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 A Year At Beauxbatons In The Eyes Of Fleur Delacour (Act 4)B

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Sun Jan 22, 2017 6:10 pm

                                             Act 4

                   Characters: Fleur, Marie, Chantal, Mrs. La Hoggle

Mrs. La Hoggle: Bonjour, students! Today we will be learning about the currency of muggles. Does anybody know what a penny is?

Chantal: (raises hand) A penny is a small copper coin featuring the head of the muggle president Abraham Lincoln. It costs one cent.

Mrs. La Hoggle: That is correct. What about a nickel? A dime? A quarter? A dollar?

Chantal: (raises hand) 

Mrs. La Hoggle: I have already called on you, Chantal. A nickel is a small silver coin that costs five cents. A dime is a small silver coin that costs ten cents. A quarter is a big silver coin featuring the head of muggle president George Washington. But there is a special big brass coin called a dollar coin. It features the muggle structure Lady Liberty and costs one dollar. A dollar is a long, green peice of parchment featuring the heads of muggle presidents. Tomorrow we will learn about something muggles have called technology.

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