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 Code Red Act 1, Scene 2

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Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:11 pm

Act one

Scene one

(At Amanda Red’s cottage)

Narrator: Once upon a time, a small baby girl was born. After her mother gave birth to her a clan of werewolves came and snatched her up. They took her to their cave.  The baby girl did not cry. The clan gave the girl to the king. The king looked at the child and sunk a sword immediately in her. The clan gasped. The child didn’t cry one bit. She died and was thrown out of the cave. A witch was watching the whole thing.  She used magic on the child to bring her back to life.  The witch then named the girl Amanda Red and took care of her as if she was her mother.

Mother:  (Opens door to Amanda’s room, Amanda is in deep sleep in her bed) Oh, Amanda dear. Wake up, it is Saturday. Your grandmother is sick and needs some company.  Why don’t you go over and bring her some sweets?

Amanda: (still half asleep) OK mother.  (Amanda gets up and stretches and puts on a dress over her pajamas then goes to the kitchen) Doesn’t Grammy Like lemon poppy seed and black tea?

Mother: Yes, I am sure she does.

Amanda: Can you get the recipe and the tea leaves out?

Mother: (hands recipe and tea leaves) All ready ahead of you, Amanda!

Amanda:  You’re the best! (Starts getting ingredients out)

Mother: Remember to get the boots at Benny’s Boot Shoppe, Its number twenty two eighty four.

Amanda: Okay, mother.

Mother: I’ll finish the muffins for you, sweetie.  You can go feed and brush Calico. Is that okay?

Amanda: Yes.

(Amanda walks outside to a large shack where a large, spotted, mixed colored horse is standing in)

Amanda: (while petting Calico) Hey big boy! Want some food? (Amanda picks up an apple and holds it near Calico’s mouth)

Calico: (Calico neighs and Amanda gives the apple to Calico. Calico eats the apple in seconds)

Amanda: What a good boy you are! (Amanda pets Calico on snout then picks up a brush and starts to brush the large horse for a couple minutes)

Mother: (from kitchen window) Amanda darling! Everything is ready, why don’t you get your red riding hood on and ride Calico to Grandmother. I’ll get the goodies in the basket.

Amanda: Okay, mother. (To Calico) let’s get you all ready!

Mother: Be careful in the wood, my dear. There are dangerous creatures out there.

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