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 excerpt of Saturday Sounds

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Sat Feb 21, 2015 3:54 pm


The egg shell cracks in half and the bright yellowy-orange yolk slides into the bowl.


Milk swishes out of the carton and swims around the egg.

Tink-whiskk-kk-kk Tink-whiskk-kk-kk

The whisk clinks on the side of the bowl as he stirs the egg and milk together into one frothy mixture.

Clink clink clink

The spoon hits the canister as he measures out the powdery flour.

Tadink tadink

Clangs the spoon as the different ingredients fold into one another to make runny batter.


Butter sizzles, pops, and dances in the pan as it melts in swirls.


As the batter pours into the puddles of melted butter, it sizzles and puffs up with little bubbles.

And I smell them.

Delicious, mouth-watering, homemade, I’m-so-glad-it’s-Saturday, yummylicious pancakes.

“They’re ready.  Who wants some pancakes?” Dad calls out to whoever is awake.


Still in pajamas, my barefeet scamper across the hardwood floor.  I don’t even care that my feet are cold.  My pancake breakfast can warm me from the inside.


My older sister slowly shuffles down the hall.  She is not really a morning person, but we are not the save-you-some-pancakes-for-when-you-finally-decide-to-get-up kind of family.  So she plops down with the rest of us.

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