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 Beyond the Wall Chapter 1

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Sat Mar 12, 2016 1:42 am

            “Mr. Fredrickson, please explain to the class who founded our world and the struggles along the way,” Mrs. Bennett asked, motioning me to the front of the room.
            I strolled to the front of the class and was unwelcomed by the blank faces and grey uniforms. Only hints of personality were shown on the shirts and blouses, but the bits of it were outspoken by the similar faces among my classmates. They were so alike and combined that I didn’t know some of their names.
            “The founder of World was Dr. Bryon Carter. The many struggles he faced were as some would call unreal. He fought with his own blade and felt that same blade against his throat. He fought until there was a perfect, peaceful place to live. He made rules to keep eternal peace. He saved us from ourselves. He made us happy.”
            The blank stares were even more deadly now, more than before. Mrs. Bennett winced and then pointed to my desk. Proudly, I walked back to my small storage area of a desk. The class was silent and would be for seconds, perhaps minutes. My head was spinning with horrible thoughts of being taken by The Leader. Would he kill me for being too descriptive? Is that not perfect enough? Was this against the rules? Would my classmates hate me even more?
            “Thank you, Ameer,” Mrs. Bennett said hesitantly, “and open your books to page one hundred thirty two, Secrets of Carter. Isa, you read.”
            As Isa began to read the same history chapter that we’ve known for years, I was thinking about our creation. How could perfection come with violence? Carter is long dead and all, but was he really a nice man who saved us from ourselves? He has to be, though, because someone would’ve called it out if it wasn’t me who first discovered the truth. It’s just me, discovering my mind to be crazy, maybe even crazier than Kyle Hingerfelt.
            “That’s it for today’s class. Go home. Study hard,” Said Mrs. Bennett, dismissing us exactly at three thirty, but startling me by how much time had passed.
            I gathered my five textbooks and my bag. In line I waited as my other classmates were filing out one by one. The method is so slow, but safer so World can be even more perfect. Ugh, stupid. I wish I could travel in time and punch Mr. Carter in the face. However, time travel is impossible and my newfound dreams can never come true. There would be a huge change in World if I were to punch Carter back in time, because he’d kill me with the same blade he’d used to save us and he may seem bad then.
            Finally, my body was at the doorway and there would soon be no school for me! I could go home and finish my homework, then play kickball outside with Andreas, Steven, and the other boys. My days were all alike and they all mostly ended the same each day. As Leader advertises, “A daily dose of exercise makes us all happy.” So at six every night, the children go outside and exercise for as long as they want to make The Leader happy. Even if the people you go play with are jerks, it makes Leader happy. If Leader is happy, we are happy.
            I was almost outside the door when a loud crash sounded from outside. The children were frantic, searching for an escape. It was dangerous. It wasn’t perfect. The guards were quick to answer, taking the running kids by the collars of their shirts to the cars for criminals. About fifteen kids were thrown into the cars to be put on trial. Life or death. It’s everything now. There is no maybe, yes, no, or half when it comes to decisions and trial. Life or death was the only decision now.
            As my feet carried me to my home, I saw what the noise was. There was a car accident in the middle of the road. Pieces of rubble were scattered around and glass was shattered about. If they didn’t die in the crash, they would die by the hands of the guards. It’s not perfect to crash. It’s also not perfect to kill innocent people, therefore the guards should die. My face was in shock, of course, but the guard standing there gave me a rude look to keep on moving. So I cooperated and did. There was only one thing that kept me going which was staying under the radar. Don’t be an outcast. Don’t let people know your name. Attention is wrong and I believe that the fears we have are wrong too. Leader is wrong.
            Construction workers were filling in the small cracks with cement, hoping they would dry before the kids walked on them the next day. I turned my head back and saw the same face that was usually behind me, Charisma. She was quite beautiful with blonde hair that went to her shoulders. I didn’t have long to stare, because then she would notice. I was no match to school competitors. Not to mention the fact that most people don’t want to be near me as I am different then all of them. It was clear that we were not the same at my school. I didn’t like Leader and they all knew that. I’m surprised no one has reported me yet.
            She would turn soon into her home that was identical to mine and all others. The same white wood and brown touches on each home, with green plants to make it seem like a place that offers something. It doesn’t though. My home was a further distance into the neighborhood, so I walked the rest alone. Andreas and Steven lived in the earlier areas of the neighborhood, so we would should meet midway to get our “daily dose of exercise”.
            My house was waiting for me, as usual, and nothing had changed. The garage doors were closed, no one was outside, and the yard was freshly trimmed. Nothing imperfect about it which made it miserable to live at. Imperfection was beautiful to me. People were the only things left of imperfection now. I arrived on the front porch in no time. There was nothing I couldn’t expect to be happening. Mom would be cooking and dad would be at work. He would be working in the grocery twelve hours a day for nothing. Even if he and I weren’t as close as Mom and I, it still (stinks) that he has to be gone doing basically nothing important all the time.
            Mom was cooking salmon, as I could smell it within the first few steps that I took inside the house. She didn’t have to speak to me, because I waltzed straight into my room. Some days I like her and other days I hate her. Quickly, my back pack was slung over my shoulder and my homework was slipped out. Luckily, there was only a couple of math problems left to complete. What is the diameter of the following circle? Perhaps this would help me one day, but I highly doubt it will. Once you receive your final tests at Advanced School, your job is chosen for you. You work there until you can’t work anymore. Dad sadly got grocer. It would kill me to the same thing over and over forever. At least at school you are taught new things and get to play outside afterwards.
            My homework was done within minutes, so I had time to think. Why do I think differently when dad doesn’t? Mom taught me that this is all some trick, but how did she find out? She has no job other than being a mom, because she never went to school. She’s not even a legal person. Her mother didn’t want her in school, so was that how this train of awfulness began? It began with a single seed of rebellion and has led to me hating the whole entire World?
            There was a soft knock on the door that made me jerk my head up to look. My mom’s soft voice whispered my name. For some reason I was mad, but how I could I resist that voice? The voice that always reassured me that it would be fine and to just hold in until my purpose came? Even when I hated her she could make it better in an instant. Or she could make it worse. There is no in between. So I got out of my chair and slowly unlocked the door.
            “Ameer, are you okay?” She asked, glaring down at her pink apron.
            “Yes,” I lied.
            “But you aren’t. I’m sorry I told you everything that I thought and knew. This is my fault you feel like it’s boring to live and there is no reason. But I apologize.”
            “I don’t care. I’m busy and just because you apologize to me every day that I could possibly think, doesn’t mean a single thing. It is your fault and there must be a million reasons that it is. It didn’t begin with you, but it will continue to be that way until I die. When my child is born, they will not be fed all of this. So I accept your apology because I have to fix your mistakes again,” I said angrily.
            She had tears ready to fall down her cheeks and my angry words were bouncing around my head like a ball. It was like I was the bad guy, when it was simply a punishment for all the wounds she will and has laid upon me! She backed up, knowing the door would hit her face when I closed it. There was nothing to fear, I reminded myself. I am the good guy. I didn’t ruin my child’s life. She should be the one being punished when she is giving me a one way ticket to hell.
            Finally I was alone again, so my only option was to just break the silence and go outside and play kickball with my so called friends. More like assigned partners. It’s just days like this that I feel like there is no one who fits into my own puzzle. It’s a jigsaw puzzle with only two pieces, but the second one is missing. And I vow I’ll find the missing piece, but it frustrates me so much to see that the piece just isn’t easy to find! For some reason I blame it on my mom because she made me different than everyone else. For all I know, I could be happy in a factory in a few years if it weren’t for her.
            My window was glaring the sun into my eyes, but it was time for me to head out to see the guys. Knowing them, they would snitch to their parents and get me killed if I were to be late or unhappy. Their parents, or anyone really, don’t know that Mom exists. I’m basically forced by them to continue and play with them. If it were up to me, I’d play outside by myself without any of the imbeciles who think they know what is what. Because they don’t.
            I unlatched the little knobs on the window and slid out into a tough bush. My gray uniform was built to withstand the material and not make holes appear. However a small one did on my sleeve, so Mom would have to sew it up later this week. That being if she still spoke to me after this swing. My feet carried me to the sidewalk, which was my path to unhappiness. To most children, this is a time for freedom and being able to escape the horrific schoolwork, but it was a timewaster for me.
            Colorful bushes were laid out in front of every house that I passed. Although color is described as warmth that makes you feel something, it makes me feel like less of a person. Dr. Carter decided everyone should have the same home because that would stop inequality and arguments based on that. (...) Why should brats like Andreas and Steven live in a neighborhood their parents could buy because they own several businesses? They should live in a much larger house far away from me. The only thing we have control over is how much food or interior decoration we get. Besides that, we are all so identical to each other we be twins for all we know.
            Just walking down the street I had a fear of being killed. How is that perfect, I may ask? I fear that some guard will be ordered to kill me because of the fact that the truth was exposed to me within my home. The key would then be used sooner than later. Mom’s worries would be lifted from her shoulders. Her life would finally be easy when she doesn’t have a teenage son to carry around on her back.
            Behold, the same street and house as everyone else, was Andreas and Steven Elizondo. Because of their parent’s fortune, they were able to move across World from Mexico to Georgia, United States. If not they would’ve been stuck with people as ‘poor’ as me. Such ignorant kids. Although I am a boy, fourteen, and I live in the exact same home as them, they annoy me so much that I can hardly bare talking to them. Yet here I am, afraid of being slaughtered by Leader for disobeying his harsh rules. How such horrible people get privileges? I don’t know.
            Andreas was dribbling the kickball, then brushing his black hair away from his face. He had clear skin and was a little chubby. That didn’t make up for how obnoxious is. Steven, on the other hand had lighter skin and brown hair. He had a few freckles here and there and was giving a smug look as I made my way to them.
            “Why didn’t your dad drive you? Last time I checked you weren’t that needy,” Andreas said in a mocking voice.
            I dodged his remark and made my way up the last few feet. We were all the same height, the three of us. We stared eye to eye. It was an ongoing war between us.
            “Ameer, get some of the other kids. I don’t want to be stuck with you two idiots,” Steven said, but getting pushed by Andreas.
            “Why don’t you, because I’ve done it every day now,” My voice said in a childish way.
            “We overpower you, Ameer. Get some of the other kids!” Steven screamed, almost taking all of my hair off with a single breath.
            Quickly I jogged down the short sidewalk and was prepared to get the other kids. The only thing that scared me was death. Although it isn’t exactly a new thought for me, it isn’t a happy one. Those two will scare me until I give them everything they need for an hour. Water, friends, food, and the ball. I can’t help but wonder what will be next. Threatening me to do chores or something or else they will blame me for it not being done? That’s basically torture and knowing Leader, he’ll approve of the brothers.
            Hurriedly, I knocked on Darren’s door. No one answered, but a smile from the window let me know he’d be out shortly. So my legs led me to four other kids houses and I waited by Steven and Andreas’s mailbox for everyone to come out to play. Darren was next to me, pale as ever. With short hair and a white face, it was like he was a ghost. My mouth stayed shut wondering if he’d be angry with me pointing it out. In less than five minutes, everybody was here and ready to play kickball. Hopefully they would overrule Steven and Andreas’s horribleness today.
            At some moments in the day, I look forward to leaving everything behind and letting lose with my ‘friends’. And then the truth seeps in and all of those happy memories are turned dark and rather useless. I wish I knew how to filter out the lies that my mind tells me, because my life would be a lot easier.
            “Get up here guys!” Andreas yelled.
            We all shuffled up the sidewalk and driveway. There were six of us outcasts versus the evil brothers. Yet we were all still afraid. They were smart, the two of them. They targeted your insecurities and your flaws so you would have no choice but to shut up and obey them. They have made fun of me and how I have a crush on Charisma multiple times. Somehow they always got into my head and made me think about them all the time. It makes me sick how they have this power. I wish I had a power to blow them up.
            Andreas thrusted the ball into my hands. He pointed at two of the kids, Mark and Joe. They came to their side. It was very unevenly matched. Mark and Joe were very athletic and good at throwing and kicking. But Darren and I were faster than them all. The other two guys were just there, merely a space taker. So the winner was obvious before the game even started. It’s not a good way to get your daily dose.
            We walked into the backyard silently, but surely. It was a great landscape of flat land. The only thing different in everyone’s houses is their backyards and interior. So you can do whatever you want with what no one can see. It’s odd, because we all know it’s perfect. Who are they trying to impress? Leader? He knows what it looks like anyways and he wouldn’t come to Georgia to check on the perfection.
            “How are we going to beat them?” Darren whispered secretly to me.
            “I don’t think we are. But hey, we only have to suffer for an hour.”
            He chuckled and spread out to his base. The other two were already on second and third base, which left me to roll the ball. I hate rolling to Steven, because he begs for retries and then when I say no he threatens to get me killed. Part of me wants to see what would happen if I said okay when he sends out his threats. But my thoughts were kept to me alone.
            We played for fifteen minutes before the score was three to fifteen. I was very surprised we scored. Usually we don’t score until the last minutes because that’s when Andreas and Steven become too cocky. It was the same teams every time and if it weren’t for me hating the two and having a rivalry against them, things would be very different on the teams. Perhaps it would’ve be the brothers, me, and Darren. Good thing things played out like they have.
            Joe kicked the ball and it went soaring over the house. Before I could get screamed at to go retrieve it, I was already walking towards the gate that lead down to the street. The ball would be in the patchy woods area by the time I could run there, so I walked anyways. As I made my way down the sidewalk, the ball flashed a last sign at me before it rolled into the woods. When I got to the tree line, it was obvious it would be quite a hike to get to it. My arms were pricked and stabbed with thorns as I waded through the treacherous bushes and vines.
            When the ball and I were within feet of each other, it was obvious that no clear path was available. Thorns, briars, and some barb wire were in every direction. My hands kept pulling for the ball until it flew into my hands. It literally flew. I looked behind my shoulder to see if anyone was watching. Nobody was. What had happened is my secret. Whether I was imagining or not, no one should know my secret. The ball rose from the ground and went straight into my hands. Although it was a stupid idea, I threw the ball back over the small wall of thorn to try again. Once again, when I reached for it it arrived into my palms, as if it had never flown into them before. My body turned and was prepared to leave to the guys. But Darren was standing broad atop the hill astonished as me.
            “What was that?” He asked.
            I rushed up the hill.
            “I have no idea. Don’t tell anyone because they may think it’s a regular thing.”
            “Is it?” He asked.
            My hand then shot up and blew him into a tree. His steady breath had disappeared. Running didn’t take a toll on him right now. His breath was gone and so was I. I was going to call for help to get him to the hospital, but a rushing shadow caught my attention. A shape of a body was beyond the trees and bushes. Should I get Darren help or run after the silhouette? Sorry, Darren. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to go on a real adventure and after I’ve discovered that trick… the one that may have just killed one of my friends, I think I’ll take the risk and go on the adventure. Besides, I’m about to be wanted dead anyways.
            I whispered sorry to him and was on my way to chase the shadow person. Hopefully it wasn’t a guard or mom. Even worse, an official. If it’s an official, then I may as well be pronounced dead. My newfound abilities may take over and kill them. Then my own hands would literally be the death of me.
            The shadow obviously knew these woods better than I did, as it had disappeared. I couldn’t go back. They’d call me crazy and kill me for being a psychopath. Who kills and cries that they see a shadow? A crazy psychopath which would be my title. They would discover that mom is a person and my dad, mom, and I would all be criminals. My house would be cleaned and someone else would be moved in. Everyone would hate us, even though we truly are good people. I couldn’t hurt my mom more than usual, so I turned back. The shadow was behind me.
            “What the heck?” I asked, walking towards the shadow.
            The shadow was a girl with silky brown hair. She reminded me of Charisma in some ways. She was curvy but very pretty. I wanted to confront her and ask why she was stalking me after a death had occurred. This was very suspicious. She must’ve seen what had just happened to Darren. She was going to tell Leader and the officials!
            She batted her eyelashes and then she cupped her hands with enough space for a small ball of yellow wind to show up in her hands. She had a look of shame on her face and then she let the ball loose on my face. My face tensed up and her little shadow of a body escaped from where she came from. My vision was gone and the world was a black blur. My mind let go and the dreams flooded in, perhaps ruining my life.


Hey guys! I'm 13 and this is my first serious writing. Hope you enjoy!:)




 Re: Beyond the Wall Chapter 1

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Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:07 pm

Awesome! This is probably one of the best stories I've seen so far. :) Keep up the good work!

 Re: Beyond the Wall Chapter 1

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Tue May 10, 2016 9:19 pm

This is really good! I still don't quite understand the whole thing... smiley

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