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 Ark sheild chronciles

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Fri Nov 25, 2016 2:46 pm


       A young girl stepped out into the light, she looked out at the earth blinking in the rising sun. She was going to do it today she thought to herself, she was finnaly old annough to go ridding to the village. Happly she ran into the barn and begian to saddle her steed, but she could swear she heard low whispering "It must be the anticpation" she mumbled. She hopped on her midnight black horse, but as she was nearing the entrance to the town, she heard a low crackling as if there was a fire dieing out. Eyes widening she gasped, as far as the eye could see the once grand village was in smoldering ruins all that was left was a single note that said " occuliet serpatas"

                     Chapter 1

    Christina woke up barely containing a frightened yelp, it was such a vivid dream yet already slipping away. Christina stoo up an yawned and glanced at the clock with  bleary eyes, and started to get dressed. She put her light yellow hair back in its usall pony tail. Walking down stairs where her aunt was down stairs reading a craft magazine. Her aunt called out to her " The bus will be here any minute get your..." whatever she was going to say was muffled out by a high pitch "CRACK!" Christina ran out but strangly the metal garbadge can her aunt usally kept in the front yard  had been knocked over with no one or nothing in sight. She shook her head thinking to herself  "It was probaly a cat or something". It stayed on her mind untill she climbed onto the bus and sat next to her closest friend. Selena was absored in a book, Christina sat next to her  and smiled slightly. Selena looked up an told her quietly "Are you okay?" CHristina wondered how this girl could tell that stuff so easily  Christina responed "Yeah im fine..." As the bus rolled over sloped hills occasinaly stopping, Christina grew deeper in though. She felt someone tap her shoulder and she jumped as she looked back and saw Selena's vibarent blue eyes looking at her "Were here" she said, we both climbed out with the hoard of students heading into Oakshade School. They headed into the 6th grade class to start the school day. Mrs. Sydeny entered a slim graying haried woan with the look of a vulture her razor sharp eyes peirced the class as she sat in her old chair and begian calling atendence begian with calling on a short girl "Linny Abigial"  "Here" she wuietly stated as if she would rather not be here. When she reached the end with "Jacob Willams" she got out her notebook and annouced "Today we shall begin with some history." Christina perked up to listen, as history always got intersting when Mrs. Sydeny taught it. The teacher  grabbed  her notes and begian "Today with a story of this very town history." With all eyes drawn to her as she begian " 400 years ago before today a town resided here  filled with churches farms market stands and libaries. It was a peacful town full of laughter and cheer, but one day horror struck the town, fire raged threw the city destroying the once grand village." The students stared in awe at the image of it, as if under a spell.

( Thanks for reading  please post your commets on how this could be better chapter two is coming soon :D)


 Re: Ark sheild chronciles

Joined: Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:14 pm
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Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:55 pm

Working on chapter 2 its coming soon!

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