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 Cloudburst Chapter One Pirouettes and Plies

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Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:16 pm

Even though the first chapter is realistic fiction, it's fantasy in the later chapters. Enjoy, and please post criticism. 


Chapter One: Pirouettes and Plies

          Marilyn Evans walked into her dance studio, Dance for Life, smiling. Dancing was her true passion in life, she loved the feeling of induced weightlessness as she pirouetted.

          “Hi, Jasmine!” Marilyn greeted her best friend as she pulled on her Pointe shoes, tying the hot pink string gently so she would not rip them, as she had don with her last pair three years ago.

          “Hello, Marilyn.” Jasmine responded quietly, her eyes puffy. Marilyn was silent for a moment. Jasmine had told her that her parents would be getting divorced yesterday, and she was now in custody with her abusive father.

         “I’m so sorry about the divorce, Jasmine. I hope your father will be kinder.” Marilyn sympathetically said.

           “I highly doubt that my father will become kinder. But thank you for the attempt to try to cheer me up.” Jasmine retorted, and wiped a lone tear out of the corner of her startling emerald green eyes.

              Marilyn picked up her baby blue ballet bag and walked into Studio 451, where her ballet classes where held five days a week.

               “Hello, Madame Lira.” Marilyn greeted Madame Lira, her brilliant ballet teacher as she carefully set down her bag next to the beige wall.

               “Hello, Marilyn.” Madame Lira said in her thick French accent. Marilyn was the first student inside the ballet classroom, so she carefully lowered herself in a split as Madame Lira switched the knob on the radio, and “Swan Lake” started loudly playing.

                Jasmine walked through the door, rubbing a thick black and blue bruise on her left leg.

                “Oh my, Jasmine! What happened?” Madame Lira asked, truly concerned.

                 “I don’t wanna talk about it.” Jasmine mumbled, staring down at her Pointe shoes, as she got into a split, her ballet tights almost ripping down the middle.

                  The door creaked open, and Marilyn’s arch nemesis, Olivia Hardwire, walked in the door, staring smugly at Jasmine and Marilyn, snorting at Jasmine’s bruise.

                    “What is that ugly thing?” asked Olivia, pointedly looking at Jasmine’s bruise. Jasmine ignored her, but a tear unwantedly rolled out of her eye, and Olivia giggled.

                       “Olivia Hardwire. Stop it this instant! Remember the rule on the first day of ballet class? Be kind to your peers. No where in there did it say make fun of them.” Madame Lira sternly said, her long, flowing bluish-black hair swishing as she turned away from adjusting the radio volume to look at Olivia.

                      “Sorry, Madame Lira.” Olivia apologized, though Marilyn could tell it was just for the sake of not ruining her “popular girl” reputation in the dance studio, and at home.

                      The door creaked open, and a rush of girls hurriedly walked in the door, and one of them was Marilyn’s sister, Elaine. She grinned as she saw Marilyn, showing off her dimples, which make boys swoon over her.

                      Elaine plopped down next to me. “Why didn’t you arrive with me?” Marilyn asked, concerned.

                       “Oh, me and my friend Kathleen went to get a smoothie at Smoothies are Us, before Kathleen’s Mom dropped us off here.” explained Elaine.

                       “Good. I was rather worried that you might have been kidnapped, or something.” Marilyn was quite the overbearing older sister.

                          After Madame Lira was completely certain all of the students were in the class she told the kids to stand up, walk over to the bar, and arm up their pirouettes and plies.

                            Marilyn and the students obeyed Madame Lira’s instructions, and tiptoed over to the bar. Marilyn first warmed up her pirouettes, as those were her favorite out of the two, and quite possibly everything in dance.

                             “Great pirouette, Olivia. Oh dear, Marilyn, your pirouettes need quite a lot of work.” Madame Lira proclaimed. Olivia snootily smirked at Marilyn. Marilyn stuck her tongue out at Olivia, and thankfully Madame Lira didn’t see the girls’ exchange.

                                Marilyn moved on to her plies, as did most girls’, except for the few who had started with plies first, and were now gracefully pirouetting.

                                 The Swan Lake music that had been dancing out from the radio, now changed to The Nutcracker music, tapping gracefully out of the radio, and reaching each girls’ ears, bringing a smile to their faces.

                                After all the girls’ had finished their warm-ups, Madame Lira asked the students to sit in a semi-circle around her. The girls’ complied with that, though each girl rushed to get a seat next to Madame Lira, and the two girls that did were Olivia Hardwire and Rochelle Peterson, who was Olivia’s best friend.

                             Most of the females’ scowled, as Olivia and Rochelle got the seats next to Madame Lira nearly every day that dance practice was held, except on rare occasions.

                              After all the teenagers were settled down and seated, Madame Lira started speaking excitedly, “This year, our recital theme will be The Nutcracker, and for the first time, I will be picking some people to have special parts, like Clara, the Nutcracker, and the scheming rats, amongst others. I will be choosing parts tomorrow.”            

                              “I can guess who Marilyn will be,” whispered Olivia to Rochelle. “The Rat King. Bow down to his ugly grace, Madame.” The two girly girls’ burst into a fit of endless giggles, annoying Marilyn to no end, her cheeks turning bright maroon in addition.

                               “OLIVIA HARDWIRE! You know I do not tolerate rude, foolish guesses about students. And Rochelle, you as well.” Olivia blushed bright pink.

                                 “Umm- I think Marilyn told me she wanted to be Rat King.” Olivia made up a foolish excuse.

                                     “She CERTAINLY did not, young lady. Zis lady was sitting here, albeit standing for most of it-but still. This has gotten out of hand, young lady. I shall be telling your Mother about your intolerable behavior after class. And Rochelle, you as well.” Madame Lira angrily announced. Everyone looked over at Olivia-some with amused glances, some with puzzled written all over their face.

                                      “But-but, Madame plea-“ Olivia begged. Her Mother was a serious lawyer, and could not stand when Olivia was intolerable.

                                       “Young lady, do not even go th-“ Madame Lira glanced around to see who had interrupted her.

                                          “Sorry for the uncalled for interruption, but Madame Lira, I believe that by telling Olivia’s mother you would be going to far,” Jasmine gaped at Marilyn as she continued. “Olivia has only teased me a couple times in ballet, a lot in school, but I think it is because of her parental problems, know what I mean.” Marilyn honestly said, as Olivia half-smiled at Marilyn, a simple gesture, but amazing.

                     “M-marilyn Evans! Why did you have to do something so kind as to interrupt me. I do in fact see your point, though, thoroughly in fact. Though I wonder why you are the one standing up for Olivia-she is your worst enemy, after all.” Madame Lira said, surprised at Marilyn’s outburst, who was almost always Madame Lira’s teacher’s pet, which Madame assumed was why Olivia disliked Marilyn so much; as Olivia was often a rule breaker, her excuse was always, ‘Rules! I don’t have to follow rules, I’m the best girl in the world!’ Olivia said this with such a definite and superior attitude, that Madame usually dreaded ballet classes; all because of Olivia Hardwire.

                    The wooden floor creaked as Olivia stood up and grabbed her pink bag. “Thanks for the so called help, but I think it would be better if I left. Tootles, Rochelle, see you at school. Goodbye, Lira, worst teacher in the world.” Olivia directed the first part at Marilyn.
                        Madame Lira fumed with anger, as Olivia sashayed out the door, giving snooty looks at everyone but Rochelle. Olivia shut the door with such force that it reverberated across the room, causing everyone’s ears to pop.

                        “Well, I’m glad we’ve got rid of that.” Madame Lira laughed slightly, and Rochelle started to say something to defend her friend, in hopes Olivia would reward her, but stopped when she saw the penetrating glare Madame Lira was giving her. Rochelle blushed dark maroon, and Jasmine giggled in Marilyn’s ear, interrupting her thoughts about various things that were milling about in her brain.

                         Madame Lira checked her golden colored watch, and gasped so loudly and dramatically, that it either caused the girls’ to snicker, which made Madame Lira quite frustrated and angry, or the females’ jumped in surprise at the unexpected gasp.

                        “My, my! It’s already 6:45! Amazing how time flies when one is having fun.” The girls’ smiled excitedly at the prospect of class being over, all but Marilyn, who looked crestfallen.

                           “Why does it have to be over already?” whispered Marilyn to herself. Jasmine stared at her curiously; Jasmine absolutely could not stand dance, and she could not understand at all why anyone would like it for any reason whatsoever.

                              “I-I just don’t understand why you like dance so much, Marilyn.” Jasmine asked quizzically. Marilyn gasped as she always did when she was reminded that Jasmine did not like dance at all.

                              “Well-you just get to express yourself, not letting anyone tell you what to do, what to say. It’s a totally free activity, unlike others were you are under instructors’ constantly staring at you, worried about if you’re doing what they came up with “correctly”, or so to speak.” Marilyn spoke so passionately about dance, that Jasmine couldn’t help warmth seep through her, listening to Marilyn’s indescribable love for dance.

                                  Jasmine smiled at her, and Marilyn returned a grin, the two girls’ friendship bond was literally unbreakable.

                                 Jasmine grabbed her bag, and Marilyn grabbed hers as the two girls’ walked into the lavishly and lovingly decorated ballet foyer. Marilyn saw her beautiful mother, Katherine, waiting for her, and felt a grin seep across her face, wiping away her melancholy. On the other hand, when Jasmine saw her father, Paul, she felt grimness and sadness spread through out her body to such an extent that her knees almost buckled beneath her.

                               “Hello.” Jasmine stiffly greeted him, holding out her hand for a handshake.

                                “Hello, Jasmine.” He returned the handshake, and walked her out the door, not allowing her to say goodbye, or even a peep, to Marilyn.   

                                  Jasmine did, however, get the chance to exchange a look with Marilyn; a wounded and sad look that felt like a hammer hit to Marilyn’s sensitive heart. Her mother noticed Jasmine’s glance over to Marilyn.

                               “What’s wrong with Jasmine?” asked Marilyn’s mother, as Elaine tapped her foot impatiently next to Marilyn.

                                      “Oh, so you know how her parents, Carrie and Paul got divorced last year? Well, anyway, she was forced into her Father’s custody, as her Mom died a week after the divorce. Her Father has been highly abusive to her lately.” Marilyn explained.

                                      Her mother’s face turned to a extremely surprised look, and then looked at Marilyn, half-excepting a furtive look spread wide across Marilyn’s face. “Why in the WORLD did you not tell me about this?” Katherine Evans asked, particularly emphasizing the word “world”.

                                     “Well, Jasmine doesn’t exactly want her story spread wide across the newspaper headlines, now does she?” explained Marilyn, rolling her eyes at her mother’s clear disrespect for someone, in this case Jasmine’s, privacy. Her mother often was very nosy, and nearly every day asked about Marilyn and Elaine’s friends, which rather annoyed the two sister’s to such an extent that Elaine had once asked their mother why she was so nosy, which had earned Elaine a light spanking, and a week without seeing any of her friends’. To Elaine, dying would be much better than not seeing any of your friends’ for a whole week. Marilyn had asked the same question twice, and their mother had given Marilyn a hard spanking, and two weeks without going to dance practice, which was like torture to Marilyn.

                               “Marilyn, yes honey I KNOW that, but in a situation as serious as this, after Jasmine told you, you should have come straight to me and reported these inhumane actions.” My mom gently said, rubbing Marilyn’s back, drawing the utmost attention of everyone in the foyer, which made Elaine and Marilyn’s cheeks turn the brightest shade of red.

                             “Mother, can we please just leave, it’s already 7:15.” moaned Elaine, earning a stern look from her mother, but Elaine, Marilyn, and Katherine Evans were walking out the door and into their blue minivan a couple minutes later, Elaine complaining, Marilyn skipping, and their Mom jogging.

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