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How is this


                           Whos reading this                                    


Who's life was better hmmm?


                                               my life in 1500's

                                                      Dear diary

I am 13 in 1513 10/15 I woke up at 4:13AM It's the day of my birthday so my friend max who is 13 as well go to the to the store to help with the set up of the new store. Max goes home to get something and he finds his mom dad and 17 year old brother Alexander A.K.A. Alex dead. So then he comes back to the new store and tells me and so I start to cry. So we have a furnal for them we went and started to cry and then we went to his house were we saw them last and hung out talking about how much they made us laugh and how they were there when my mom dad and sisters past as well. Then we go to a store and we see a little girl. She said I am sick I need help so Max and I take her home. We asked how old are you do you know?. She said I am 5 years old can you guys save me?. Max said we can try to help you with food and water. So we take her home and let her sleep in the bed we woke up the next day and she was gone. We were the only two left after all that we did not know what to do so here comes his 18th birthday 5 years later 12/20 a few months after my birthday he asks me to marry him and I said yes. Then we had two kids Alexandra named after maxes brother and Asilla named after my sister they are twins they are 7 years old  then we passed away on there 15th birthdays. Then our kids on there 18th birthday found a new world and met new people and every thing.


                                  life in 2000's

                                   Dear diary

Today I woke up at 8:33AM I went to help than I went to class at 9 and at 10:00AM then at 11:59AM I had lunch then I went to another help. I took a shower and started this discussion at 3PM-5:38PM. mostly because I had to start over because right when I hit the post button it all disapperd and so I had to start all over BOOO now I am watching videos (...) to get help with my math. So I watched a few videos then call one of my friends. Then we watched a movie it was a little scary but not that scary.

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