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 Culper Spy Ring

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Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:43 pm
   The Culper Spy Ring, was probably the first group of spies in all of America. It probably inspired the CIA, and such associations. We believe that even though Nathan Hale, did try to become one of the first spies, and died tragically, inspired the Culper Spy Ring. The ring lived and prospered in the time of the Revoluntianary War, and are probably the key componant to winning the war that set America free from Britian.
   The interseting part about the ring, and there are many interesting things, is most likely the fact that the spies that were apart of the ring weren't even trained soldiers! They were regular citizens of the fighting, and young country of America. And this is something I like about the Culper Spy Ring. They were so dedicated. that even before women were thought of as equal, women particiapted in the ring!!!!!!!!!!!! And before you read this read the rest:
  - One of the code numbers equaled lady, however that lady (Agent 355) could have been the reason we live in the country we do now!!!!! Girl Power!
   You see, even the top members of the ring, didnt know the identity's of the other members. Now before you say NO WAY to this next fact, read my reasoning. George Washington, one of America's founding fathers, was a member of the Culper Spy Ring, and we didnt even discover the ring until around the 1930's!!!!!!! George Washington was a spy and was gathering intellegence because of the ring. Now the Culper Spy Ring was crucial to America's win, because West Point, divided in half, one part owned by us, and the other by the British, was the place that if the British captured, would cut off America's resources and would had given the British a "Win War Free Card".!!!! Benedict Arnold, the one who betrayed his country and was going to sell off the Patriots to the British, was interscepted and stopped by the ring!!!!! Now you may go and read the underlined text above. Once you're done come back to the bolded print.
     Now, since the Spy Ring needed fast ways in delivering messages to other members, they used 3 main features. A code book, invisable ink, and a clothes line. They made a code book and in that code book was believed to be Agent 355. The 'lady' described in the code book was believed to be a British commander's 'girlfriend', and that commander was the one to talked to Benedict Arnold. So, the code book was used to write codes if the messages were intercepted. Also they used a tool that is still used today by the CIA. Invisable Ink. The ink could only be brought out by a mixture of chemicals and the messages that the ink was written in was right in front of the British faces that read.....the newspaper!!! Yes, the messages were written in the newspaper to get to members faster!!! It was amazing how the Culper Spy Ring, came up with this!!! Well, I should say how George Washington came up with this with the help of a scientist!!!! Anyway, the third tool, which I find most interesting is the clothes line. Since nobody expected women to be of any threat, the women cleverly used their clothes lines to give information to members who travled by horse to deliver messages to other members!!! So many things can be learned from the Culper Spy Ring!!!
    I hope you enjoyed learning about the Culper Spy Ring!! If you want to get more information try to catch a re-run of "Brad Meltzer's Decoded" on the History Channel!!!!

 Re: Culper Spy Ring

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Sat Feb 05, 2011 12:02 pm
Oh my gosh, this is so cool!!!! :D


You are the only exception.

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