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Mood: This can change every minute, as we all know.
Faves: Help us get to know the character with a list of loves.
Detests: Tells us some stuff your character CANNOT STAND.
Story Setting: Where are we right now?
Action!: Here we go — what's happening? Don't forget dialogue!
YOUR TURN, X!: (Pass the story over to another character.)
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 Fandom Holiday Fan Fiction Contest. [Sign-Ups.]

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Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:14 pm


//Fandom Holiday Fan Fiction Contest - Sign-Up Thread.//


November is known as a National Writing Month to some and as the Holidays are approaching, plus, with Katie's possible requests for Holiday stories; we're going to work on possibly doing a piece where each of you, who sign up, volunteer to write your own fan fiction about a certain fandom or media of your choice where the characters celebrate the Holidays.


Although, I would personally prefer that it is kept to the Winter Holidays, Winter Solstice, and the character's celebrating the various Winter Holidays; I will also open this up to Thanksgiving, the Autumn Equinox, and the Harvest Season as well.


No, you may not write about Halloween.


Realize that almost anything here, seasonal or holiday is open.


Note that I will also open it up to Autumn and Winter as well. 


This is a Fan Fiction collection and works of original fiction should not be entered. There is no minimum word count; however, the minimum page length requirement is a page. The maximum amount of pages would be enough to cover a short story. So, 8 to 10 pages could be considered the maximum. Even though, I am willing to read 12 pages of a well-written fan fiction, on the other hand, others may not. I am not going to limit you to this or that; however, it has to be an existing work and try to remain within the realms of the obvious boundaries. 


As for the Contest element, I will be one of the judges, even though, there's a chance I may enter a fan fiction work of my own. This may or not occur; so, take it with a grain of salt, if you will. I will also allow for several other judges to join me on this quest.


Although, note that I will be willing to help you work with rough drafts and provide you with feedback; however, who knows whether or not the other judges may do so as well. I will only do so if you post a message on this board with your rough draft in a separate message and not as a reply to this post. Your reply to this will be only for responding to the Sign Up Form. There will be a separate thread where you will update on the Status of your Entry [Whether your Rough Draft needs feedback or whether or not your Final Draft is written.], plus where you will fill out the Official Entry Form and reply to the thread with your Final Draft unless it exceeds the Post limit. Then, you will need to create a separate thread for your Entry and inform us of it's separate thread. The Judges will have a separate thread where we will discuss the entries and decide our opinions.


The Final Drafts are due sometime during December 2016; the Judges and I will plan that date and we will inform you of it. It is highly suggested that you post your Final Drafts way before that date to ensure your entry gets counted and reviewed by all judges. 


You may enter in the Contest and Judge as well. We are judging your work by several things which may consist of Conventions [Can we read your work and do you respect the English language by using your utmost ability to make a comprehensible work of fan fiction?], Creativity & Originality [Is your work not only creative but in the sense of using your love of another creators work to while showing respect to its creator, developing your own world within it as well?], Intrigue [Is your story interesting?]. I will be judging your story by not only holding to the theme and boundaries set of this contest, but by how well you respect the English language and the original creator of the Fandom your fan fiction is based off of, if I happen to know it. Do not try to utilize techniques of the creator, use your love of the medium and make it your own. 


While the question of how many can write for one Fandom, it honestly depends by how many people wish to write Fan Fictions of that Fandom. That issue in particular will be tackled when we get to it and in the second installment of information.


In order to sign up, you need to reply with your Username, your Pen-Name [or the name you wish to be called], your Pronouns of choice [Especially, if your Pen-Name sounds like Raincatcher and the like], if you wish to help me Judge the Contest and whether or not you wish to help me with providing feedback to Rough Drafts plus what you will be judging the entries on, your Writing Experience and Ability, How often you are on the STACKS, plus the Other portion. If you have read everything within the sections above and below, you will write your favorite holiday treat or food in the Other portion to inform me that you know and understand everything prior to this section of the Contest information. //This thread in particular will be for Sign-Ups only.//



//Sign-Up Form;//



Pronouns of Choice;

Would you like to help me Judge the Contest? If so, will you help provide feedback? Also, what will you be judging the entries on?;

Your Writing Experience and Ability;

How Often You Are On The STACKS?; 





 Re: Fandom Holiday Fan Fiction Contest. [Sign-Ups.]

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Thu Nov 17, 2016 4:19 pm

This is great!!! 

 Re: Fandom Holiday Fan Fiction Contest. [Sign-Ups.]

Joined: Sat Feb 20, 2016 6:52 pm
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Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:03 am

Username; appleshoes2

Pen-Name; Solstice Rockford

Pronouns of Choice; They

Would you like to help me Judge the Contest? If so, will you help provide feedback? Also, what will you be judging the entries on?; Yes, I would, and yes I will provide feedback. Judging on content quality, never quantity

Your Writing Experience and Ability; Dunno, I have an A+ in english if that counts for anything, people say I write well

How Often You Are On The STACKS?; Every few days

Other; :)heart


 Re: Fandom Holiday Fan Fiction Contest. [Sign-Ups.]

Joined: Sun Feb 09, 2014 7:57 pm
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Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:31 pm
Username; Midsummerbook13
Pen-Name; Night Owl
Pronouns of Choice; and, is, or
Would you like to help me Judge the Contest? If so, will you help provide feedback? Also, what will you be judging the entries on?; If you need a judge to help judge the contest then I will help you and would happily provide feedback. I will be judging the entries on creativity, for the most part. I would prefer not to be a judge, but if you need me, then sure.
Your Writing Experience and Ability; I have written two novelettes and I am very descriptive when writing. *see writing example below*
How Often You Are On The STACKS?; I haven't been on the stacks for a while, but right now I am trying to be more active.
Other; Here is a writing example of mine, in case you wanted to see it, it's from a book I started but never finished about a girl that works as Snow White at Disney World.
I better put this in here just to be clear. This will not be a diary of woodland creatures, cottages, and poison apples. It will be a diary of BFF drama, boys, ghost stories, Disney and Halloween. Okay, good, I got that out.
Little bit about myself, so when I'm married to Jeffrey and have done something to Cheyenne and Jessica that they deserve, because killing them would just be wrong (more about Jeffrey, Cheyenne and Jessica later) I can look back on my past self. 
I work at Disney World as Snow White. Sometimes in shows, sometimes during parades, and sometimes just meeting a bunch of four year olds and their worn-down parents. (Who occasionally have teenagers with sparkly Minnie ears that know that feel terrible for me and glance at me with sorry looks while waiting for a text response. Been there, done that.) 
My best friend is Belle, and she works part time at The Tower of Terror. I used to. But I actually lost a teensy bit of hearing, hearing all the screams and first-timers cry. So I transferred to Rock'N'Roller Coaster, where people still scream and there's loud music. 
But that was the only available option, plus I only recently started and I didn't want Marissa (Belle) to be lonely. She's a very sensitive friend and the best friend ever. Plus, I wear earplugs now. 

 Re: Fandom Holiday Fan Fiction Contest. [Sign-Ups.]

Joined: Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:56 pm
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Wed Nov 23, 2016 12:17 am

Username; cyclonevampire7

Pen-Name: Felix Porter

Pronouns of Choice; Your Majesty(haha I'm hilarious), she, her

Would you like to help me Judge the Contest? If so, will you help provide feedback? Also, what will you be judging the entries on?; I would be happy to help judge if you like. I can provide feedback on work if needed. I will be judging entries on originality, "flow" (how it comes together, whether it sounds stiff or not- is there a word for this?), and consistency with their plot along with what's already canon.

Your Writing Experience and Ability; Well, I've taken a summer class on creative writing, if that counts. I tend to stick to the characters in my writing.

How Often You Are On The STACKS?; Ah yes. Well, I've been gone for a while because I had an event come up, so I haven't had much time to be here. However, now that that's over, I'll be on much more frequently. I can't promise I'll be on every day during Thanksgiving break, but afterwards it should be fairly consistent every day.

Other; My favorite holiday food is my grandmother's fudge. (:

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