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This is a Harry Potter fanfiction that I wrote. It is about a first year, Maya who gets sorted into the mythical house Dragonscale. Please let me know if you want to here more.


Maya looked around. She was standing on a large platform. Through the throng of people, Maya could just make out the a scarlet train with The Hogworts Express written on the side in gold lettering.

From all around her rose the chatter of voices, the hooting of owls, the meows of cats and many other strange noises.  

Maya slowly made her way to the train. She was jostled a good bit and almost last hold of her cart. Her cat Veronica hissed as she was banged and thrown about in her cage. When she reached the train, she grasped her suitcase and climbed up the well worn steps. 

It took her a while, but finally she found an emty compartment at the back. She stowed her suitcase on the luggage reack and let Veronica out of her cage. 

Maya had found Veronica in a courner in Diagon Ally. She had been skinny and badly kept, her midnight black fur bearly hanging on her frame. At the second she saw Maya, she had run up and lept onto her skirt. At first she had tried to kick her away, but then as the cat followed her everywhere she went that day, she decided to keep her. The man at the pet shop had made sure she was healthy and had to fleas or ticks, then Maya had named her Veronica after her grandmother.

At last the train started moving. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. Soon they were out of the city and riding through pleasent country. 

Maya's compartment door opened a few times but nobody stayed. Finally when Maya had thought she would have the compartment to herself, the door opened. A girl looked in. She was a few intches taller then Maya and her chocolate colored hair had a pink streak in it. She was wearing robes, but they looked like the sort that rich people would wear.

"Can I sit here? Everywhere else is full." Her accent would have been strange, but over the last few days Maya had gotten used to it. She nodded and the girl sat down gratfully.

"Thank you. I was beginning to think I would have to stand in the hall. I'm Joanne. Joanne Grimm. Are you a first year? I am. "

Maya smiled "I'm Maya Kite. Yes I'm a first year. Did you bring a pet?"

Joanne shook her head. "My mother doesn't like cats and she's allergic to most owls. Of course Toads are out of the question. It wouldn't be fitting for my rank-"

She cut off sharply and turned to look out the window. Maya thougt that she looked embarresed.  

They sat in the compartment for until dusk. Around then, a girl came in and told them that they would be at Hogworts in ten or so minutes and they needed to get into there robes.  Sh faltered when she saw Joanne, but said nothing of it.

A few minutes later, the train slowed down and slowly came to a halt. There was a loud shouting and the hallways were full of people in black robes. When Maya and Joanne got outside, they heard a woman calling "First years please come over here."

Maya joined the the small group of eleven-year-olds as they walked down to the lake and to a little fleet of boats. The other first years gave Joanne wide berth and they ended up having a boat to themselves.  

At a command from the whitch, the fleet of boats began to glide silently over the dark lake. They rouded a courner and saw a huge magnifacent castle. It had sevoral towers and every single window was alight.  Maya gasped. She would be learning Magic at a castle!!

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