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 Collection of Funny Stories from 6th grade: Chapter 4 - The Unicorn and the Puking Wizard

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Thu Apr 15, 2010 5:21 pm
  Yup, I'm giving you TWO chapters because I haven't updating in a while. (and also because I just remembered it and I wanted to write it down.)
Day 21
  I'm baaack! Sooner than I expected! Too much funny...Today we were writing stories, and this was Duke's:
        "There once was a magical unicorn. He was eating magical leaves off of a tree, when an earthquake hit! He turned inside out, and then a wizard came out of nowhere are made him back to his regul;are self! The wizard invited him in for some soup. The unicorn was so grateful that he gave the wizard horn milk, which was very sour, but is sweet to unicorns. The wizard drank it and thought the unicorn was poisoning him. So he went into the toilet, barfed the horn milk up, then turned the unicorn into a frog. The unicorn, now a frog, used its' own magical powers to turn itself back into a unicorn and turn the wizard into a frog and took away his powers. Then the unicorn trotted away while the frog-wizard puked in the toilet again. The End."
           I don't even have to say ANYTHING about this. You know.
Yes, this is the story in condensed form. Mod, please don't take anything out! Or at least try not to. :smileywink: I know unicorns turning inside out isn't exactly...pleaseant, but still...
                            Everyone deserves to cry.

 Re: Collection of Funny Stories from 6th grade: Chapter 4 - The Unicorn and the Puking Wizard

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Sun Feb 13, 2011 11:39 am
LOL, that's hilarious. :)

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