like you guys' CREATIVE critisism. So tell meh! x]

Inside of me

When the best feels like the worst

And the world is crumbling down

When you're life feels like a curse

And it's falling all around

When the spell is almost finished

 And you write the final rune

You're risking your life

Hoping it really is too soon


The last one to die

The one to set the rules

The one that doesn't cry

The one that beats the fools

Is the life worth living

The pride of the family tree

The tallest strongest warrior

And it's inside of me


When you change the best to worst

And the enemys are crumbling down

When you use the final curse

And the leader hits the ground

When the war is finally finished

And lives were finished all too soon

There's a warrior that comes out

There's a warrior in you


~Repeat Chorus~



I know it's short... I didn't want to do a bridge, because I wanted to leave it with the powerful last verse of Verse 2. Thank you for reading my song! x]



Comment!!! And add me!!!

I'm fallin' to pieces. Yeah, I'm fallin' to pieces.






 Re: A new song... Inside Of Me

Joined: Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:47 pm
Posts: 144
Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:37 pm
i'm fallin' to pieces cuz i LOVE THIS SONG!!
BTW, nice joke, but i don't realy like Maroon 5 ;D

 Re: A new song... Inside Of Me

Joined: Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:15 pm
Posts: 3
Mon Aug 27, 2012 2:28 pm
i like your song inside of me jadeprincess3!

 Re: A new song... Inside Of Me

Joined: Wed Feb 11, 2015 6:52 pm
Posts: 24
Mon Mar 09, 2015 1:38 pm

why are you falling into pieaces?

 Re: A new song... Inside Of Me

Joined: Sat Jan 02, 2016 2:22 am
Posts: 26
Sat Jan 02, 2016 2:37 am

i really like the song and i am a songwriter also. but whenever i try to write it seems like a song thats already been written

 my first song "its over" i know theres no chorus or whatever

at first you wrere siting on a bench staring at me

and then you said baby will you go out with me

then we out on dates a million times and now its time to say goood byyye

cus its over over over yeah

i know its been going forever and i want to know

why its ok for you to stick around when i want you to go

cus its over over over yeah

good bye    (hold it)

yes its short and it sounds like justin biebers song 'baby" witch btw is mentioned in allie finkles rules for girls book 1 moving day

 Re: A new song... Inside Of Me

Joined: Fri Sep 23, 2016 7:10 pm
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Fri Sep 23, 2016 7:30 pm


 Re: A new song... Inside Of Me

Joined: Fri May 08, 2015 7:17 pm
Posts: 14
Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:58 am


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