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 An Unknown World: Prolouge (NEW AWESOME SCI-FI NOVEL!)

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Sun Dec 12, 2010 3:20 pm


     If I could only choose one word to describe my life, it would most certainly not be normal.

            For example, my mother owns the award-winning floral shop downtown and is always bringing home delightful arrangements of tulips and daisies and flowers that I can’t even describe.  Ironically, her name is Rose. She has bright pink cheeks and fluffy blonde hair that light up the whole room everywhere she goes. She seems like she brings the only life to this now dead world.

            The government has tried everything from building local parks to planting trees to even making a law for everyone to plant at least one plant.  However, their efforts are useless. Plants always seem to get cut down, mutated in some creative way, or get complained about. So people come from all over the world to Mom’s lovely floral shop, wanting to change the world, even though we all know it’s highly unlikely.

            While my Mom’s trying to change the world, my Dad is trying to find a new one.  He is a world famous astronaut for PNASA, which used to be just NASA until the popular soda, Pixie Drink decided to sponsor it. He’s explored the whole solar system of Plolar, looking for life, but apparently everything there is dormant. He wasn’t completely upset though since he got to see Plolar’s sun die in person.

            Since we put a man on the moon around 600 years ago, PNASA is looking for bigger and better things. They’re not hiring space robots to do the job anymore, they’re sending human beings trillions of light-years off into space to explore and see if there’s any life other than our own Earth. Why are they doing this? Because now it seems like there’s little hope for planet Earth.

            So now, if you think my life’s normal, you’ve thought wrong.



 Do you guys like it? Give your feedback below please!

 Re: An Unknown World: Prolouge (NEW AWESOME SCI-FI NOVEL!)

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Mon Dec 13, 2010 8:57 pm
 Oooh! It sounds cool!
  Post more! I'll definitely read it!!! :smileyhappy:
                Everyone deserves to cry.
               WE MISS YOU, CRAZYNACHOS!
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 Re: An Unknown World: Prolouge (NEW AWESOME SCI-FI NOVEL!)

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Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:59 pm
I loved the transition from the mother to the father. :robotwink:

_H.p bookworm_ wrote:

            While my Mom’s trying to change the world, my Dad is trying to find a new one. 

I liked the fact that you elaborated on both the characters of the mother and the father. I would also like to know more about the main character. :robothappy:

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 Re: An Unknown World: Prolouge (NEW AWESOME SCI-FI NOVEL!)

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Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:32 pm
Post more! I'm hooked. This is a good prologue. Your set-up for exposition is very good. I love how it flows. I'm also pleased to find that you didn't make the amateur mistake of going "Hi! My name is (ENTER NAMES HERE) and I'm a (age) boy/girl", which drives me crazy (and is sadly done so many times in prologues). It is sort, but it is just a bite-sized pack of awesomeness. :)

VAMPIRE SQUIRRELS! Definitely DO NOT think your life is normal.

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