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What do you want my next story to be about?
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 A stuffed animal story

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Thu Jan 29, 2015 11:09 pm

Once there was a girl named Lilia who had a million stuffed animals. She wanted to break world record for the most stuffed animals ever. One day her arch nemesis (Mrs. Frisby) ordered two thousand stuffed animals and became one stuffed animal short of winning. So Lilia ordered THREE MILLION stuffed animals but there was no space she had to build another room for her stuffed animals. Mrs. Frisby reacted to this by moving into a mansion and ordering   two million stuffed animals. But Lilia only made two more rooms ( Both Overflowing ) and shut them real tight. The world record people needed all her reciepts to see how many stuffed animals she had but she was short of one reciept. Then Mrs. Frisby ordered 4 million stuffed animals but she had to go to a hospital because the stuffed animals crashed onto her. So Lilia ordered 6 million stiffed animals (with reciepts) And then the record people opened the doors to the overflowing rooms to see the stuffed animals and it all fell onto the record people and Lilia. At the hospital Lilia was very sad even though she got the world record she did not have one stuffed animal and she was very lonely. She wanted a stuffed animal so bad so the nurse bought her one at the gift shop. Lilia decided to give all her stuffed animals away and keep the gift shop stuffie, now that she had the record trophy. The end.

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