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 Animal Report: White Rhinocerous

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White Rhinoceros

            The white rhinoceros lives in Northeastern and Southern Africa. It roams the grassy African plains. The white rhinoceros is nocturnal. It lies in mud or dirt during the hot African day.

            The white rhinoceros is actually grey. It is a thick-skinned mammal and weighs from two hundred seventy to eight thousand pounds. It is about two meters high from feet to shoulders. The white rhinoceros lives from twenty five to forty five years old! It has two horns made of hair like substances instead of bone. They use their horns to defend themselves or fight for territory and females. It also has square lips that are handy for grazing on grass. The white rhinoceros’s scientific name is Ceratherium Simum. The word rhinoceros actually means nose horn.                       

            The white rhinoceros is an herbivore, plant eater, and mostly eats grass and water. The rhinoceros’s only predator is the human. Rhinoceroses are endangered because of hunters and loss of habitat. There are only about eleven thousand rhinoceroses left in the world. There are about three or four thousand white rhinos left.  

            The female rhinoceros gives birth to only one calf every sixteen months. A calf weighs about one hundred and forty three pounds when it is born. The calf will stay with its mother until the “next born.”  The mother rhinoceros will stand guard of the baby if it is threatened. A newborn calf is born with no horns and can stand within an hour of being born! It will drink around twelve gallons of its mother’s milk each day and gains about one hundred pounds each month!

            I think the white rhinoceros is a really interesting animal. I chose it because I didn’t know anything about it, but now I do! To finish my report, here are some quick, fun facts.  


#1 A rhino's horn is not a true horn that is attached to the skull. It grows from the skin and is made up of keratin fibers, the same material found in hair and nails.


#2 Unlike other rhino species, the white rhino is semi-gregarious; the females and sub-adults are rarely alone. The male patrols the territory that the females and young pass through. Females in managed situations will reproduce better if they are in a group.


#3 During the European exploration of Africa, the white rhino was actually less common than the black rhino. In recent history the black rhino populations have been poached to low levels. Today, because of careful management in the Republic of South Africa, the white rhino population has increased. South Africa has approximately 80% of the world's population of white rhinos.

 Re: Animal Report: White Rhinocerous

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Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:30 pm
Very informative, nice job!

 Re: Animal Report: White Rhinocerous

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Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:36 am
I love your report on te White Rhinocerous!!!!! I liked your second paragraph best!!! Very imformative!!! Also, I was wondering if you were interested in joining my club on the Save The Planet Board called "GTA". It stands for Green Thumb Assosciation. There are four groups/branches in GTA, Green Thumbs, Tree Huggers, Animal Lovers, and Peace Makers. If you were interested in joining please write me a note.
       ~Cassidy (President and Founder of GTA)

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