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Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:27 pm
 Well, here's my life story. Haha, just kidding!
The names are fake, FYI.

I'm one of those people where,"Everything I touch dies". In other words, I mess everything up.
 Sometimes I'll say or do something I regret, and it just leads me to a loss. Like when I was five, and my friend spilled my juice box at lunch, and when the teacher asked me who did it, I pointed to my friend and shouted,"Her!" Little did I know, that friend would never talk to me again.
 Or maybe when I turned seven, and my mom told me to feed Rose, my strawberry fish, and I overfed it to the point it died.
 Or maybe.....well, you get it. I mess up. And sometimes they're little things to other people, but they are big to me. That's another thing; I over-react.
 But I made a huge mistake when I turned ten years old. But I always wondered if it actually wasn't my fault. Lets call my victim....Eh, my friend Jason. Jason was my best guy-friend. We were so much alike, and I was so greatful for such a funny friend. We were inseperable.
When I turned ten, I had a crush on Jason. And he had a crush too.
 One day, when we were in the hall, I turned to him. "Who is your crush?" I said. "Tell me!" I added. "Tell me who you like and I'll tell you," he said. I gulped. Tell him....I like him? "You first," I said. "Nope, not until you do" he said, smiling. Jason was very....well....stubborn. "Sam," I said. Everyone liked Sam, and I thought he was cute and nice and I kind of liked him, so it wasn't a lie. "I like......Jess" he said. "Jess?" I thought. "My best friend?"
 He blushed, and I knew this crush was big. Sure, I was broken up. But hopefully, Jess liked him back! How great would that be? "Find out if she likes me. Please?" he pleaded. "Sure," I said. "You're the best, Madison!" he said, smiling.
He wouldn't be saying that after I ruined it.
 Out of the blue at lunch, I said to Jess,"What do you think of Jason?" I asked her. She glanced at me. "He's nice. But I don't have a crush on him." she added. did she know what I was about to ask? "How..." I started, but she had interrupted me. "I know he likes me. It's obvious!" she added, grinning.
 Somehow, Jason found out, and he believed I told her. He didn't talk to me after that, except for when he called me names, and recently, he finally did. "Madison!" he said to me last week. "We haven't talked in a year!" he added. "Yeah," I said, glad he couldn't see my heart aching. "And we won't talk for another one," he said rudely. "Huh?" I asked.
But he had already walked away.
 Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I wasn't so stupid. If I hadn't been so curious on who Jason liked. But if's are unimaginable. It's possible Jason and I would've stopped being friends anyways. But maybe we still would've been best friends. Who knows? He's gone his own way, and I have mine. Jason has a best friend who's a guy now. And one of my own best friends is a guy.
 And I'm not ruining that friendship.
 For now.


 Re: Busted!

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Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:47 am
Awwww!!!!!!!!! That's so sad! I hope everything works our Madison :)

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