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 Awsome, Novel (Book 2) U should read!

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Sun Feb 01, 2015 3:57 pm

Let's pick up where we left off... (Read awsome, novel (book 1) U should read to find out what happened earylier in the story)


Well, I got my class lists a week ago.  It's not looking good for me. My Science teacher's name is Miss Payne. She sounds awful. Payne? She sounds like a "payne" in the neck. The only teachers I have that aren't new to me are Ms. Roberto and Mr. Dennis. I'm not a worry wort most of the time. But now I'm worried. I tried to listen to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off to calm me down, since it's my favorite song. School starts tomorrow. Well, now I know that 5th grade science is officaly overated.

The next morning.....

My alarm went off at around 6:50. I wanted to hit the snooze button for two more hours, but I knew that wasn't going to work. When I get to the kitchen table, I stare at my food. There's eggs,toast and bacon on it, which are my favorites. I didn't want to eat. "Are you feeling okay, honey?" Mom asked me. I wanted to say yes, but my mouth already said "no". "Are you going to eat your toast?" My sister Allie asked me. "You can have it". A second later, the toast was off my plate and in Allie's mouth. I felt something wet run down my hair and onto my face. It was oatmeal. My baby sister flung oatmeal at me. Now my hair was ruined. I had no time to take a shower to get rid of the oatmeal in my hair. Mom wiped it off with a paper towel. It didn't look too good. Allie couldn't stop laughing. When I got dropped off at school, Principal Franks said there was a small mistake and that my real teachers name was Mr. James Cook, which meant I wasn't in my best friend Kira's class. The classroom was at the very end of the hallway. It was way in the back. "Good Morning students, my name is Mr Cook. I have only one rule: You must pay attention and try your best." Easy Enough I thought. Most of my teachers seem nice. Except for Mrs. Dot. She is a yeller. She is mean. I cannot survive another day with Mrs. Dot yelling and screaming at us.

A few weeks later......

As I was doing my homework I thought how I cannot survive another day with Mrs. Dot yelling and screaming at us. Dad put on the news channel. I cannot survive another day with Mrs. Dot yelling and screaming at us. "Melanie Dot was arrested last night at Monroeville Mall for bringing in a gun and stealing jewelry. Witneses say that she came in with a ski mask and held up everyone in the store. We'll have more on the story at 10 o'clock." I had to call Kira and tell her the news. "I knew something was fishy about her!! I'm so glad she's gone!" "Wait, slow down. So Mrs. Dot has been fired?" "Yeah Kira!" I said. "Rachel, I love art class now! But we will have a substitute now. I hope the substitute is my aunt Sue."

Okay,okay so I survived the mean teacher. Now I just have to survive the next few weeks because Kira's going to Osaka, Japan to visit her family for 3 weeks. I need to make some more friends so I don't die of boredom at school. I met some kids at lunch: Zack,John,Mary and Krissy. Mary and Krissy asked me if I wanted to come over for a sleepover. Mom said I could go! I walked to Krissy's house, since she lives 2 blocks from my house. Later on that night, we were watching a movie with the lights out and eating popcorn and when I laid back and I felt something weird under me. I looked inside my sleeping bag and there was a rat in it! Then Krissy's brother, Robert came down and said to me "Ha! You thought that was a real rat!" Then, when I went to go brush my teeth, there was weird blue icing in the tube instead of toothpaste! When I was sleeping soundly, he put my hand in a bowl of warm water! So I snuck into my house through my bedroom window. No way was I sleeping at Krissy's house.

2 weeks later.....

Kira came back! I'm so relieved she's back! I missed her so much!It's too much work to find good friends. I'll just stick with her for now. I filled Kira in on everything that happened while she was gone, including how they announced how Mrs. Dot was framed! She didn't really rob those people at the mall! Kira and I wondered if this meant Mrs. Dot was going to be our teacher again.

Was this year about to get a lot worse??


My alarm went off at around 9:00. Even though it was Saturday, I still didn't need to sleep in until a quarter past 11 like my older sister does every single weekend.  After I washed my face, I went downstairs and watched Netflix for a while. Pretty soon, Mom came downstairs and started to make breakfast. Then when she was done making breakfast she had to drag Dad and Allie out of bed. After breakfast, Mom said we were going to a indoor trampoline park called Skyzone (Which we had been there a billion times) and to get dressed. When I went to my dresser to put a pair of earrings on, I noticed my Diamond Necklace from My Aunt Lola was missing!!!!!!!!!! Did I leave it in D.C. when we moved? No. Was it at Kira's? No. Did I leave it at my cousin's house in Wyoming? No. Did I leave it in my locker from picture day and never took it home? No. Did I leave it at Aunt Kim's? Well, yes, I think I did. Fortunatly, It was safe at Aunt Kim's because nobody ever went in her guest room (That's where me and Allie sleep when we sleepover). I'm glad that Aunt Kim only lived about 15 minutes away from us. But when I got to Aunt Kim's house the next day after school, I searched the guest room but it wasn't there. The next week when I came over to Kira's to sleepover over for the weekend, she said she'd help me find it. At around 11:30 at night, we sneaked out and searched my grandparent's house, and no, we weren't breaking in, because grandpa let us in because he doesn't care what time it is. He could go out jogging at 4:00 am or go to bed at 2:00 in the afternoon. No necklace. 

     One day, I went to get Allie's robe after her shower I noticed something sparkley on her desk. My diamond necklace! That thief!

I jolted up in bed when I realized it was all a dream. I looked over to my dresser. No necklace. Oh no......

 Re: Awsome, Novel (Book 2) U should read!

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Tue Jun 02, 2015 3:21 am

LOLlaugh It is so funny! And Mrs. Payne DOES sound like a payne  in the neck!


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