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What You Do When Your Older Sibling Wakes You Up?
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 Awsome, Novel (Book 1) U should read!

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Sun Nov 16, 2014 7:05 pm

Warning: If you find it boring, do not comment.

Chapter 1

The Classroom. It's a dreadful, horrible, no good place. According to me, that is. You see, I just didn't like this specifick class. My name is Rachel. I'm a new girl,  all alone with no friends yet. My sister is in middle school, my parents put me and my sister in a new school district. I'm in 4th grade. Before, I had a perfect life. I got to help take care of my new baby sister. I got to go to the mall with my Aunty Lola every week. I had a great house. I had best freinds. Now, everything was sucked away like a vaccum. My Dad got a new job and we had to move all the way to Pittsburgh from Washington D.C. and-- Ms. Newton what are you doing? My thought process was rudely interupted when Mr. Kennith asked me to pay attenion and open my social studies book to page 18. The Montgomery Bus Boycot............ Mr. Kennith drowned on and on. Ms. Newton! I was interupted again by Mr. K.  Rachel! Yes Mr K? I asked. He said to pay atttenion. "Yes Mr. Kennith." I said quietly. Social studies went on and on and on. Eventualy the lunch bell rang. I sat by this girl who I thought would be nice at lunch. She ignored me. So much for her being nice I thought to myself.  I tried to talk to someone. No one would talk back. Evenulaly the school day ended.  I asked the principal if I could use her phone to call Mom. She was stuck at the office tonight. So I  had to walk home in the rain. I walked past Heinz Field. I looked up at those fake ketchup bottles. The Redskins don't have that at their stadium in DC. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH PITTSBURGH!!??" I screamed. I felt like crying. I finaly got home after a really long day. "Umm hi Dad." "Oh hey sweetie! How was your first day?" I ran upstairs. I didn't really feel like talking to anybody.
The next day at school I found out the "nice" girl's name is Kira. I she sat next to me at lunch today. " I'm soooo sorry I acted that way yesterday. Here, have this box of chocolates!" "Thanks Kira! I love chocolate!"

Later on...

My stomach hurts soooo much..... Was all I could think. I raised my hand. "Miss Roberto?" "Si Rachel?" she said with her Spanish accent. "May I go to the nurse? I don't feel so good." "Yes, you may Ms. Newton." A few minutes later, I got to the nurse's office. While I was laying in the bed in the Nurse's office, the nurse asked me what was the last thing I ate. "Some chocolate.....". Wait a minute.. those chocolates made me sick! The nurse gave me some medicine to feel better and pretty soon I felt good enough to go to math class. I passed Kira in the hallway she said "Was there something wrong with that chocolate?" she said innocently. "YOU KNOW THERE IS!!! " I shouted.  "Maybe I do and maybe I don't. What are you gonna do about it?" Then she walked away.

Later on after dinner I was in my bedroom and I couldn't think of what I could do to get back at Kira.

Two Days Later....

I thought of the ultumate prank: I would take an important assignment of Kira's and then I would hide it!

Later in Social Studies.....

When nobody was looking, I took Kira's world map and I hid it in my backpack. Mr. Kennith called on Kira and she looked all through her backpack. She shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't know where it was. She looked back at me and I winked at her.

A few weeks later.........

We were going to go the Museum Of Pittsburgh! Unfortinatley I was paired up with Kira. While we were on the tour, we got sepparted from the group. "We have to put our problems behind us and work together in order to get back to our group" She scowled but she knew it was the only way. After what seemed like years of searching, we found our group. Getting along wasn't half bad! Kira is actually kind of nice. Later on after we all went back to school, I asked her to hang out with me today! She said "Yes". I had a great time. Later on my older sister,Allie and my Aunt Kim took me and Kira on a tour of Pittsburgh! After touring the city, I found out it's not so bad, and I made a new freind this year, so now at the end of the school year, I'd say it will be a start of a wonderful summer vacation!

A\N In case you don't know, Pittsburgh is a town in Western PA, and Heinz Field is where The Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL Football) And the Pittsburgh Panthers Play. (Collage Football) wink


Chapter 2


The crowd was cheering. I had just announced I was getting married at the end of my concert! Even though gossip magazines had already said stuff like that, I wanted to confirm it."The internatinal pop star Rachel Newton is now getting married at Sunset Valley Wedding Room!" About a year later, I was at the wedding site, getting ready, and then Mom calls me. I walk all over the place looking to find her. Then I hear my baby sister crying. And then I feel my sister Allie hitting me. My dream ends- my awesome,cool dream where I was going to marry Justin Timberlake. "Wha-what day is it?...... It's summer vacation!" "No it's not, it's May 31st,"Allie snapped at me. "I'll go ask Dad!" I huffed. Turns out, Allie was right. And now Dad was mad at me for waking him up two minutes before he had to wake up for work. And then Mom went upstairs to see what all the commotion was, then she scolded me for waking up Dad. Next thing I know I have to take the bus to school because Mom was too busy taking care of sick baby Casey. I hate taking the bus.There's a bunch of weird, mean kids on bus 19, which (of course) happened to be mine. Later on that day, Allie walked home with me from school in order to avoid my bus.

A week later..................

  During dinner, Mom said that now baby Casey isn't sick anymore we were going on a vacation!!!!!! Later on, it was discussed that we would go to Myrtle Beach. "YES!" me and Allie screamed.

 6 days later.......

  At around 6:00 am Mom woke me up. First, we ate a quick breakfast. Secondly, we packed up anything else we wanted to bring on vacation. Lastly, We put our bags in the car and drove off. It took 10 hours to get there. When we got to our hotel, me and Casey were fast asleep. Dad woke me up. We went out to eat and watched a fireworks show at the beach after it got dark out. Later that night at the hotel, I soon fell asleep, dreaming of the adventures I was going to have here. No one woke up until 9:00 am, except Mom and Casey (of course, Casey woke Mom up with her crying) woke up. Then Mom woke us all up at around 9:45 so we could all decide what we wanted from the breakfast menu. Breakfast was especially good.

  Today, Allie turned 13. That's when Mom said to us "You girls are growing up so fast!" then she hugged us and took a bunch of pictures. At around noon, we went to the beach. Right after we got there, while we were waiting for Mom to finish changing Casey, and while Dad wasn't looking, I asked Allie, (Wispering) Hey Allie! Do you think we will live in Pittsburgh our whole lives? Where did that all come from?? I thought you liked Pittsburgh? I do, I just don't want to stay there forever. Why? What's the matter? I've just been having lots of dreams about DC. Well that's ok. We used to live in Texas up until when you were 2 years old remember? We did? Yeah. Is that why Dad likes the Cowboys so much? Well--- " Okay I've changed Casey we can go to the beach now.... Girls?" "Yeah Mom?" we said at the same time. "We can go to the beach now." "Whoohoo!"I screamed.

The Next Week.......

  We did so many activities so far at the beach. It's been so fun, but today Mom and Dad wanted to relax in the hotel. Allie and I were sooooo bored. Dad took a nap in the hotel room and Mom went swimming. She didn't even let us come in the hotel pool, which is for all of the guests, but Mom said she wanted to relax in the Jaccuzi. We only had four days to finish doing everything!

On The Last Day Of Vacation......

 It was our last day of vacation, so Mom and Dad took us to an amusement park. It had the biggest Faris Wheel I had ever seen! I had a lot of fun! Tomorrow is the last day of June. I spent 3 weeks at Myrtle Beach! I was happy to get home though. I realized that I really do like Pittsburgh and I guess I won't mind sticking around for a while.

A Month Later.......

 We went to Disney World! We went on a Disney Cruise before, but Disney World was WAY  better! Then, in mid August, we went to Hershey Park! We did a lot of really fun stuff this summer. I can't wait to tell Kira about everything!!

Well, tomorrow is the 1st day of 5th grade, so... I guess this is it. No more Summer. Oh well, at least I like school!

PS. What do you think should happen next? Comment Below.




 Re: Awsome, Novel (Book 1) U should read!

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Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:43 pm

Hey, I am the writer, I was writing this on a friends account so I wil continue

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