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 Harry Potter 16th Birthday!

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Fri Nov 27, 2015 6:21 am

Wow so hey look who's on for the first time in a few months! I had actually made a few attempts to get back on here sooner but it seems really hit and miss for me because half the time my browser won't load the forum pages??? (like all I get is this message that says something about a redirect loop, idk if it's a problem with the servers or my computer or something else :/)


But anyways I'm finally back on and I have some cool news, I'm finally having a Harry Potter themed birthday! It's so weird thinking back to when I was like a 3rd grader and being completely obsessed and devoted to HP and dreaming about having a themed party... but I never got to until now. Mostly because I guess my family doesn't like to host fancy parties because there's so many of us (7 people) but also because I never had any friends interested in HP as much as me. It's funny now that I'm a junior in high school that all my friends from elementry school are FINALLY  reading the books and watcing the movies! So I've decided to go all out for this party I'm having in early December (birth months are cool by the rules right? I'm so out of touch here I forget). 


Also it's probably safe to assume this won't get moderated until after the party so I won't bother with asking you guys for ideas about things to do like games (I'm on my own this time lol) but I might as well talk about the things I've planning because who knows, maybe you guys want to have a HP themed party to! I've basically found all of my ideas online from blogs (mostly run by moms showing off their 8 year old's party.... haha the demographics for these things run a little on the younger side), but also I've come up with a few things on my own.




So honestly decorating is the most expensive, frusterating, painstakingly tedious part I've dealt with so far. People online make their houses look exactly like Hogwarts, it's so dang elaborate not to mention it must cost like 10000000000 dollars! However I went to the craft store with a pinterest board full of ideas and came back with a few, cheap things to do:


"Floating" candles: This one is a really easy DIY tutorial you can find with a quick Google search, but basically what you do is buy a bunch of electric tealight candles (I recomend at Walmart where I got them in packs of 6 for $3) and wrap sheets of white paper around their bases to elongate them and make them look like the narrow candles floating in the Great Hall. Then, in theory (I haven't attempted it yet),  you string them up using transparent fishing line and they might look realistic with the lights dimmed.


Platform 9 3/4's Brick Wall: Step one- find an old sheet you don't mind ruining. Step two- get some red paint and a large rectangular sponge. Step three- sponge the red paint on to the sheet in a brick looking pattern and let dry. Step four- cut a straight line down the middle of the sheet and then hang up at your front door so guests can run through the wall to get to Hogwarts.


Hogwarts House Banner: I was walking through Walmart's craft section when I spotted perfectly sized and cut squares of felt in the four house colors for 23 cents each- so I grabbed like 8. All I have to do now is print out large sized colored versions of the house crests and then I can hang up all these cute little banners!


Azkaban Wanted Poster Photobooth:  Another super simple idea I found online. All you have to do is buy a posterboard and mount it on a piece of carboard (or just buy a stiff posterboard, I made the mistake of not thinking things through). Then, cut a large rectangular whole out of the middle and decorate the thing so it looks like Sirius Black's "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WIZARD?" poster from the movies (look up a photo reference). Guests can take mugshot photos simply by holding it up infront of a blank background.



So the party I'm hosting is going to be an overnight and I haven't really researched food too much but I'm hoping to have some authentic English meals that they might have eaten at Hogwarts. For dinner I'm thinking Shepherds pie and maybe doing a full English breakfast in the morning? Honestly not sure at this point. However I'm excited to do some other themed treats for the night!


Butterbeer: What would an HP party be without Butterbeer?!? Unfortunately for me, I'm not going to be able to do a fancy recipe like the ones that involve condensed milk and spices. Instead I'm going for a simple albeit probably less authentic version that consists only of cream soda, butterscotch syrup, and whipped cream. It'll be easy to make in large batches. 


Gillywater: Basically it's sprite with green/blue food coloring in it. I just came up with this randomly to make things a little more fun.


Snape's Potion Cupboard's Ice Cream Bar: What it's going to be is a make your own ice cream sundae bar. All the toppings are going to be in jars with labels on them like "Bezoars" (marachino cherries), "Dragon's Blood" (chocolate syrup), ect. 


Birthday Cake: There are tons of elaborate HP cake ideas online, like ones that look like the Sorting Hat or Golden Stich but I'm sticking with the classics, a Hagrid style "Happee Birthdae Harry" cake with my name (putting Katie on the cake for simplicity) because no one in my house is a skilled cake decorator. Also it can look as ugly as you want, woohooo!



I'm still working on my ideas but I'm not sure if I'm going to use all of them because I don't want the party to be SUPER structured, because a lot of times it's more fun to just chill out and talk to people. But I do have some ideas. The difficulties that I've run into with games are countless: most games ideas online are aimed at young children like "Pin the Wings of the Snitch" or at adults "Snapes's Drinking Game". Another thing is that it's absolutely FREEZING in Oregon in winter so indoor games only (no quidditch :( I was really hyped to organize a real game but then I realized what I idiot I was being bc it's going to be like 30 degrees outside). Finally, half my friends are super knowledgable about HP but the others haven't read the books / aren't super obsessed about it so it won't be very fun for them if all we do is play hardcore trivia games or anything. So basically here's what I've got considering the circumstances.


Who Am I? / Forehead Detective HP Addition: I think I'll start out with this game because it's super simple and anyone can play because you can give the less knowledgable people easier characters. Basically the game goes like this: everyone is given a sticker with a character name on it and they put it on their forehead without looking at it. Then everyone goes around the circle asking yes/no questions about their characters to try to guess who they are. First person to guess theirs correctly wins the round.  


Wrock Music: I've been searching for some Wrock (Wizard Rock) playlists online that I can play through some speakers to keep the ambience alive. Problem for me is I don't know anything about Wrock so I have no idea what bands to play haha. I'm hoping to just find a good compilation on Spotify or something. 


Ollivanders Wand Shop: So I'm enlisting in my father to help me make some homemade wands to give out to my guests as party favors. I have the official Hermione wand from HP world in Orlando (I didn't get to go :(, but my dad went there when he was on a business trip and brought it back for me) so we have an example to model the other ones off. There are ways to make wands with wooden dowels, hot glue, paint, and sealer online but my dad is a skilled woodworker so he might just make some out of real wood and stain them or something. Anyways so once I have all the wands made, I'm going to blindfold everyone and they have to grab for a wand ("The wizard does not choose the wand, the wand chooses the wizard). And then everyone will have wands and we'll be able to have wizard duels or something :D 


House Championship Trivia: Split the party guests into four teams, one for each house. Then have a moderator ask Harry Potter trivia questions, the first team to write down the correct answer on a whiteboard gets 10 points to their house. Team with the highest amount of points at the end wins the House Cup! I was also considering giving the members of the winning team Order of Merlin 1st Class medallions. 


Quodpot: So this one is still a work in progress because I'm trying to make up the game on my own. I was bummed that I couldn't do Quidditch with my friends but I remembered the so called American version of Quidditch, which is Quodpot. In the HP canon, Quodpot is a game with two teams where they try to pass an explosive Quaffle down to the end of each side of the field before it explodes in their face (or something like that... I'm not an expert). Basically it sounds like a high stress version of "Hot Potato". So right now I'm trying to come up with a game that is based around the Quodpot idea that you can play indoors. I was thinking of doing something where everyone sits in a circle and tosses around a ball of some sort, and any time someone catches it they have to yell out something from a certain category (like "Wizards from Ravenclaw", "Names of Potions", "Hogwarts Classes"). This goes on until a person is unable to think of something for the category (or takes too long, I'm figuring like a short time limit of 5-10 seconds to keep the game fast paced), then that person is eliminated and you go on to another category until one person remains the winner. 


Uncle Henry Sits Happily in the Bathtub- Harry Potter Variation: So Uncle Henry Sits Happily in the Bathtub is a party game I learned from my sister, and I do it at basically every party I host because it's a huge hit, really simple, and has hilarious results. So how it works is that you give a piece of paper and a pencil to each guest, and ask them to split the paper into five columns and write the following titles in them: "Uncle", "Henry", "Sits", "Happily", "in the Bathtub". Each category represents a different kind of word- title/occupation, name, verb, adverb, location. For a Harry Potter version restrict certain categories like the names must be Harry Potter characters and the locations must be HP related. Now the game begins. Everyone starts out with their paper and they write down a word for the first category, folds the paper so the next person can't see what they wrote, and then passes it along. Now this goes on until all the columns of the papers are filled, and then people unfold them and read them outloud. Depending on your group the results can range from quite funny to quite lewd (and on the rare occasion, just sad). You never know what's going to be said! 


HP Movie Marathonn: At the end of the night when things are winding down, I expect we'll all crawl in our sleeping bags and watch as many of the movies as we can before falling asleep. It's a good way to keep the rowdier guests entertain while allowing those who may be tired to roll over and go to sleep. 




So because me and my friends are a bunch of nerds, it's going to be a costume party! I told everyone in my invitations (which were made to look like Hogwarts acceptance letters btw) that they should dress up like Hogwarts students. I'm excited because I ordered a Slytherin scarf and tie online, and also some dark mark temporary tattoos because I'm being Draco Malfoy. I'm sharing the tattoos with fellow Slytherin students too mwahahaha (disclaimer: I do not support the Death Eaters or their racist ideologies : - P) 



Well, I've written up a ton more than I thought I would but it's pretty cool and comprehensive so no regrets. Even though I'll probably already have had my party by the time I come back to reply to this thread, why don't you guys share birthday party ideas if you've ever had one (or wanted to have one)? If it goes well this year for me I honestly might want to do it again so I'd love to hear what you guys got. 

 Re: Harry Potter 16th Birthday!

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Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:09 pm



Anyway! :D Happy (late) birthday you beautiful child! Sweet sixteen! (omg is it too 00s-teen-movie to say sweet sixteen? haha because we don't say it here i always wanted to say it to someone so go easy on me lol) :D :D :D


I hope you had a wonderful time! Also: those games are super fuuuuun and your ideas for decoration too gah i wish i knew more people who were involved with Harry Potter so i could do stuff like that, but noooo... ANYWAY! Uncle Henry sounds so fun though! Haha i might introduce this game to my mother (she's an English teacher, and i mean English as a 2nd language, so she could play that with her students... it'd be nice practice for them. :P)


Gah also Minirstry of Magic are a cool wrock band who have high-quality audio for their songs easily avaiable online (unlike less-known wrock bands who don't have as good audio quality most of the time), and their music is catchy and nice, and could also double as party music. They've even parodied mainstream pop songs like "We R Who We R" in HP versions, buuut I guess it's too late to suggest stuff like that now... if you haven't already discovered them, though, then maybe for future reference...


Are you a Sagittarius? THAT'S SO COOL I LIKE THAT ZODIAC. Also happy holidays, since i'm so late with my reply anyway! Lol i hope you got nice presents. I might write you a snippet. No promises though. What are your current ships/fave hp characters? Is Drastoria ok? Whatever I'll stalk your most recent posts, but just so you know, i'm not going to read Shakespeare for you OR write Shakespearean fanfiction, like, there are a lot of weird things I have done and am still willing to do but a life with me writing R&J fanfic is not a life i wish to lead. (yet again... i've come to the point i can take no oath or trust my future self. So we'll see)

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