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 Dolphiner15's Story In Progress Summary

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Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:06 pm
Alright, so I'm thinking of writing a book about a parallel world called Dlrow. I'm still working on the name of the place but notice the word "Dlrow" is "world" backwards, because that's what it is. Our world only backwards. See, we have tall buildings and city life and a life without any fantasies. Dlrow lives under a religeon of the nature elements. But there, instead of 4, there are 7.
So in Dlrow, these elements are real godlike people. So if Water were to have a child with a human or Dlrowian, it would result the child to have the powers of Water, or a Water Touch.
So what if light, the king of the elements, had an affair with a mortal his kids would be really powerful. Many years ago, there was a fight with the elements because Light's kids were getting too powerful. So Light wasn't allowed to have cildren anymore.
Then many years later, he meets Tessa Jason and accidentally has twins. A girl and a boy named Cyrus and James. (Yes, I knwo Cyrus is a guy's name but read the story and it will make sense.)
So during the time the twins are born, a human dictator takes over Dlrow, the last thing he needs is Light's children getting in the way. So when the dictator finds out Tessa is pregnant, he tries to find her, capture her, and kills the kids. But he finds her too late because Tessa already gave birth and put them in foster care. So the dictator keeps Tessa prisinor because she could be bait for the twins. To really take over Dlrow, the dictator wants to unleash the power of Fire, all he needs now is a Fire Touch to channel Fire's power to himself. Now, to be a Touch,  you don't always have to be the element's kid. Sometimes, you can get it by being exposed to it too much, you could be the kid of another element and inherit it from your divine aunt/uncle. Cyrus is a FireTouch and when the dictator finds out he tries to capture her by using dreams to lure her to her own power.
When the dictaror succeeds, James sets out to find his sister and meets Jack, a Stone Touch who's been watching over the twins since they were toddlers.
So the twins find out they are children of Light and there is this place called Dlrow. James and jack rescue both Cyrus and their mother who's been captive for 11 years. But not before the dictator makes Cyrus channel some Fire power to the dictator.
Knowing that war is on the way, Jack takes the twins to this camp for Witches and Warlocks. The dictator had banned magic from Dlrow, Witches and Warlocks are Touches who use magic illegaly, Wizards are the dictator's soldiers who have permission to use magic for their boss. Jack's father is the leader of W.W.
Preparing for battle, Jack dares Cyrus to climb to the top of a cliff and steal a dragon egg, when she gets the egg and instead of a dragon, out hatches a griffin that intantly takes favor in James who calls the griffin Fred.

 Re: Dolphiner15's Story In Progress Summary

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Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:12 pm
man, wish i thought of that idea!!!!! sounds really good!

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