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 Catie Hoover/ Allyson & Caroline/All American Tales

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Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:35 pm

OK, I have been writing books for as long as I can remember, and I love it. I have written over twenty novels and poetry books, but these are the only ones that will have even a CHANCE of getting there. Catie Hoover is the story of (duh, Catie Hoover) Catie Hoover, an orphan living with her grandmother and herr cousin, Victoria, in Lincoln, Nebraska in the modern century. She is struggling through her life as she tries to discover who she is. After some adventuring roadtrips around the country, she is a little more sure about who she really is, and some key clues about who killed her father. Sweet, right? Allyson & Caroline is about Allyson and Caroline PeNino, two identical twins who are just starting summer vacation. They get in a big fight about their life, when an old hermit-woman who has lived in the town forever sends them on a quest for fate.The girls must find: "THEIR" town, an old abandoned house in the town, a basket of answers, and two individual keys to their lives. They think they know where this town is, but it is hundreds of miles away, all the way in New Jersey! Now they must complete the adventure in one summer road trip, when they are supposed to be in a camp for troubled girls! I know, it's amazing! And All American Tales is a book of poetry. Here is the best one, it is called shells. This shell is hard. But it is crackable. I can see it's colors. But they are not really there. I am a GENIUS!!! Whatcha think? Please reply!!!smiley

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