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Wed Jan 03, 2007 6:47 pm
Write about a conflict that has impacted your life. DOes not have to be longer then 3 paragraphs.

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Sat Mar 31, 2007 9:54 am
My dark brown hair clung to the side of my face. I sat on a low branch of the big oak tree. Suddenly, a small mass of people appeared at the edge of the woods. I hopped down from the tree and followed my friends, stepping on the back pegs of Evan's bike.

We rode through our small town on our bikes, while we amassed to about a forty-ninth of the population, the seven of us. We skiddded to a stop on the alley behind Logan's house. The bikes fell to the ground. The night air was perfectly still as we sat in a small circle on the ground behind the garage. Logan began to speak. "Who's first? Nobody. Ok, Evan, your dare is... Kiss Tory. On the lips."

Evan, the King of Dares, stood up and walked over towards me. I stodd up also, and as he approached, my plan formed in my head. As he was inches away, I bolted. Down the alley, across the main street, down onto the bike path, I ran. I could hear them calling after me, but I ignored them. I sat on my cousin's back porch, the porch they never used. I sat there for who knows how long before I stodd up. I was slowly making my way back when somebody grasped my upper arm firmly. I was about to screamk but they placed their hand over my mouth. I bit them. "God, Tory, what was that for?" Evan exclaimed, shaking his bittten hand side to side.

I attempted to pull away, but his grasp was too strong. I began to cry. "It's okay. They can't force you to do anything you don't want to do." Evan comforted me. "I won't let them pressure you."

I threw my arms around his neck and continued sobbing. That was the moment in my life that I realized sixth grader really can have guys for friends, and sometimes, they're the best ones.

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Tue Apr 17, 2007 10:24 pm
"Hey, Lori," my friend, Becky, said. "Guess who I called last night?"

I groaned. Last night, Becky, her twin sister Anna, and their friend Annie had called me on the phone, and we were talking for a good 20 minutes. At one point, Becky had said, "So, Lori, I hear you like Jack." I'm really shy when it comes to the whole dating scene, so I said, "Well, I like him as a friend, but nothing more than that." Becky had replied, "So you won't feel bad when we call him and tell him that you have a crush on him, right?" "Hey! Don't you dare -" I started, but Becky had already yelled, "Anna! Get the directory please." I tried one more time, "Can't you go prank call someone else?" "Well, if you only like him as a friend," Becky told me, "Then he probably won't mind." I told them that I would see them tomorrow and hung up, a little upset.

So when I heard Becky say those words, I pretty much turned to stone. I mean, Jack was a great friend, but what did he think of me now? I asked Becky what she said last night, and she said that they pretended that they were me and told him that I thought he was really cute and that I really wanted to go out with him and junk like that. I pretended like it was just a playful friend thing, but it just didn't feel right - especially when Jack looked at me kind of funny.

I kept asking Becky why she would do that to me, but she and Annie just smiled whenever I asked. I wouldn't give it up, though, because I didn't believe that three of my best friends would do something like that to me. I also kept my distance from Jack all morning, because I didn't want to know what he had to say. Finally, at lunch, I got a response out of Becky. "Why did you do that?!?" I asked. Becky and Annie smiled really big. "If you really want to know the truth, we didn't call him in the first place!" They both started laughing.

I couldn't get it. How could my friends pretend to call one of my friends behind my back, lie about it for four hours, tell me that they had been teasing me, and still be all happy about it?? I'm glad they really didn't call Jack, but I had realized that these girls weren't really my true friends. From that moment on, I learned that my true friends were the ones who respected me - and my other friends.

**All the names were changed in this story, so no one feels as bad! I hope that was short enough.


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Fri May 04, 2007 5:37 pm
The day i finally asked my best friend, Jamie, out. It just came up all of a sudden i just said,
"Will you go out with me?" but he said no and i understood why, he has been my friend since kindagarten, and he didn't want anything to come between us so i just forgot about and moved on with my life. i relised that i had become closer to him

My friend's name has been changed

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Thu Jul 12, 2007 6:17 pm


"Dianna was born March 19 2006 at 3pounds, 2 ounces,and three months early. She was the smallest baby lying in the nursery and was attached to many tubes and machines. I stood at the window staring at her, helpless tiny body and wondered  if she can fit in a size 6 shoe. "The first time I was allowed to hold her, I was afriad I might end up cruhing her tiny body or drop her on the ground. On the day she came home she was still attached,to a machine which helped her breathe and I couldn't help pulling at the little tube attach to her arm. For four hours I sat on the ground in her nursery reading a book and hoping she'll wake up soon. " Her cry was the most lowest cry I ever heard in my life and for a second I was wondering if my mom finally agreed to let me have a cat. I jumped up looking around the room and then I heard it again. But this time I turned around to see Dianna fussing with a pacifire. I sticked it back in her mouth and she quickly felled asleep. "After she closed her eyes I ran out the room to inform my sister that the baby woke up and I think she's hungry. "She got up from her room and walked slowly to the nursery. "When she finally reached the room which took her a million years she woke Dianna up and  fed her a whole bottle. I was kind of shock to see something so tiny drink a whole bottle of milk. As the days pass she begans to grow and the days turned into months and the moths turned into one whole year. Now Dianna is 1 year and four months old and some days I still can't believe she was as long as a cordless phone. Dianna can be annoying and she can say many words like no, daddy, stop, and candy(yes  she loves candy). She's very active and loves to run around and hit people. One thing that hadn't change about her is her tininess she's very small and she always win when we play hiding go seek (of course the girl has been hiding in the drying machine all along). I really love my neice and you guys might not think this is something that impacted my life but I do even if she refuse to call me aunty. LOL::smileyvery-happy:

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Mon Dec 31, 2007 1:52 am
Wow, dumbledoregirl, Even turned out to be quite a hero! I'm glad you found a good guy friend, they're the best. :)

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Thu May 13, 2010 8:48 pm
        When I was 11 years old, something terrible happened. Not really to me, but to someone very close to me -my mom. One day my mom had to go to the hospital because she was pregnant and she had a terrible pain in her back and shoulder. She had to stay in the hospital for a while but she said it was because she had extremely high blood pressure. Then, after about a week, she came home. Everything was ok until one horrible day. My parents called me into their room and started talking to me. I didn't know what they were talking about until they said EXACTLY what they were talking about. These few words hit me like a 300 pound boulder slamming right into me. My mom said," Honey, I have lung cancer." "WHAT!" I said. I didn't believe it, make that,couldn't believe it. She said that the baby might not be able to survive because she would have to have chimotherapy and radiation. That wasn't even close to as bad as the news they told me earlier. I wanted to get a pilow and hit myself upside the head and say,"WAKE UP!" It had to be a dream. My mom, what if she died. She would have to have surgery to get the large tumor out of her lung. I wanted to die for her.
Sorry! I can't type anymore right now. I'll type more later.  Do you think I should turn this into a book?

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Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:52 am
I couldn't believe it.I didn't want to believe it. Maybe this wasn't true. Maybe this was a dream.But I knew it wasn't.And I knew that I have to go through this just like my cousin,Susan was going to have the worst day of her life.

My aunt had been diagnoised with cancer when her daughter,my cousin,Susan,was only six...I had never saw her walk or dance.She was going to die.I knew that. Everybodyknew that. But before three days before her death,of what she calls"peace", she became what we were fearing:paralyzed.She was in a half coma and didn't her own son or daughter.It was nothing but sad.I had cried beside Susan who was wailing for her dear mother to wake up.SHe wqas only nine then,for god's sake! Me and Owen,Susan's brother,managed to stir her off to another room.Before I knew it, I was in the car and was keeping quiet in the conversation going on,which broke my heart. "She can't live," my mom said quietly,"she's ready to die." I bought tears to my eyes,but I didn't show it.I heard some paper shredding,and realized it was coming from me. I didn't have time to change my clothes before my cousin,Maddy,was screaming,"She's dead! She's dead!I can't believe she's dead! Oh,I'm so sorry, Thea!Think about sweet Susan! We were there minutes ago! She died when we came to our home and..." I didn't hear the reas.I went downstairs and sobbed as I got in the car with my family.My sister,Tessa(short form for Theresa),was crying silently. My mother had quiet tears running down her face.And dad was silent as ever,and had choked one.

When I came to the house,gloominess was hungover and Susan was just as still as stone,looking out the wonder.She had cried for a whole two hours,but after that she was okay. She laughed with us,even joked and played.Owen hasn't said a single word but he was okay...I was so proud of them.They were so strong.This is what Aunt Sara would've wanted.And I had missed Aunt Sara more than I missed anyone in my life.

(...)...I know it's not short but I hope you like it!!

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