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 Book Box!

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Sun Mar 16, 2014 12:39 am
Hey I'm STRAWBERRYCAT25! Yay! Okay so this is pretty much a cool little thing where I will give out book reviews! Now you ready for your 5 book reviews? Drum roll please. 1) Peter and the star catchers: 10-10. fantasy lovers read it 2) Ivy and bean: 7-10. pretty cool 3) Don't bump the glump: 10-10. I love shel silverstein 4) Bezus and Ramona: 10-10. awesome book 5) A question of magic: 10-10. great book So yeah, I pretty much love every book i read ;) Well now it's my fave part of the book box! CHARACTER CRAZY:) :) how it works: You make up a character, write about him/her here, i pick my favorite one and it ends up right where this is. since this is the first book box I'll get you started!!!!!!!! Name- Angel Any powers?- nature powers Looks like- black straight hair, green dress, blue and green eyes Personality- nice, adventurous, smart Anything else?- best friend is a baker named Anya, oh and by smart I mean can invent practically anything. RINGGGGG oh look at the time class is over. See ya :) please write about your characters :)

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