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 Bellatrix (not a Harry Potter story)

Joined: Sun Sep 02, 2007 5:25 pm
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Mon Oct 22, 2007 7:34 pm
The new girl looked strange. She was tall, dark haired, brown eyed, and rosy cheeked. None of that was strange. It was the three long scars, marring her perfect face that made her look strange. Actually, David didn't think it looked bad, just different.
The first time david saw her was in Homeroom. She was sitting in the farthest seat from the front, head down, shoulders hunched. David thought she was pretty. The teacher took roll.
"Bellatrix Marina?"
"Bella, just Bella." When bella looked up, David saw the scars. he wondered how she got them.
"David, will you show Bella around the school today."
"Sure, Ms. Reedy." he walked over to Bella's desk. "Hey, I'm David Redman. Where are you from?"
"I'm from Saratoga, New York." Her voice was quiet and david has to strain to hear her.
What happens next? ^.^

 Re: Bellatrix (not a Harry Potter story)

Joined: Mon Sep 03, 2007 8:37 pm
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Fri Oct 26, 2007 9:26 pm
"So how do you like it here?" David asked.
"Fine, fine." Bella says her big brown eyes wide.
David starts to lead her under a tree. A place where a lot of kids
are seen making out.
David clear his throat, " Your pretty" he says to Bella.
Bella says something quietly making David have to strain to hear her.
"What? I didn't hear you." David says, touching her shoulder.
"JERK!" Bella says running away with her brown eyes, rosy cheeks and
3 scars.
"Uh" David says, throwing his head backward against the tree.
"Girls are so confusing" he says under his breath.

 Re: Bellatrix (not a Harry Potter story)

Joined: Tue May 15, 2007 5:24 pm
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Sat Oct 27, 2007 8:11 am
Can I?
  Bellatrix's eyes went wide as she left. She wasn't a student who wanted to be friends.
"Werid huh?" said David's friend, Ron (A/N not harry potter though i love harry potter).
"I guess she is shy." replied David. "I wonder how she got the scars...."
Ron stared at him, "What scars?"
"You know, on her face?"
"I have know idea what you are talking about Dave."
"Hey..." David couldn't believe it. Was he just seeing it? He decided to talk about something else, "Hey, you know I hate being calling Dave!"
Ron smiled and David went up to Bellatrix. He decided he needed to be nice to her. Duh!
"So where do you live here?"
No reply.
"How old are you?"
"12, I am in 6th grade...right?"
"Um....yeah....well, Luke is 11 , and he is in 6th grade...."
David shook his head.
Time to show her around.
Xyour turn! hope you like mineX

 Re: Bellatrix (not a Harry Potter story)

Joined: Thu Oct 25, 2007 6:20 pm
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Sat Oct 27, 2007 9:24 am
  "Well, I'm from a small Californian town." David replied. "Long way from home aren't you?" Bella said. Bella didn't care, she didn't want to move here, she wanted to move farther where no one couldn't have a clue how she got her scars. Like London. So she was going to be sarcastic and rude.
    David imediately noticed this. "Yep." he replied.
    "What kind of hill billy says yep." Bella said.
     David then said "Look Bellatrix Marina! If you expect to be rude then think of something better to say! And just becuase you're not friendly, that is not going to make everybody forget about your scars! Let me warn you that if the truth isn't going to get out soon then people are going to start rumors that you got in a gang fight."
      "It's Bella. Fine if you want to know the truth, look it up in the Sarotoga newspaper, issue 48, December 27, 2005!" Bella said. David was shocked he never expected her to say that.
  David went to the library after school and asked if he could have that issue. The librarian, Mrs. McJones(yes you can laugh) replied "We don't have it, but look on the library of congress' website they probably have some info."
  Poor Mrs. McJones, 80 and trying to be hip. David thought. H
  He pulled up the libray of congress' website , put in the issue, and then he saw Bella. It read: Young Girl Attacked!
  thirteen year old Bellatrix Marina was lost and attacked by a
Your turn X! What did she get attacked by?

 Re: Bellatrix (not a Harry Potter story)

Joined: Mon Jul 23, 2007 3:58 pm
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Sat Nov 03, 2007 7:11 pm
Bellatrix knelt on the ground beside a large rock, leaning her arms on the rock and laying her head down on her arms.  A harsh wind whipped her long black hair, the writhing black clouds moving closer on the gusts.  She couldn't stop the tears, no matter how hard she tried.  They rolled out of her big brown eyes, and she wept on the rock, her shoulders shaking.  Everyone at this new school was so weird!  They stared at her scars and she couldn't help but be rude.  Her mother was sickly all the time, her father in a grave back in New York
The attack... the memory of the newspaper headline swam in front of her eyes, making her dizzy...  "Girl Attacked By Diseased Cougar"  flashed through her mind, making another frenzied wave of tears flood down Belatrix's face, trickling over the three long scars on her right cheek.  She stared at the rock, wishing, hoping against hope, to forget everything and fall away into the dark abyss of sleep... A few raindrops spattered against the cold grayness of the rock, and Bellatrix looked up at the rolling black clouds.  Thunder boomed across the park, the swings on the swing set moving, squeaking with every movement.  With a crash, the see-saw tipped over, hitting a rock and tipping back over again.  Oh, how good it would feel to slip away into never-ending slumber, falling into a world where she could forget her pains and fears.  Dusk deepened... Bellatrix lay back against the rock, fatigued from lack of sleep and the miseries of school earlier today.  Her eyes closed against the misty rain, and the thunder lulled her to sleep.
     Bellatrix was dreaming... dreaming of the attack... she saw the devilish gleam in the maniac cougar's yellow eyes, the glint of afternoon sunlight on his fangs as he screamed... she was screaming, screaming for help.  The tour guide of the mountains of New Hampshire ran away, leaving her all alone...  She climbed a small tree, the cougar advanced ever so slowly, seeming to enjoy her increasing panic.  With another bloodcurdling scream, he leaped-- his claws slicing her cheek into three long wounds; his aim thrown off by the stick Bellatrix waved in front of herself.  With a sickening crack, the branch she'd perched herself on snapped, and she crashed to the ground just as a gunshot boomed through the panic-charged air... the cougar fell over on his side-- just six inches from Bellatrix's outstretched hand-- and it was dead, blood pooling under its belly.  The cougar's mouth open in a silenced scream, the feral gleam in his yellow eyes dulled by death... Bellatrix's own blood staining her shirt... she felt nauseous at the very sight of her own blood all over her hands and face and clothes...  the orange-and-camoflage clad hunter picked her up, his deer-hunting rifle falling to the ground.  Everything went black...
     She felt a strong hand shaking her shoulder.  Bellatrix opened her eyes.  Standing over her was a handsome boy about fourteen.  He grinned when he saw her open her eyes.
   "Let me help you up," His voice was strong, yet quiet.  He held out a hand too large for his body.  Bellatrix grasped his hand gratefully and he hoisted her up.
   "I'm Michael; call me Mike." He grinned again, blinking wet blonde hair out of his eyes, which where a sparkling blue. "What's your name?" Mike asked.
   "Bella..." Bellatrix answered softly 
   "I thought you might be dead or drowned..." He whispered, bending his face close to hers.
   "What where you doin' out here, anyway?" He asked, handing her a bottle of water.  Answers flashed through Bellatrix's mind, but only one was spoken aloud...
Your Turn! What did Bella say?

 Re: Bellatrix (not a Harry Potter story)

Joined: Sun Nov 04, 2007 4:58 pm
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Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:30 pm
"Um...........can i ask you somthing?" David asks. "No!" yells Bella. "Everyone asks how i got my scars, but, they don't really care! They are just trying to see if whatever rumour about me going around is true.! They don't ask because they are worried my family is abusing me, or that a murderer is stalking me, or anything lke that, they arn't gonna go "AWWW" if I say that when I was a baby, ny mom abandoned me and the hard hail pounding against my soft face gave me these scars, they just wanna know if the rumour about me is true."  "Im sorry" David says, trying to calm her down. "No, your not. Just leave me alone!" she screams as she runs out of her seat and out the classroom door. David runs after her, and finally finds her outside in the cold rain. "Bella, you better come inside." The only sound he hears is a heavy sob. "Are you alright?" he asks. No answer. He then goes out into the freezing rain and sit beside her on the rock she is sitting on. "Are you alright?" he repetes. No answer. "Okay, if you won't talk then you better listen. Im sorry i upset you, I didn't know that people were that hard on you. I thought that maybe, if I found out more about you, and got you to know me we could become friends and.........." he chokes out the words. "maybe more than friends." "You like me?" she asks. "I think you look nice." "Nice?" Bella asks, starting to sob again. "Not, nice. Beautiful."
Its your turn, do they become more than friends? You decide. 

 Re: Bellatrix (not a Harry Potter story)

Joined: Thu Mar 17, 2016 1:36 am
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Thu Jul 28, 2016 2:32 am

That's when Bella pulled away. She didn't want love right now. She wanted to stay a child as long as possible. She wasn't going to let er scars be the reason she needed someone else. She blushed, and ran back towards the classroom. Wow. How dramatic she had been. Maybe a bit too much. The people at this school didn't even know her yet. She just had to give them a chance.

    Bella was pretty sure she failed in math class. When the teacher had them going through something basic, like their times tables, she gave the answer 6x4=9. She was going to need alot of sleep tonight.

   Lunch was hardship. Bella's turkey and cheese sandwich seemed mediocore compared to all the friends she saw from her lonely, unoccupied table. Friends, people that were more than friends. Talking, laughing. Bella would never have something like that, ever. And that's when she heard a tray slam down on her right side stool. Someone came to sit by her.


 Re: Bellatrix (not a Harry Potter story)

Joined: Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:29 pm
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Sun Jul 31, 2016 12:54 pm

Bella turned. David. She let out a groan under her breath. He smiled as if nothing had happened beforehand, and started eating his mac and cheese. Bella stared at the side of his head. he was kind of handsome when she thought about it, but his eyes.... her mind flashed back to the cougar, up in the tree she could see is yellow green eyes staring at her face... Bella made a sickining noise from the back of her throat and David turned to look at her, his spoon half way to his mouth. He looked at her, and Bella stared at his eyes. She felt naoseous and sick to the stomach. She whipped around, her long black hair smacking Davids face, and fled the room, not daring to look back at the eyes. The eyes that looked almost exactly like the cougars. She ran to the library where she sat in the farthest corner in an empty table and put her head on the table. All she could think about was those eyes. Davids green-yellow eyes, exactly like the cougars. Before she knew it, she was sound asleep.

A few hours later she felt a large hand on her shoulder that woke her up. Bella looked upt to see......................

your turn! who does she see??? ^.^


 Re: Bellatrix (not a Harry Potter story)

Joined: Sat Jun 16, 2007 5:17 pm
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Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:59 pm

David, Luke, Ron and Millie, Alex's little sister. Millie looked at Bella and wondered what kind of animal would attack her, and who would leave her to fend for herself. 

" Bella, are you okay? What happened to you?" asked Millie. "It looks like a wild animal attacked you." Bella nodded and looked at them.  

"It was a cougar," Bella said. "In December. It was was diseased. I don't want to feel dependent on anyone, but to be honest, I'm wondering if it's in the states.  The memory still haunts me, and maybe someone brought it to our state meaning that it could be attacking a lot of people. It might even be in our school." Millie gulped. If word got out that the cougar was in the school, Alex, Hunter, Kent and Sam would totally lose it. 

"If you're right, my sister and other friends would go ballistic." Millie replied. "We might need to tell them about this." David, Luke, Bella and Ron nodded as soon as they saw the cougar while Millie was texting Alex and her other contacts. bela was scared as well as David, Luke, Ron and Millie, though it was Millie who had the right people to contact in a scary situation. 

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