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 Children of Caltoon (Working Title): Prologue

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Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:31 pm

It is always intriguing when people who are not alike in any way find something common. They simply go about their own, very different paths in their completely opposite lives until suddenly, all of the roads merge together and they find themselves facing each other going together on the same path, at the same pace, with the same destination. This is precisely what happened to those five children from Caltoon—five very uniquely independent children.

                Caltoon was not a large town, but it always had seemed that way to the citizens. The faces were faces of the city—unknown, strange, and peculiar. Everyone was always too busy to stop and chat with strangers on the street and found it much easier if they blocked all unnecessary distractions out of their life for good. This resulted in some good and some bad. For one, it made Caltoon a very successful town when it came to money and business (the things that mattered according to the Caltoon community) but though it had made the top ten cities to live in list many times, no one would ever want to really live there. The people were cruel, the neighborhoods dangerous, and the houses big and lonely.

                I guess it would be hard to get away with saying those five children had absolutely nothing in common. They actually were much more similar than they ever would have imagined. For one, they all felt the same way about their parents (with the exception of Maribel who had none)—it was agreed that their mother and fathers understood nothing about being a kid and were simply too busy to care what any of them were doing. Because of this, they tried to entertain themselves in whatever way possible until the school term resumed again. This was, of course, before any of them met the others. That did not come until very late into their summer break on one sunny day in August…


Depending on if anyone is interested in reading this or not, I might post more chapters, but I don't really know. It's not that great. So...critique? Suggestions? More chapters?


~ Allie

Watch out - it's the return of the dancing leprechauns wearing sombreros invasion! (And they brought a whole army this time!!!)

 Re: Children of Caltoon (Working Title): Prologue

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Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:06 pm
I would like to read more, so please post more chapters. I love the description and especially Caltoon's characteristics. It reminds me of how many people just seem to relive the same day every day and don't seek greater meaning in their life. Is that perhaps what this story touches upon?

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