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what house do you think i am in?
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 awsomly epic and crazily cool fan club meeting two!!!!!!!!!!

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Wed Aug 05, 2015 7:13 pm

okay so thanks to any one who reads my posts!!!!!

so this weeks question is what hogwarts house are you in?

a couple of days ago, I figured out that the 19 years later(epiluoge) was set NEXT YEAR!!!!!!

and if any body has any hp related b-day ideas let me know!





 Re: awsomly epic and crazily cool fan club meeting two!!!!!!

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Wed Sep 16, 2015 5:38 pm

Hi friend!


I'm a Hufflepuff, but I can't vote for you..... anyway, noooooo nineteen years later takes place in 2017, not 2016, so the year after the next, not next year (bcz the HP series is filled with 7-related patterns so it obvs had to end on a year with a 7. Harry and the gaang who was born the same year as he (1980) are also 37 on the epilogue)


I don't have many HP related ideas! Maybe sweets inspired by Harry Potter characters and sweets would be cool! And maybe you could make a "Sorting Ceremony" for your guests! Find a wizarding hat, then call the  names of your guests one by one to sit on the stoll and wear the hat like McGonagall does, and the person under the table behind the hat will analyse their personality and sort them on a house! But maybe you should've asked them before the party about their favorite houses, so you don't create misunderstandings. Then the members of the same "house" could be a team, and you could play group games! Idk much about Muggle Quidditch, but it's a thing, and you should probably check it out! Me and my sibs tried to create our own "version" of Quidditch when we were little, it was like basketball, expect with three goalposts... and no broomsticks unfortunately. Or Bludgers. or a Snitch. 


Bye turtle friend have a good time!~



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