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 Clique(I spell that right?) RP

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Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:55 pm

Hello everyone!!! I hope you can forgive me for neglecting you all *neglect rains down* so I hope this makes up for it!!!


My idea is really weird, actually. What if instead of making our characters as realistic as possible, we made them totally cliqued!!!(again, did I spell that right? Help!) Well, we're about to find out. Maybe at the end we can make movies that totally ruin the plot, then split the last book into TWO movies!!! surprise(Side note: Not making fun of the books, just the movies)


Here's the form:





Good things(No bad things, remember!):


Everything Perfect about your character:



Crush(that they will eventually date, because-you know...):

All talents:


Their perfect appearance:


Here's my perfect character:

(Mine is YA based off of that "strong female lead" type)

Name: Traci Helena

Nickname: Trace

Age: 15

Personality: Introvert, kind, terrified, special, loyal, clever, athletic, brave, stubborn(I know some are bad things, see top)

Good things(no bad things, remember!: She would DIE for her friends!!!

Other: Orphaned. (Oh yes, Im using the whole shabang)

Everything perfect about your character: Seems to attract boys, doesn't want to hurt anyone

Friends: EVERYONE!!! *happy music plays in background*

Enemy: Also...EVERYONE!!! *heavy metal plays in the backround*

Crush(that they will eventually date because- you know...): A love triangle...just ask.

All talents: Sports, athletic things, VERY smart, attracts people, apparently, LOVES HER LOVED ONES

Clothes: Slightly ruffled hair*gags*, wrinkled hoodie, ripped jeans, combat boots

Their perfect appearance: Golden blonde hair, pale skin, dark freckles, petite, weighs OK, pretty, green eyes, round face, button nose


By the way, I'm so glad to be back on Scholastic!!!

Also, please don't start your POV until I notify you!!! Thanks!!!

*whispers* oh gosh what have I done....

Have*wince* FUN

 Re: Clique(I spell that right?) RP

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Thu Dec 03, 2015 1:39 am

Ooh! I'll join!


Name: Kira Isabella Channel

Nickname: Err... Umm.. Just Kira.

Age: 15

Personality: Sweet, social, friendly, outgoing, courageous, athletic, caring, loving, and helpful

Good things: What? Do you mean, like about her personality, or just in general? Whale then, she can make friend easily, she's athletic in most sports, she's a straight A student, a great dancer, and loves to volunteer at the animal shelter

Other: She just moved here. tHE NEW KID. But somehow, she's managed to be popular in a day, with all her perfectness.

Friends: Everybody!

Enemy: Bullies. Eve though she's friends with them.

Crush: Hmm... Welp, they just met, but to make it even MORE Mary Sue, one of the popular guys (Joe. I'm just gonna name him Joe. :P) instantly fell in love with her after one day at school. Kira doesn't know about this.

Clothes: Very stylish. She's onto the lates trends. She usually wears bright colored tops, and picks out a perfect outfit to match with it every day. Scarves, Earrings, Necklaces, and other stylish accesories are spotted on her, and she has a large collection of shoes. An entire closet dedicated to shoes.

Appearance: Straight, light brown hair that falls to her hips, big, purple-ish eyes, rosy cheeks, small for her age, heart shaped face, small hands, tanned skin, straight posture

Welp, I've made someone who's perfect in literally eVERY SINGLE WAY XP But that was fun!

 Re: Clique(I spell that right?) RP

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Fri Dec 04, 2015 10:36 pm

Ah, finally, a RP where I can join as myself.


Lol jk i won't make me fine fine. This looks so much fun! Although. At the same time I kinda feel bad because practically every1 makes Mary Sues at first. STARTING WRITERS! I'm not making fun of u. So.......................... 


Name: Emmanuelle Simone Angelique Louise Derosiers

Nickname: Magnolia, Emma, Elle/Ella, most of her nicknames come from her second name. However she has 4 aunts she was named after and each one and their families calls her by the aunt's own name, and whatever (mainly French) nicknames come from that name.

Age: 15 to 16

Personality: Distant, "outworldy", graceful, elegant, mysterious, naive, expressionless although very sensitive/emotional, VERY polite, can be very loving and loyal when she gets to open up to people, quiet, BUT SHE'S NOT A PUSHOVER. U DONT WANT TO MESS WITH HER. Powerful (if they have powers... then she has some sort of weird psychic stuff for sure. with lots of flower symbolism.) even if they dont have powers she still has a lot of charisma and empathy, despite being so distant all the time. It's not like she really is distant, it's just that she comes off that way beCAUSE SHE'S SPECIAL KAY?

Good things(No bad things, remember!): ...everything?

Other: French, fluent French speaker, English is a learnt language (although this doesn't seem to have any inconveniences other than just a part-time cute accent). Large extended family. Is the youngest of three daughters. She was always overshadowed by her eldest sisters :( Although she's the prettiest and most perfect of them all :D For reasons related to the plot of the RP she's currently not with her family but with the rest of the RP characters. Her family is also rich. She loves them so much and would die for them, even though they might not do the same :( *Grenade by Bruno Mars distantly plays in the background*

Everything Perfect about your character: Lol everything. Always smells nice, like flowers. Has perfect hair 24/7. Boys keep falling for her left and right and they are always heartbroken because she never seems to be realizing their feeligns and the thing is, she's not just some crush, she's like.... the love of their liiives (lol not exactly. if this universe is full of gary stus, they'll get over her eventually). Fine. What else. She seems to be good at a lot of things. At once. Idk how she does it man she just does ok.

Friends: Uuum idk??? 

Enemy: Again idek. Lol she's supposed to be based on the stereotype of the mysterious/tragic damsel who is beautiful and cursed. Expect she just doesn't have the curse/tragic fate to "excuse" her perfectness. UNLESS.........

Crush(that they will eventually date, because-you know...): Lol idk i'll either create him later or something will occur

All talents: Book-smart but it also seems to apply to other areas; like mechanics/engineering, strategy and some weird psychological/emotional intelligence; she seems to know everyone without even trying. She plays the violin so, so beautifully. Also the piano. And dances ballet. Um, enough? Oh yeah. She can sing too. A very sweet, melodic voice that is also somewhat hoarse? Yeh i like that

Clothes: "Vintage" style, she likes clothes that are actually old/old-fashioned-looking, like dresses and coats and boots/shoes that are old. Also kinda girly. Like an "alternative" style but more on the "goffic" side than the "hipster" side. Gettit?

Their perfect appearance: She has a certain je-ne-sais-quoi about her, calm and distant, she looks elegant and out of place compared to most kids her age, somewhat out of a fairytale, or some sort of nobility. Long, warm, soft (yes both warm and soft) chestnut brown hair that fall in rich waves and perfectly frame her pretty thin face :) Super pale skin, like, wow. She never gets any sunburns or freckles though :D Curvy, thick lips that are either cloud-at-sunset-pink or rose red, whatever suits the mood at the moment. Her eyes seem to be changing colors, too; either the coldest blue, like ice, or, um, a rich caramel brown, like honey? (Yes, caramel like honey). I'm not decided yet so I'm leaving them potential kaleidoscope-ish. She is very slender of course, with long, straight legs and a small hourglass figure. Long, graceful fingers. Uuuum what else?? everything v perfect all the time. Yes.


 Re: Clique(I spell that right?) RP

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Sat Dec 05, 2015 11:21 pm

Name: Brayden Williams He's the sterotypical bad boy.

Nickname: Brayden

Age: 16

Personality: He's the very charming jock who's used to getting what he wants. He's loyal and when you're close to him extremely friendly. He can be a bit rebellious and likes to come to school on his motorcycle.He's very brave. He can be a flirt.

Good things(No bad things, remember!): He is incredibly loyal to his friends and would do anything for them. He's a good student but doesn't advertise it. 

Other: His prized posession is his car and motorcycle.

Everything Perfect about your character: He's naturally good at every sport he does.He always gets the girl but most of the time he's single. He's a natural flirt and his looks come in handy. 

Friends:Select few he calls close. But he'll interact with teammates.

Enemy: Mean people.

Crush(that they will eventually date, because-you know...): None yet I guess? But when he falls he falls hard. When he does find the right girl he'll treat her like a princess. 

All talents: Guitar playing and singing, football, hockey, lacrosse, and soccer.He's also very good at piano

Clothes: Leather jacket, jeans, any random shirt he can find, usually one of his jerseys. 

Their perfect appearance: Messy dark brown hair with a rolled out of bed look. Mysterious green eys, a white perfect smile.

 Re: Clique(I spell that right?) RP

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Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:19 pm

@hippolyte- I laughed WAY to hard at your first line than I shouldve... Also, Emmanuelle sounds like perfection...


@zee100- Woah ok wow this is PERFECT what. Sounds like an anime character...XD




I realised I was lacks on the setting AHHHH ok here it is.

They all live in the same neighbor hood called Diamond Avenue where they all go to highschool*drama music ensues* AND DRAMA at Diamond High also at some point they'll get hit by meteors and discover they hAVE POWERS!!!

*side note: If your not sure if your character is a mary-sue, you can just use one you think is over-used like I did (:

*Side side note: If you're new to writing like hippolyte said, Im not meaning to offend anyone. If anything, this is just a game to see what happens! Also to call attention to character ideas that are more over-used. XD

Traci's POV

I walked up to the school with my hoodie pulled around my head. The whole school was a white marble, and the windows were spotless. Everything seemed to shine. I gulped. I pulled my hoodie farther down over my eyes. First day of school. I hate this place already. It all seemed fake. Then could be nice to have a clean school to go to! Maybe once I've had a year here, I could drop out and pretend to be older, and get my degree! I looked around. I had wandered to a sort of picnic table area in front of the school. I sat down on the table. I looked around nervously. The butterfies in my stomach were having spasms. I felt shaky. There were only three other people here. One was a perky, preppy looking girl. She looked...fabulous. Just over-all sparkly. Another girl was sitting quietly in the table next to hers, reading a book in a language I didn't understand. Then there was another guy who was wearing a-football jersey? What? I sank down in my seat, confused. The preppy girl looked happy. She looked around. "so." she said, looking at all of us. "I'm Kira! I'm new!" I sank down lower. The other girl looked startled. "Emmanuelle..." she said, keeping her eyes on her book. She had a faint accent. It sounded French. "Brayden." said the guy. They all looked at me. "Traci..." I mumbled. "What?" Kira asked. "Traci..." I said louder. Kira smiled. "Well, its nice to meet you all!" "Yes, yes, okay..." said Emmanuelle distractedly. Brayden had already left the tables and was jostling the locked front doors of the school. I decided to help. I went around back. There was an open window on the second floor. "Hey! Guys!" I yelled. One by one they all came over. "Can someone give me a boost? I can open the front door." Kira looked shocked. Emma looked amused. Brayden was smirking. "I'll do it." Brayden said. He boosted me up. I latched onto the sill and pulled myself inside. "Just go to the door!" I yelled out the window. They nodded. I ran down to stairs and to the front door. I pushed it open and let them inside. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all...


Ok guys...just go from there. Try to make your character the hero of every POV you make. Yup. BYE

 Re: Clique(I spell that right?) RP

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Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:14 am

Kira's POV:


I twisted a strand of my light brown hair around my finger. I can't believe it! My first day at Diamond High! The school was magnificent, with shining, marble white walls, a grand entrance, and a large, open field nearby. I couldn't wait to meet all the new people. After all, I've only been in this town for two days. All my life, I've lived in New York, until now.

I sat down at a picnic table, with a nice red checkered tabecloth. There were two other people there. And a third, coming towards the table. I smiled, and introduced myself. "Hi! I'm Kira, new here!" The others dully introduced themselves as Emmanuelle, Brayden, and Traci, without much enthusiasm. I sighed. At least I'm making friends! Sort of...

I stood up from the picnic table, and found myself approaching a group of stylish girls. "Hello! I'm Kira. I'm new to this place."

The girls gave me a welcoming smile. "Nice to meet you, Kira! I'm Holly, and these are Jayden, Molly, Ally, Ciera, Zoey, Ashley, Tora, Sammy, and Esther!" ((Just random names off the top of my head XD)) Holly gestured towards the other girls. "Do you want us to give you a tour?"

I grinned wiith delight. "Thank you, that's so nice of you!" We walked inside the school together. Ally, Molly, and I discussed the school, and they showed me where everything was. I could see Brayden, Emma, and Tracie closeby too.

"So, what class do you have first, Kira?" Jayden asked me.

"Umm, Drama!" I said excitedly. "I love acting!"

"Hey, I have Drama with you!" Ciera piped up. Four more girls also nodded.

"Woohoo!" I exclaimed. "Do you guys wanna walk with me?" They nodded, and we went off to the drama room. Just then, a tall, brunette boy passed by me. He gave a slight nod and smiled, to hint that he was talking to me. "Hi...Kira." He said.

I raised an eyebrow. "Who was that?"

"That's Joe." Zoey explained. "He's the most popular guy in 9th grade. I'm not surprised that he already knows your name. You're so nice!"

"Aww, thanks Zoey!" We entered the Drama Room, which was an amazing start to my first day.

 Re: Clique(I spell that right?) RP

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Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:53 am

(OK so i'm assuming that Kira's POV is following Traci's and that they're all inside the school now)

Also, should we make the love triangle br Emma/Brayden/Traci? Or no? I'll submit a new (boy) character soon for the sake of THE DRAMA, and we'll see how it goes from there.


Emmanuelle's POV:


I walked across the school, past the students that were gathered in groups here and there, attracting side glances, as it always happens. It was finally the last class of my first day, and it already felt like a century had passed since that morning. I finally found the classroom and walked in quietly. The students were already there although the teacher was nowhere to be seen. I seated myself by the window and looked up at the sky whilst whispers began to bloom around me. Eventually, everyone went back to shouting and stopped looking at me. As it always happens. My eyes followed a flock of birds soaring through the sky and I sighed. If only I could be as free as them...

The teacher walked in and everyone became quiet. He started calling out names. I got distracted, until I heard...

"Derosiers, Emmanuelle Simone Angelique Louise"

I turned quietly at his direction, only to discover that most of the students were smirking at the sound of my name. The teacher himself looked pretty amused. I got up.

"Present, sir" I said polietly, then sat down again. I could feel everyone's eyes on me, the pressure of their stares making my blood run fast. I looked to the window again. The blueness of the sky calmed me...

It was always like that. I cannot feel at ease around others. I always feel different, like an outcast, as if I don't belong amongst anyone. Not even among my own family... But it's no one's fault, really. Maybe it's just the way I am...

At the end of the class I got up and noticed a familiar face among the crowd of students rushing for the door... it was the girl who let us in this morning, Traci. My eyes followed her as she walked out of the classroom, where the guy from before was talking to a bunch of popular-looking girls. Kira was among them.

"Oh, hi!" she greeted Traci as she saw her pass by, and Traci mumbled a hello in return. Kira beamed at me, too. The rest of her popular friends hugged her goodbye and left for cheerleading practice, leaving the four of us together again.

"So, are you guys new in the neigborhood?" she asked.

"Yes..." I replied. Traci gave a small nod. 

"Oh, that's great! Wanna walk home together?" she asked us with a wide, perfectly white smile. 

"Hey, I could give you guys a ride" Brayden offered, popping in the conversation.

Traci looked hostile, unsure of whether or not to trust him, but Kira had already given him an answer on the behalf of all of us:

"Oh, sure! We'd love that! You're so kind!"

Brayden smirked "Well, not to boast, but kindness is one of my many graces..."

Kira giggled. Even I cracked a smile, but Traci looked unimpressed. Brayden looked at her, almost offended, and winked. Traci looked away.

"Oh, hello again, Kira" a good-looking guy turned up out of nowhere and grinned down at her.

"Oh, hi!" she said amiably "Joe... isn't it?"

"Yeah..." he said, and seemed ready to proceed, but Brayden was already walking down the hall.

"Well, c'mon you guys, I don't have all day!"

"See you later!" Kira told Joe. As Traci and she followed Brayden, I turned around for a split second, only to meet a pair of striking blue eyes, framed by pale blond hair... Then their owner, a boy at least a year or two older than me, looked away and I turned around and run after the other three, my heart beating fast for some reason...




OKKKKKKKk.. who was this new guy????? you'll find out soon! Also I'm sorry if I overly-controlled your characters so if you mind, tell me! 

 Re: Clique(I spell that right?) RP

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Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:02 am



Name: Arthur William Lionheart

Nickname: Just Arthur

Age: 17... oh yes... he's an OLDER BOY

Personality: Misunderstood loner with a heart of gold. Looks dangerous and people are afraid of him but it's just his means to survive because of his past experiences! He doesn't trust people, but that's because of how he's been treated before! He'd never start a fight though. He just detaches himself from everyone, with his little sister being the only one his softer, TRUE side he shows to.

BACKSTORY: Was born in Diamond Avenue, but his family are like, the black sheep of the neighborhood. His mother was a ray of sunshine, but she tragically died giving birth to his little sister (she's 9 now). His father was abusive. Because of his troubled household, he never made any friends at school. When Arthur was 12 he took a stance against him. They had an awful fight. In an attempt to save himself and his sister, he pushed his father down the stairs and he died, without Arthur meaning to. He still blames himself for it. Almost everyone in Diamond Avenue turned against him because they saw him as a criminal and just like his father. The kids at school, who never liked him, now hated him. He and his sister went from foster home to foster home living in unhappiness. Because of his hard life, he had to toughen up, although he still has a good heart deep down. His current foster parents are neglectful, but not as bad as their past guardians. He recently won a scholarship to Diamond High because of how awesome he is at school. But he doesn't want anyone from his old neighborhood to know who he is...

Good things(No bad things, remember!): Protective of his sister. Would always stand up for the vulnerable parties in an uneven fight. He truly has a lot of love inside him, it's just that he doens't live in a kind world... :(

Other: Note that his sister is actually very cheerful, innocent, kind, smart, beautiful and naive. She loves every living creature and is very polite. Even if he had to sacrifise his own innocence and faith in people, Arthur did a pretty good job raising her...

Everything Perfect about your character:

  • Loves his sister so very, very much. Would die for her.

  • Has never had a girlfriend because, even though there sometimes *was* some sort of ~special bond~ forming between him and some quiet, shy, thinks-shes-plain-but-is-actually-naturally-gorgeous, clumsy girl, he always withdrew, out of his fear of attachments but MAINLY (and most importantly) because he didn't want to endanager her...

  • Rarely ever laughs, but when he does it's a heavenly sound.

  • When he smiles (also rare), it can light up this whole town.

Friends: None...

Enemy: Almost the entire world. He cannot trust anyone, expect from his little sister, Annalise Rose.

Crush(that they will eventually date, because-you know...): ...we'll see. He was initially created for the sole purpose of being romatnically involved with da ladies of the RP, so go ahead and crush the BREATH out of him, he can take it (lol that was a pun... don't physically hit him he's just a sad puppy...)

All talents: SUPER SMART, brilliant student, physically very strong and athletic, naturally good at fighting and most sports, sings in a deep and very emotional voice (but only to put his little sister to sleep, not showing off or anything), plays the guitar (his father teaching him how to play is one of the few good memories he has from him...), can knit better than any person in the world, can drive a car AND a motorbike like he's in Mad Max. Reads very fast apparently, and has read a lot of books, especially diffiucult classical literature, although he doesn't look like the reading type.

Clothes: Hand-me-down worn-out clothes. The only good clothes he owns are the sweaters/scarves/etc he has knit himself, although those are but a few, because he mostly knits clothes for his sister, so that she can have something pretty to wear. That's why he picked up knitting in the first place ( where is this character even GOING?)

Their perfect appearance: So since the other two guys introduced so far are brun (Joe and Brayden), it goes without saying that he is BLONDE, for contrast. Pale blond and also pale, white skin. He's actually pretty RIPPED and even stronger than he looks. Tall. Rough, angled face. Has scars that mark his dark and troubled past; one across his nose, another on his left eyebrow (no hair grows on that spot), and another across his lips (yes all the cliché scars be happy). Handsome hands. STRIKING BLUE EYES, but they can be very dangerous and determined as well (aka not just there for show).

 Re: Clique(I spell that right?) RP

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Sat Jan 16, 2016 1:08 am

Ha! Yes! Keep going!(Encouraging Exclamation marks, proceed...) A love triangle would be appropriate(Not really girls NEVER do this, just for the sake of the story, XD), but I like Arthur x Emmanuelle? Armanuelle? Emmthur? ok ill just start now WE CAN SHIP LATER

@hippolyte you controlled my char. perfectly she sounded like a heart broken tomboy so yeaaaaaa


Traci's POV

        I was sitting in the back kof Brayden's car, silently wondering how I ended up in this place. I was in the window seat, and refusing to look at anyone or say anything or than,"Mhm." or,"Ah." Brayden's car was nice, although I have no experience with cars other than how to drive them(and break into them...), but it was well kept. There was lots of Ooh-ing and Ah-ing as Kira got into the car. It made me wince a little. Not that I don't think she's sweet, I just...Brayden was clearly proud of himself. He had his chin up and was smirking that annoying little smirk he has. I watched the world go by from my seat. Emmanuelle was next to me, and Kira was up front. "So," Kira said perkily,"How was everyone's day?" Emmanuelle looked startled. She had been staring absentmindedly at her hands, deep in thought. "Oh, it was very good." she said, in an offhand sort of way. "Yeah, mine was good." Brayden said. "Mine was pretty good! How about you, Traci?" I looked at her. "Oh, it was fine." I looked back at the window. "Oh, I see, little miss moody doesnt want to talk right now." Brayden said, teasingly. I blew my hair out of my face, annoyed. "You're one to talk." I said, rolling my eyes. He raised his eyebrows. "You look like a cow when you roll your eyes." He's doing that smirk again!!! "Oh yeah?! Well you look like a peice of- CABBAGE!" I said angrily. There was dead silence in the car. Emmanuelle burst out laughing. It surprised me so much that I started giggling. GIGGLING. WHAT. NO. Thn everyone started laughing. 


aNNNNNNNND thats where Im ending it.

Haaaaaaave fuuuuuun!


 Re: Clique(I spell that right?) RP

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Tue Jun 14, 2016 4:09 pm

Revive this RP. REVIVE ITT. It was the best thing:



Emmanuelle's POV:


Brayden dropped me off first, outside of my new home. I wished everyone good evening on my way out of the car. Everyone wished back, even Traci. Walking towards the house, I felt hopeful, as if I was making friends for the first time. For once since arriving, I didn't miss France so much...


There was no one at home. My parents were working and Florine was probably out with her radiant boyfriend. Veronique stayed at the prestigious boarding school in France she had won a scholaship for during the school year. My eldest sister, Lisette, was already married and settled down. My sisters had always been so succesful, while I could barely keep myself concentrated on reality. I would've been a bit of a disappointment to my parents, if the three of them didn't make up for it...


The sound of a motorbike outside drew my attention down to the street (instead of the sky, which I was starring at, out of the window, you know. As usual.) It was a pretty quiet street, and a dirty, loud bike seemed very out of place. My mouth fell open as I recognized its rider, just out of place as his bike. It was the blond boy from school. He certainly looked like someone who had been through a lot, a bit like a deliquent. And he was driving outside of the neighborhood, so he didn't live here, which was not surprising. But if that was the case, then why was he attending Diamond High?


I could smell my own breath, like vanilla and roses, which reminded me to shut my mouth. But I made a mental note to remember this guy at school.


The next day, Kira came over to me with all her popular friends. "Hey, we share the first period! Let's walk together to class!" she suggested lightly. I reculantly follwed them as they talked about the school and other students. Even though we were both new, Kira already knew her way around. I could not keep up with the conversation, so I began spacing out despite myself. Until a familiar yet unexpected sight snapped me back into reality, by making my heart pound fast. Make no mistake, it was the blond boy! The worn-out, black clothes he was wearing made his blond hair and blue eyes stand out more. Kira caught me starring at him, and gently pulled me towards her.


"Better to avoid him" she whispered loudly to me "He seems dangerous. Look at his scars..."

Most of the girls heard her, and nodded in agreement "He's just the loner type..."


Still, as we walked past him, I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He seemed like he had been through such hardships... I wondered what tortured thoughts hid behind those blue eyes...



Arthur's POV


There I was sitting, thinking about the discount sales on hot pink and olive green wool, and how these two would make a hideous color combination, but I was running out of wool and Annalise Rose would be needing a new scarf soon, when the scent of various expensive perfumes hit my nostrils, signifying the arrival of the Popular Girl Squad. There they were, all of them, plus Kira, the new girl. And, surprisingly, that French girl followed them. She had braided her hair today, and looked so out of place walking next to the rest. I didn't mean to stare, but I did, and when she caught my eye I missed a heartbeat. She looked at me in a way no one had in a long, long time. Not judging, not with hostility. Rather, she looked kind, and a little bit curious. Wow.


Next recess, I was listening to some MCR on my usual corner, no one daring to come near me. Better that way. If they figured out who I was, things could get ugly... I didn't want to think about it. There was the French girl again, this time hanging out with Brayden, that one guy who thinks he can drive a motorcycle better than me. Hah. As if. There also was Kira, the radiant popular girl, and another girl, who looked just as out-of-place hanging with popular kids as French Girl did, but in a different way. This one had golden blonde hair, and her clothes looked... well, kinda like a rebel's. Ripped jeans and combat boots? In Diamond High? I thought that was only me...  But I realized I was starring and looked away, before we made eye contact again...




Everyone, we need to continue this!!!

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Name: Rosalind Caldwell

Nickname: Rose

Age: 15

Personality: Friendly although friendless and very, very shy. She has a huge imagination and is always writing stories. Rose is very fearful and apprehensive about some things, but she loves the wilderness and has lots of outdoors skills. She is super observant and has a beautiful singing voice that she has never shown to anyone. She loves pets.

Good things(No bad things, remember!): Great at almost everything

Other: She's really mysterious to the others but in the end becomes their friend

Everything Perfect about your character: She's really, really smart 

Friends: Not really anyone at the beginning...

Enemy: None

Crush(that they will eventually date, because-you know...): None as everyone else is already paired up

All talents: Wildreness skills, singing, and mostly everything...except talking

Clothes: She's usually very laid-back and not very concerned about what she wears, although she always looks pretty. Today, she wears: a grey sweater over a chambray button-down, a pretty blush pink skirt,  and grey Vans. 

Their perfect appearance: Wavy dark brown bobbed hair, short, clear blue eyes, and pale skin. She's nearly always got a shy smile on her face.

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Name: Mariah

Nickname: May, sometimes Mariah May

Age: 13

Personality: very creative, good at drawing

Good things(No bad things, remember!): Got famous because she drew AWESOME fantasy art (no gore, innapropriateness, swearing)

Other: she is sometimes the odd man out

Everything Perfect about your character: her drawing. That's IT.

Friends: Obviously kind, trusting people.

Enemy: complete jerks

Crush(that they will eventually date, because-you know...): She'd rather wait until she's 16. She stays away from cute boys until that point.

All talents: drawing.

Clothes: wears red.

Their perfect appearance: Wears red, always has a red pencil tucked into her brown hair.

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Name: Jasmine Jessica Hawthorne
Nickname: to her friends: Jessy. to the world: Jess
Age: 15
Personality: Kind, sweet, smart, intelligent, one of the greatest singers ever to grace planet earth (The idea is to create perfect people,  non? ANYways, pretty, loving, trustworthy, new, mysterious, can be distant, elegant, polite, loyal, 
Good things(No bad things, remember!): everything basically she's THAT person everyone loves and no one can ever find fault with. New but somehow became popular like a second after stepping in. 
Other: New but somehow became popular like a second after stepping in. Moved from the UK.
Everything Perfect about your character: Breath always smells like mint, part-time model, Has perfect hair 24/7. Boys keep falling for her left and right and they are always heartbroken because she never seems to be realizing their feelings and the thing is, she's not just some crush, she's like.... the love of their lives (lol not exactly. if this universe is full of Gary Sues, they'll get over her eventually). She seems to be good at a lot of things. At once. Idk how she does it man she just does ok. She has gotten the lead in basically every single play ever and is going to be in a movie
Friends: IDK. The popular? U guys?  I DUNNO OK? LEAVE ME ALONE!!
Crush(that they will eventually date because you know...): This cute blond haired boy with piercing eyes named Joey
All Talents: Smart, strategic, wise, intelligent, can sing really well- voice can adapt, from Elphaba to Belle, Alto-High soprano, guitar, ballet. 
Clothes: Well, kind of casual-fancy-chic-ish? Flats, slip-on sneakers, jeans, blouses, those 'snobby chic' outfits (which look REALLY GOOD on her) 
Their perfect appearance: has this je ne sais quoi about her, like she is related to royalty (LAFAYETTE!!!!). Bronze skin color, like a perfect tan, lips either pale pink or natural brown depending on the situation. Eyes are bottle green Very slender, hourglass figure, long, soft ebony hair, that is curled at the bottom. long, graceful fingers. Basically perfect. U know. 

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