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 Aspiring writer needing reviews.. Also.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Joined: Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:14 pm
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Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:38 pm
Hello. I am an.. Aspiring writer of science fiction and whatnot. Pretty much what strikes me as intriguing or captivating. I'm going to post something i wrote on a whim, tell me what you think! Thank you, and merry Christmas! It is titled... A Hellhound speaks to god. No one will know... alas and alack, o adversary, The feel of the cold darkness upon my loose flanks. Ironically it it this lust for darkness which bonds me to you. I shall stay captive by the burning fear of the black..... As i wander wheresoever he chooses, inhibited of my own accord, for fear of rebirth, sent back to life. A life brims with feelings, shall i consider a revitalizing renaissance? Or shall i waltz the dance of darkness, death and pungent sadness. Abyssal darkness festers within my core, this you know, all-knowing as you are. And, Saddest of all, i put myself here. My love of soul engulfing satiety, driven by a power that which none can understand. You spake to me once of a life of no pain, yet no feelings except lightweight emotions. This driving force of hunger, the need to be full which is destined never to fulfill. You talk of how the angels’ feathers are so heavy upon the scale, taking many souls so pure to reach a golden mean... Although i live bound by the chains of human sin, i see much, as a child born of beatings and murder. Yes... lacking the light of the sun, of love, of feelings.... Yes, Oh yes. This is my nirvana. Stay it as i like.

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