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 Gemini's Gift

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Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:14 pm

I am writing a story about a girl named Gemini, who is part of a world called Believer's Echo. Everyone has a special item and power. Gemini can control animals by singing and dancing, and her twin, Amethyst can control elements by singing and dancing. When a powerful enemy comes back from is imprisonment, Gemini doesn't know what to do.  Her twin sister is killed, andd her older sister becomes queen. Gemini is now pulled into an adventure and discovers new connections and powers. Here is the first chapter thing:



13 Years Ago    

Where it ALL started


Our story starts in a small village where you’d never expect anything abnormal to happen. My mother was smiling as she left the hospital holding a baby carrier in one hand and my father’s hand in the other. Dad was also holding a baby carrier. My twin and I had just been born a few days earlier. My name is Gemini, and my twin’s name is Amethyst. My older sister was laughing and grinning as she saw my family’s silhouette head towards the car where she was sitting. We were the average everyday family that glorious day, and we have never had a day like that since.

My family is part of a world called Believer’s Echo, and it is a world where people have special powers, like summoning wind. Fairies, monsters, and other creatures also live there as equals. This little village in Believer’s Echo called Enchanted Shores is where everything began.

Oh, yeah, feel free to call me Grace.

 Re: Gemini's Gift

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Sat Apr 25, 2015 6:19 pm

Have to say: That was amazing! Is this your first book you have ever written? Maybe you can give me some tips. I noticed one mistake: you have an extra d in the area where you told us about what your story. lol sorry

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