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 Captain of Clinton Police Force: Captain's Return

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Sun May 22, 2016 7:54 pm
Chapter One
It has been ten years since Captain/Carolyn Michelle's death but I am glad I was able to save her team with help of God and Samantha. Now here I am, Ruth Moore, once again being a Captain of Clinton Police Force and RR is now the Second Captain. Everyday I wake up hopping it was all a nightmare but every time I arrived at work and my team greets me by saying, "Good morning Captain" and I am reminded that it was not a nightmare but reality.  Even thou it has been ten years, I still dread of going to work. It was hard on me "losing" Captain/RR/Second Captain but losing CP/Second Captain/Captain was even harder on me and I believe it was hard on my team.
Especially today because we got a call about a murder. We found out that Elan and Dick Schmidt was stabbed to death and only family member was listed is Alissa Schmidt. Since my team and I had no clue who killed them we decided to go visit this Alissa Schmidt. I knocked on the door of Elan and Dick Schmidt because that is were is Alissa is living. A tall lady with shoulder lengthen straight blonde hair, she is skinny and she has blue eyes with glasses opened the door and looked surprise to see us.
"Hello Alissa Schmidt, this Clinton Police Force, can we have a word with you," I said firmly. "Sure," Alissa said as she puss up with her glasses, looking nerves and confused as she let us in and closed the door behind us. "May I help you officers," Alissa said. "Yes, have a seat," said Second Captain in her commanding voice. Alissa sat down on the couch. "Alissa your parents Elan and Dick Schmidt was found today stabbed to death. (Alissa pushed  her glasses up [like she was not use to her glasses] as treas drops fall down her face. I am sorry for her lost.
Do you know anyone who wanted to this to them," I asked firmly. "No," said Alissa. "Are you sure they did not have any enemies? Alissa where were you between 9 to 10 AM this morning," asked Second Captain commanding. "I am not aware of if they had any enemies. Are you subsisting that I killed them? Why would I do that for? I was home only working on my stories. I am author and I published stories," Alissa said. "We just want to make sure because you can profit from their deaths and maybe you could not wait until die to get there money.
"Can we have your DNA," asked Second Captain commanding. "No," said Alissa. "Why not? If you want to prove your innocent, then give us your DNA," said EM. "Because I am not who I say I am. I had other name before Alissa," said Alissa. "That are you really? What is your former name?," asked MM.
"I am sorry. I am not giving you that information besides if  I do not but give you my DNA you might realize it," Alissa said. I thought to myself how would we realize it? We do not know you. "I am afraid I have ask you we have to asked you to come with us," said JL. Alissa got off the couch and walked way from us. I pulled my handcuffs out, walk up to  her, back her up against the wall, she had her hands up in the air and said firmly, "Turn around. You are unrest until forward notice."
Alissa just stared at me and before I grab her armed and was going to force her to turn around something cote my eye. Alissa had a necklace it was sliver chain with a sliver school building charm. I realized it immediately and I only seen it on one person. That person was Carolyn/Captain. It cannot be. I came up closer to her and toked off her glasses and looked into her blue eyes which showed fear and I saw Carolyn and I fainted. The last thing I hear was, "Captain," in a normally voice.
I woke up found myself on Alissa's couch and my team talking to Alissa. "Thank God. You are okay," said Second Captain commanding. "Is it true," I asked firmly. "Believe it or not, it is true," said BG. "You are probable asking this, how she could do this to us," asked TT. "While you were unconscious, we tried to figure that out," said MM. "However, we decided to wait until you were awake," said KW.
"Since you up now, we can question Carolyn personally," said DM. "I cannot believe she been alive all these years and did not tell us," said JL. "Why did you tell us Captain?" asked AL. "My name is Alissa. Besides I thought you guys were dead any way," Carolyn said in her fancy voice. No wounder why we did not realized her, she change her identity, looks, home, voice and everything. "How this could be? We buried you," I said firmly. "Elan and Dick Schmidt told me that they found my body in woods.
I was near breathing and took me in. Dick is retired doctor and he fix me up. Last thing I remember I heard a shoot and explosion, I thought Samantha Roher killed you guys to protect my life, she made a deal with Alex Maxwell," said Carolyn in her fancy voice. "Samantha Roher was dress as you, warned me, imaged to harm me but did not and help me saved your team before the explosion," I said firmly. "Maybe Samantha Roher is one we buried and though it was you. We found her body near outside of the right side of cemetery gate.
"Dick and Elan did not tell you that we alive," asked EM. "No, I do not think they know. They lived no where and hardly go out near the town. They do not have TV or internet access," Carolyn said in a fancy voice. "Hey since you are alive. Do you want to come back as Captain," asked PS. "NO," said Carolyn in a fancy voice with a forced tone.
"But why Captain," asked JS. "I am not your Captain. Ruth is and how many times do I have tell you my team is Alissa Schmidt," said Carolyn in her fancy voice but sounding mad.  "But Captain," I begin firmly. "Get out my house now!" said Carolyn in her fancy voice and her volume increased as she pointed to the fort door. I walk to the door while my team followed me. Second Captain turn around and said commanding, "Do you realized how much you are hurting Captain?" Carolyn rise her eye brow and put her hands on her hips. We walked out the door and closed it behind us. 

 Re: Captain of Clinton Police Force: Captain's Return

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Wed Jun 22, 2016 6:43 pm
Chapter Two
I still cannot believe that Captain was alive this who time and we had no idea. I still cannot figure out why Carolyn does not want to come back on Clinton Police Force. What happen to the Captain/Carolyn whom I knew? I am deeply hurt that Captain/Carolyn does not want to join her team once again but there nothing I could do but pray to God. I thought these things while we drove to American's Mall the biggest mall in the world. We reached the building of American's Mall, Second Captain and I got out of the police car.
"Are you okay, Captain? You have been awfully quick in the car," asked Second Captain commanding. "No but I need to focus on my job here," I said firmly. "Does this have to do anything with Alissa," asked Second Captain commanding. "Yes," I said firmly about to cry. Second Captain pat me on my back as she said commanding, "I miss her too." My team gather together and I pulled myself together.
"Okay team we have robber or robbers to stop today. I want MM and DM to make sure no one get in or out unless else wise proven innocent. Second Captain you are with me and rest of you guys find a partner and split up," I said firmly. Second Captain and I entered into the building not knowing what to expect. "You are under rest," said JS over earpiece. "We found the robber," said PS over his earpiece. I am guessing that JS and PS teamed up together. "Good. Before we leave, we should double check to make sure there was not more than one robber," I said firmly over my earpiece.
"I think we found the other one and TT is resting him now," said KW other his earpiece. "Captain, the rest of us check the mall and there seem like there no one else around," said AL over his earpiece. We all gather together and walked out the door and drove off. Meanwhile I thought of Carolyn and then I heard some notices and next thing I know the police car was underwater and Second Captain was knocked out then I blacked out. 
I woke up seeing Captain taking Second Captain out the car and swim above the surface. A few minutes later Captain came to my door and pulled me out meanwhile her pant lag got cached on edge of the car door. Captain sign to me, "Go that is command." I quickly swim up to the surface on the boat dock with Second Captain as I saw my team running to me. "You have to save her," I said firmly. While I help Second Captain up because she just woke up.
"Who," asked EM. "Captain, I mean Carolyn no Alissa. She down their stuck." I saw EM dived into and few minutes later she brought Captain up to the surface. "Is she okay," I asked firmly as EM did CPR on Captain. "I believe she will be," said EM as we all gather around her. I heard some coughing and Captain open her eyes and I gave her my hand and helped her up. "I thought you did not want to come back on the team," I said firmly. "I do not," Captain said crossly in her fancy voice.
"Obviously you did care because you have her uniform, badge, and Id," Second Captain said commanding. "While next time I will let you die then," said Captain in her fancy voice. "Does that mean you will re-concerned about being Captain," asked PS. "No, o no" said Captain in her fancy voice and fallen down on the ground. "Captain," I said firmly quickly got on my knees and looking at her. Her face was white and eyes begin to roll. "I am called 911," said Second Captain commanding. "Captain stay with me. Can you say something," I asked firmly.
"Am I bleeding," asked Captain in her fancy voice. I look at her and saw her lag bleeding must be from where she got her lag cached on the edge of the car door. "Yes (as Captain begin close her eyes). Please  do not leave me again. "Captain if you do take me to Doctor Rob and nurse Katie make sure you tell them to contact Ann Martian," Captain said in her fancy voice and pass out? At less that what I hoped it was the case.
I sat with my team in the waiting room of Saint Paul hospitable. "Captain, she wake but take easy," said Doctor Rob. "I cannot believe she been alive all this time," said Nurse Katie. "Okay," I said firmly as I stood up and my team did same thing. "O one more thing. We did connect Ann Martian and she a special doctor," said Doctor Rob. "She specialized in diabetics," said Nurse Katie.
"What are you trying to say," Second Captain asked commanding. "Alissa/Carolyn has diabetes and if she lose a lot of blood or have to much sugar it effects her body and could be very dangers," Doctor Rob said. "Thanks for letting us know," said MM. My team and I walk into emergency room number 100. Captain laid on the hospitable bed.
"How are you feeling," asked EM. "Better," Carolyn said fancy.  "Is it because you are diabetic is reason why you do not want to come back to the Clinton Police Force," I asked firmly. Carolyn sighed and said fancy, "They told you (I nodded my head to say yes). Yes but other reason is because I am ashamed of mistake I made of giving up. I do not give up. Any way, Doctor Rob and Nurse Katie gave me a diabetic pin to carry around with me in case it happens when I am not near Ann Martian office or hospitable," Carolyn said fancy.
"We all make mistake. Next time try harder to not give up. However, Captain will like it if you come back on the team," said KW. "If you are not Captain, you can be a normal police officer like AS or CP," said AL. There was complete silence. "Listen I am rusty and I have diabetes. I do not think it be wise if I come back on team (I was disappointed and my heart broke again).
However, since you asked me so nicely and will not give up on asking then yes I will be on the team again but only as AS," said AS with an authority voice. My heart lifted. I asked you never lose that. Second Captain has a commanding voice because she was once a Captain. I have a firmed voice because I was once a Captain and now am. AS has a authority voice because she was once a Captain. 

 Re: Captain of Clinton Police Force: Captain's Return

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Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:39 pm

Quite good. Keep writing!


 Re: Captain of Clinton Police Force: Captain's Return

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Fri Jul 22, 2016 3:30 pm
Chapter There
We entered the Kim's Jewel Store."TT and JS I want you to make sure no one gets in or out unless proven other wise innocent. Second Captain you are with me. The rest find a partner and split up," I said firmly. I saw EM and AS gather together and walked off as Second Captain and I walk a different way. As we walked, I looked around for any signs of robbers. I saw someone running, I ran after them with Second Captain on my heels, and said firmly, "This is the police stop where you are." He stopped and turned around and said, "As you wish Captain," as he pulled out a weapon.
"Officer down," said Second Captain commanding as she ran after him. AS came up to me and kneel down and put pusher on my chest. "Who is with Second Captain," I manged to asked firmly. "EM. Do not worry the EMT is on there way. Just stay with me okay," AS said with her authority voice. I grab her hand and squeeze it.
I waked up finding my self in Saint Paul hospital. "Thank God you okay," said Nurse Katie. "I will go tell your team you are awake now," said Doctor Rob as he walked out the door. "I hard that you finally convenes Carolyn to be on Clinton Police Force," said Nurse Katie. "Yes that is true. She preferred to be called Alissa and her cover up name is AS," I said firmly.
I hard the door open and saw Doctor Rob with my team right behind him. "Hey Captain. Will you be okay," asked KW. "Yes, I be fine," I said firmly. "Good," said PS. I smiled and said firmly, "Did you case the guy." "Yes, we cased both of them," said DM. "Good," I said firmly. "We are glad that you are okay," said MM. "Me too. I mean I am glad that my team is okay," I said firmly. We know what you meant," said JL.  i smiled and said firmly, "Thanks for your help AS," I said firmly. "It was no problem. Just doing my job that is all," AS said with her authority voice. "You are free to go Captain," Doctor Rob said. "Thanks," I said firmly.
************************************************************* Today is beautiful day and I decided to take a short walk before going to my job. I walked down the sidewalk and walked passed the Clinton cemetery (different than the Police cemetery). Then something cote my eye and it was Alissa. I figure she might be visiting Dick and Elan Schmidt. I walk up to the gate enters and walked up to Alissa to my surprised she stood at Abby Bell tombstone and had lay some flowers on her grave. "How long ago did Abby died," I said sweetly. I saw her jump and turned around. "Sorry, I did not mean to scare you. I just was out on a walk and saw you here and thought you where stopping at Dick and Elan Schmidt tombstone," I said sweetly.
"I visited first, then Jana but I wanted to visited Abby last. You knew we were best friends. She died five years ago along with Craig her husband. They used to be missionaries in China and got killed because of their faith," said Alissa fancy. "O. I am sorry for your lost. I know you will see them again in Heaven. How did you find out? You did not know our deaths but knew about Abby's," I asked sweetly. "I found out recently. This is not my first time stop by Dick and Elan Schmidt grave.
One day I saw Abby and Craig parents here. Without they knowing who I was, I asked them why they were here," Alissa said fancy. "O. Did you said you visited Jana, your Pastor wife and good friend, grave after Dick and Elan Schmidt," I asked sweetly. "Yes. What happen to her? You might ask. Is that . . . I killed her. I mean I did not mean to. It was dark, raining day, and roads were slipper. I drove off my side the road and hit other car. She die in the car accident," Alissa said fancy with treas coming down here eyes.
"It is okay Alissa. You will see all them in Heaven again. It was not your fault. You cannot save everyone. God only let you save those ones that it is His will for you to save," I said sweetly hugging her.

 Re: Captain of Clinton Police Force: Captain's Return

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Fri Jul 22, 2016 3:34 pm

Thanks for your input dragoncrown485.


------ Confidentpurple80/Great 123

 Re: Captain of Clinton Police Force: Captain's Return

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Mon Aug 22, 2016 1:27 pm
Chapter Four
We got into our police cars and turn on the sirens. We race after two criminals who just robbed The Bank of America. The criminals pull over, got out their car, begin to run and we chased them into a empty field. "Freeze. You have no where to go," I said firmly. "Acutely you guys have no where to go," said Alex. Suddenly we were surrounded with many criminals. O boy this is a trap. Next thing I saw was AS through against the tree.
"Hey take it easy," said Second Captain commanding. "Well that what she gets for trying to stop us," said Alex. "If you guys try any thing, Alex will hurt your Captain. Come with us with no fights or tricks," said one guy. As Alex had a weapon to my head.
"Hey boss. What about the rookie," said other guy. "Leave her. She is no help to police force. Besides she might be dead. She is not moving." "Alright we will be willing to come with you," said Second Captain. "Just do not hurt Captain," said TT. Then next thing I know that we were knock out with a knock out gas. 
I found myself tied to a chair with chain around my body and chair. "Were is my team," I asked firmly. "They are in jail cell behind you without there police belongs. They cannot escaped and same with you. I am going do this right this time. Hurt you and your team," said Alex.
"You underestimate AS," I said firmly. "The rookie. She could not even hurt a fly. My team is out there commenting crimes and there be no Clinton Police Force to stop them," said Alex. Alex pointed his weapone at my head and said, "Any last words Captain?"
"Leave my team alone," I hard a familiar serious voice. Alex dropped his weapone and turn to face the voice and said, "Captain? You should supposed to be died." "Do I look died to you," AS said seriously. "Why deceive people and became AS," said Alex as he picked up his weapone.
"You should have listen to Captain. You should not have underestimated me," AS said seriously. She came up to Alex, took his weapone away and through away from him. Next thing I know AS tossed her keys to me while Alex knocked her down to the ground. He is holding her down (her lags and arms). "Come Captain even your Captain could have avoided me from tackled her down," said Alex. I began to unlock my chains.
"I am just a little rusty. Besides, should not you be watching Captain," asked AS seriously. As I pulled out my knock out gas, when Alex turned around he is knock out cold. I pulled him off AS and put him in handcuffs meanwhile AS got up slowly in a little in pain.
She walked up to my team and let my team out of the jail cell. "Are you crazy? You could have killed yourself," said Second Captain commanding. "Okay next time I will reconsider of saving you guys," AS said seriously. "Captain, you could have done it with out revealing yourself to Alex," I said firmly.  
AS looked at me and gave me that look. The look that said I told you not to call me that. However, this time she did not say anything but she let it side. "Well I am glad you guys are okay," said AS seriously.
As we walked to our cars while JS walked Alex to his police car with DM help. "We have twelve more criminals to catch are you up to it," I asked firmly to AS.
"Yes. Why would not I," AS said seriously. "You just look like you are in a little pain, Captain," said JL. "I will be fine. I will live," said AS seriously. I smiled and keep my thoughts to myself. 
*************************************************************After a long day of chasing criminals and putting them in jail, we gather together into the discussing room. We all sat at the table. I sat at head of table with Second Captain on the right and AS on the left. I stood up and passed myself. "Is something wrong Captain," asked AL.
"No," I said firmly. "Then what is on your mind," asked BG. I looked at AS and came up to her. "May I help you," said AS seriously. "We are all curious . . . .," I begin said firmly but stopped myself and took my cap off. I put it on the table a fort of AS to see what she will do with it and sat down again at head of the table.
"We all did good today. With God's help, we able to capture our worse, and put his followers away. Hopeful Alex will be in jail for life and will not able to escape at any time soon (I notice AS staring at my cap). I appreciate your help putting these criminals away, doing the paperwork and report," I said firmly.
"We could do not with God's help and we could not done with AS did not let us free," said KW. I looked at AS as she continue to look at my cap. "You guys are dismissed," I said firmly.
"Are you try to give me a hit," asked AS seriously as she pick up my cap on table and rise it in the air. "Me," I said firmly. AS gave me a dirty look and said seriously, "Yes. You who else I be talking to." "Well you could have been talking us for all we know," said MM. "What are you going do about it besides to stare at it," asked TT. "It not worthy wild to agree with her Captain," said DM.
"O that what this all about," said AS seriously as she put the cap down back on the table. "Do not be mad at her," said PS. "Or us," said JS. "You are one who aloud us call you Captain more then once," said JL. "And you did not even said a word. Often you will deny it," said EM. "So what do you said Captain," Second Captain asked commanding.
AS sighed and said seriously, "I should not known better. It was not enough for you guys for me to be back on the team." "I am taking that as a no," I said firmly as I begin to reach my cap. As my hand touched it, AS put her hand on my hand and hold it down. I looked at her and my team did too. Waiting to see what she will do or say.
"I did not say no but I did not said yes either. Are you guys crazy? You serious? You want to your former Captain back who have not been a Captain or let alone a police officer in ten years who has diabetes," AS said seriously. "You cannot help yourself. Every time we are in trouble you have gone way over your head to save us but this time you took it to next leave as our Captain," Second Captain said commanding.
While I look at AS, as she still had her hand on my hand which lay on my cap. AS let her hand off my hand, grab my hand which laid on my cap and move it on the table. AS sighed and pick up my cap and look at it. AS scratched her hand exigent (I think) knocking her cap off.
I bend down to pick up and when I stood up. I saw my teammates faces. They looked surprised. They sighed "Look." I turn my gaze to AS. I saw my cap on her head and I was shocked. "What," Captain said seriously. "Was it necessary to purposely knock your cap off," I asked firmly.
"What cap," Captain said seriously but teasing. I gave her an evil look and put my heads on my hip. "O alright," She said seriously took the cap out my hand and walked out the room. A few minuets later she came back with RR cap and give to Second Captain and took her cap and gave to me.
"I am making myself clear," Captain said seriously. "Yes, load and clear. You do realized we still have change cover up ideas," I said firmly as RR and I put our caps on willing and happy. "I know" Captain said seriously as she slid RR to her and traded with me. "Happy," sighed Captain.
I walked up to her and hugged her. "You are squeezing me to tight," said Captain seriously. I let go off her and said firmly, "Sorry my bad. I case I was to excited."  

 Re: Captain of Clinton Police Force: Captain's Return

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Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:40 am
After a month of re-training and getting use to having Captain back again, Captain have fully recovered of being the best cop and we were once again successful because of God. Everything was back to normal and so far Captain diabetes was keep a secret from criminal and the world.
However, this morning we got a frighting news. Doctor Rob and Nurse Katie has been injured, are in surgery and Captain's file on their computer was missing. Since we did not know what happen, we asked the doctors to let us know when they wake up to contact us.
However, that was not the worse part. Captain is missing and whoever took her has her health recordings.
After receiving a call from Saint Paul hospitable, we raced to emergency room 104 to find out what happen because it will help us save Captain. "Are two okay," I asked firmly. "Yes, they have Captain's file. They know who she is, they know about her diabetes, near death, about changing her name, changing it back, her new address and ever treatment that she had," said Doctor Rob.
"There was more than one of them? Can you describe them," said RR commanding. "Yes. Two. They were both tall, with black hair, brown eyes, and they look like identical twins," said Nurse Katie. "Where is Captain," asked Doctor Rob. "She went mission. We notice that because after we got a called from Saint Paul hospitable, we tried to call her but she did not answer and found her place a mess. We believe that who ever took her is the ones who have her files," said EM. "How is that possible if the two them were here," said Doctor Rob.
"They might not have work along. We believe there was one or two more criminals who the twins connected while they were here," said JL. "We did not want them getting file. We preferred to be dead than letting some criminals take her files," said Nurse Katie.  "We understand you tried your best to protect her and it is not your fault," said AL. "Do not worry. We will find her," said KW.
Hopeful alive. I almost lost her ten years ago and I am not about to lose again. "Come let us go. We have a Captain to find and save," I said firmly.
We prayed to God for help and He lead us to this building. We walked up to the building when four guys came out. We saw the twins which are Tim and Tom but were did not realized the other twins. "You too late. "Thanks to Tim and Tom. We know Captain secret identity," said one of the twin. "Thanks to Cody and Zack. We were able find her and hurt her.
"Put your hands were we can see them," said JS. "Okay," the two pare of twins said as race there hands in air as the through smoke gas. I cough. Get we cannot see them. "RR you are coming with me. We are going inside to find Captain. They rest of you guys find those twins," I said firmly as the smoke lighten.  
We walked into the building. I smell something bad and hard buzzing sound like flies flying around.  I saw Captain tied up hurted. I also smell a hit of sugar. I just freeze. I could not move and I just stood there and stare. "I can go check her pulse," said RR commanding. A tear drop down my face and I said firmly, "Go." RR patted me on the back and said commanding, "Trust God. He knows what is best."
RR walked up to Captain, and put her figures on Captain neck. "Call the ambulance, she still have a pulse. A very weak on. She is barely alive," RR said commanding. I dial 911 and said firmly, "We have an officer down. I repent officer down. We are at 3155 Route 5 Marine Lane street, NY 13456."
Captain's team meant RR and I in the hospital waiting room. "Good news, we capture Tom, Tim, Cody and Zack, we got Captain file back on their flash drive, and erased their memories of Captain ID and health problems," said PS. "Good. Thank God," I said firmly.
My team sat down and BG asked, "How is she doing." "We do not know. She is surgery. When we found her she was hardly breathing and was in bad shape," said RR commanding. "How are you taking Second Captain," asked MM. "Hard. Not that well," I said firmly. At less I was honest with him and my team. "But the good news is that Doctor Rob and Nurse Katie are doing fine.
They have been clear to work on Captain," RR said commanding. "Good. I am glad they are okay," said DM. "Clinton Police Force," said Doctor Rob. We looked up to him. "The surgery was successful. She is a wake now but still a little weak. She will need her rest. So I subsist that you have a short visit," said Doctor Rob. "Here is your file back," said TT as he hand him the flash drive.
"Thanks. I can put it back on to the computer, update it and change my password," said Doctor Rob as he took the flash drive out TT hands. "Thank you Doctor Rob," said EM. As we got up, and walked to emergency room 102. I knock on the door and Nurse Katie open it and said, "Come right in. For safety we like to keep Captain over night to just make sure everything is okay. She is blessed to be alive. It was not God's will for her to die today." "Thanks Nurse Katie," said KW. She smiled and said, "Your welcome. Then she walked out the room closing the door behind herself. I walked up to Captain and sat next to her. 
"How are you feel," I asked firmly. "Miserable but not in pain at less not yet but feeling better than before. They know who I am and my health problem," said Captain seriously in a low tone voice. "It is alright. We cote the guys. We erased their memories," said RR commanding as I touch her hand. "Get some rest, Captain," I said firmly. "God willing we see you tomorrow," said JL. "Alright," said Captain seriously. Captain's team got up and left. "I will be alright, go, the team needs you," said Captain seriously. I patted my hand on her hand. "Alright," I said firmly. I walked to door, open it and turned around and looked at her and then closed the door behind myself.

 Re: Captain of Clinton Police Force: Captain's Return

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Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:34 pm
Chapter Six
I hard someone come in the police station and thought it was Captain. So I walked up quickly up stairs. Before I open the door to first floor, I hard RR voice. "How could you do this to Second Captain?" said RR commanding sounding anger. "What are you talking about RR?" asked Captain seriously. "Do not play dumb with me. You know what I am talking about," said RR sounding more anger. "Rachel I truly do not know what you talking about," said Captain said seriously sounding frustrated.  "My name is RR. You know better not call me that when I am in my uniform. You could have let us know in person and not in letter. Are you here to get rest of your belongs," said RR commanding almost yelling.
I cannot not stand it any more, I open the door and said firmly, "What are you two agreeing about." "This," said RR commanding waving a note in air and giving Captain an eye look. I took the note out RR hand and read it. This what is said, Dear team. I tried to be Captain but I failed miserably. I am coming back later to get my belongs. I just could not face you and tell you this. I am truly sorry that I have failed you.
Seriously, Captain. "How could you! How could you hurt us again," I said firmly. Captain just looked at me blankly.
"Answer her, Captain," said RR commanding. Captain team must heard me because I know RR and Captain ear piece is off but my was still one and her team was up here in seconds. "What is going on," said EM. "This," I said firmly giving to EM. However, before EM could read it out load, Captain took it out her hand and said seriously, "Give me that." Captain look at it and give back to EM.
"You think I wrote that? I did not. I know how much I hurt you Second Captain and rest of my team. How could I do that again toward you guys again," Captain said seriously as the note got pass around. "Come on Captain it is in your hand writing and signed by you," said RR commanding. "I did not write that. You have trust me on this one," said Captain seriously.
"I do have agree with RR it is your hand writing," I said firmly. "I will not lie to you," said Captain seriously sounding up set. Captain walked out the room. Sirens ring tones went off. "How this Clinton Police Force. How we may help you. . . .Alright we will be there in minutes," said KW as he hand up the phone. "What is it," said Captain seriously walking back into the room. Captain team just stared at her.
"Mr. Kliewer and Mrs. Kliewer claims that their child is missing," said KW. "Did you just said Kliewer?" asked Captain seriously. "Yes. Why do you know them," asked DM. "Yes. I think I do. Do you know their first names," asked Captain seriously. "Yes. Ryan Kliewer and Rose Kliewer," said KW. "Then yes I do. I meant Ryan at Believing Jesus University in Greenvalley South Carolina. We were just friends back then. I forget that he gotten married. I was not aware that they had a child. Let us go," said Captain seriously. 
Captain is in the other room looking at pictures. While we walked to Rose and Ryan but Ryan left the room a few minutes ago. "This a picture of a real good friend of me. I have not hard from her in ten years," said Ryan. I could hear Ryan in the other room. "She seem like a good friend. I am sure she dose not mean to stop talking to you," Captain said seriously. "I know. We are both busy and had move on in life," said Ryan.
"Captain, come here," I said firmly. Captain walk into the dinning room followed by Ryan. "This is the girl we are looking for," I said firmly handing her the resent picture. The picture was a eight old girl with medium straight black hair with hazel eyes. She has a beautiful smile. "She looks like you, Ryan. What is her name," Captain asked seriously smiling as she continue to look at it. "Caroline Kliewer, yes she does look like me," Ryan said. Captain look at him the minute he said Caroline.
"Caroline," asked Captain seriously. "Yes after my good friend Carolyn Pain. Since I never hard from her when my wife was pregnant eight years ago, I tried to tell Carolyn but I never hard back from her," said Ryan. "She must been very special to you," said RR commanding. Captain just gave her a weird look. "Yes. She was good friend. I asked her to be in my wedding which was ten years ago before she decided to drop of the face of the earth. She was good piano player and my wife need someone to play for her wedding," said Ryan.
Captain walked out the room. "Do not worry we will find her," said Second Captain firmly. I walked out the room with my teammates followed behind me. "You alright Captain," I signed. "I feel bad. I known I was important Ryan but not realized how much," Captain signed. "Maybe you should talked to him," I signed. "If he asked me where I ten years what," Captain signed. "Tell truth," I signed.
"Three hundred children are missing. All different ages, general, sex, different cultures, different languages, states and cities. We are looking at more than one criminals or a criminal with many learning robots. They have been doing this for two months with out getting cote or making a mistake. Even thou, we asked parents to not turn their backs on their children, having police station at different places where children are and we have up dated the public. These criminals are still getting away with this. All we can do is pray that these criminals to make a mistake," said Captain seriously.
All police officers from different state and cities into a Police Global building were all police gather together in manger circumstances. It was Captain idea years ago. Since, we were best because of God. Captain been training other police force to be the best. She is top leader of Police Global. When she "died" I took over but I give it back to Captain. "I cannot believe you have been alive this whole time," a Captain from Greenvalley South Carolina police force. "I know. Most people have not know. I have not made it to the news. Even locally, people are not award. Today I will give up date the public. I do not want hid any more," said Captain seriously.
"Captain of Clinton New York Police force. Let assume that these criminals are guys. Would they want a lady to be a mother to these children," said a Captain from Pinkville Wyoming. "Yes we have thought about that and if that is true. We might be looking at a possible of a kidnap of a woman," said Captain seriously. "Have you ever thought of send a cop undercover," asked a Captain from New Hayward New York. "No. I have not," said Captain seriously.
"You will be perfect," said RR commanding. "What are you crazy? Sending Captain under cover. What if they found out that she is cop? Her live will be over," I said firmly. "But Captain is perfect for it. She was a teacher to children," said TT. "I think that is a good idea," said a Captain from Milestone Tennessee. "If she gets kidnapped. Then you can use the tracking device to find her," said DM. "O alright," I said firmly.
After our discussion, Captain went on news. "I want to said to these smart criminals. I am back. Be aware. We will stop you who ever you are. Remember parents keep your eyes on your children. Do not leave them alone not for any second. Polices have been stretched around to make sure children are safe. Also be aware this criminals are smart and possible dangerous," said Captain seriously. 

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Chapter Seven
"The reason I called you today because we got an other call but instead of one child mission we have a bus full of children missing. Seventy-two children are kidnapped with a female driver. The children was suppose to go on science field trip to garden. We found evoides that the bus driver was injure. However, there is good news. We had put Captain under cover. She is the bus driver. Our plan is working. Since there is now three hundred and seventy-two children mission plus an under cover cop, I need all police for help," I said firmly.
Once again we were gathered into the Police Global building but this team I had take in charge because Captain is missing. "Second Captain. How long can will take criminals to figure out that she is a cop," asked Captain of New York City. "Well Captain is smart. She will not give away her cover unless children lives are in danger. Lets us hope and pray that will not happen," I said firmly. "We are ready to fellow you to the kidnappers," said Captain of Nobel Kansas. "Alright," I said firmly as I push C for Captain on my tracking device. 
Once we arrived to the building on island the pacific ocean. "Okay. I want every police offer to get the children off this island on to our police boats safely. Meanwhile, my team I and I will deal with criminals. Most likely they know we are here. The bus driver might be with the children," I said firmly as we got off the police boats and split up. We walk into the building and looking and listing for any signs of kidnappers.
"Do not come even closer or I hurt her," said a guy haveing a weapon and holding her arms be hide her back. Her face is pale and she look like she was out of it. I am guessing from injure that she received earlier and I look at her and found her lag bleeding.  "Let her go," I said firmly. "No she is our hostage and you are going let us go and not fellow us or else she dies," said the guy.
"Look at her. She not going make a good hostage. She is ill. She needs help. Take me instead. I am more valuable then she is," I said firmly. Which is kid of true. I am more valuable hostage then Carolyn but not more valuable then Captain. "Second Captain are you crazy? They could hurt you," said RR commanding. "We both know she need serious help. Besides I am not about to lose her," I signed.
"It is deal but if you or your teammates try any thing I will hurt her in heart beat," said the guy. I gave my belongs to RR. I walked to him with my hands in air. He quickly pat me down without letting go off Carolyn. He gab my handcuffs out my pants pocket and handcuff my hands. Then he through Carolyn on the ground. He has his weapon and slowly walking backwards, and got the back door.
I woke up finding myself tied to a chair, I still can feel that the handcuffs were still on me, and I felt in pain. I look at my leg and it was bleeding. I do not necessary remember putting up a fight but if I did that explain why my leg is in pain. "Good your are a wake," said the guy. "You will not get away with this," I said firmly. "Too late I already had," said the guy. "You know that was not very wise of you to become a hostage. You know I will hurt you," said the guy. "It better off then holding an innocent ill person as your hostage. You know you could hurt me while I was out cold," I said firmly. "I like to hurt my enemies when they awake and watch themselves getting hurt with their own eyes," he said.
I saw RR out of my left corner of my eye and said firmly, "My teammates will stop you." He pulled out his weapon and said, "Not this time." He was on ground knock out because my teammates knock him out. "Are you alright, Second Captain," asked EM. "I will be fine. How is she," I asked firmly. "She just out of surgery but Doctor Rob believes she will be alright," said KW as he untied me and un-handcuff me.  "Let us bring you to the hospital," said MM.
After I had surgery and was told I can go home, we Clinton Police Force end up discussion room. "I hard what you did for me today. Thanks," said Captain seriously. "I am relived that you are alive. Your welcome. It is what I do," I said firmly. "Any way, all families of kidnapped children told us thanks for returning our children back to them safely," said RR commanding. "We told them we were just doing our jobs and God is one who help us find them and capture the kidnappers," said PS.
"Ryan came and thank me personally," said Captain seriously. "He did," I asked. "Caroline told him that she saw me, she said I tried to take good care of her and rest of children. When I asked how she know who I was. She said that she saw my picture on the wall with Ryan when he graduated and asked her father about me. I had to smile and I told her she looked like her father. She asked me how I know her name. I told her I saw her picture. Which was a mistake because she told her father and Ryan asked me about when did I see the picture. I explain to him how I saw the picture. I had tell him that I was Captain of Clinton Police Force.  I was and how sorry for disappearing of the earth," said Captain seriously.
"Only thing I do not understand is the note I found earlier. It was in your hand writing," said RR commanding. "Well it had be someone who can copy my hand writing," said Captain seriously. "It also have be some one who knew what happen to you ten years ago," I said firmly. "Who ever they are. I thinking they are trying to bring an uproar," Captain said seriously. "That is it. The only person who knows what happen besides your team is Alex Maxwell," said Second Captain. "But in it he in jail," asked JS. "Yes. We just saw him when we put Even into jail," said AL. "Hmm," said Captain seriously. "What is Captain," asked BG.
"What if Alex is not real Alex," Captain said seriously. "What you mean. The real Alex will barged about what he has done but he has been quick recently. I thing maybe he escaped shortly we arrested him," Captain said seriously. "Well if that is true then who is in jail," asked DM. "Maybe a robot if someone who dress, looks like him, we would have notice. The reason why Second Captain did not realized that Samantha Roher was being me because it was dark out. So she would not have tell that it was someone else," Captain said seriously. "Then we have a problem," said EM.  "That our worse enemy is out there somewhere," said JL. "Once again trying to destroy us," said DM. "We should destroy that robot," said MM. "Just in case Alex plans to use it," said TT. "That means we have to be very careful," said KW. "That includes you, Captain," said EM. 

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