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 Areana Fights Eval

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Mon May 16, 2016 9:01 pm

Chapter 1 Areana Stikes Again
Areana felt proud to be a hero.
 She had beat Billy in a game of Monapolly.
 When he loses, it makes him quit somthing. Areana could of been in danger because she had used her fairy powers to help her win. Noboady knew about Areana being a fairy exept for her family.
Chapter 2 Meanie
When Areana got to school  she saw Billy being mean to Illy the estange student. So Areana stood up for Illy and Areana said' How would you feel if someone said that to you now apolagize to Illy' Billy said' I'm sorry Illy'. 'Thats better' said Areana.
Chapter 3 Lovey Dovey
Once Areana swung on a vine to gym class,she falls and who catches her?
 Eather was it the mussles,the face,What do you think?
Chapter 4 Gym Safari
It was time for Areana to clumb the ropes in gym. So Areana climbed all the way to the tippy top, and she swung from one rope to another. Areana landed with a thump then she took her the gyms fire estingwasher, and she sprayed the fire monstar that all the kids were afraid of. Areana saved the school and kids, and teatchers were cheering her name' Areana, Areana,' they cheered.


Chapter 5  Disaperence 

Billy disapeared , Areana said' If you going to be mean than disapear'. The place disapeared with silence. Everyone started cheering ,and Areana became the hero af the school . Everyone hated Billy and his eval tricks.

Chapter 6 Everyones Going Down

Areana started singing, when she finished everyone was gone. Areana had frogoten that when she sung she magicly cleared a room. The End

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