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 Harry Potter and Loosing Magic[Fan Fiction]

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Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:56 pm

A/N Note: Hey guys who read this, I was kinda bored while reading the first book of the series (agian) but, I decided to do something with and without magic. Harry, Ron, and Hermione have magic throughout the series right? So this time, I'm gonna reverse that. You'll see what happens. :)

Harry takes a step out of Howarts and takes one last look of the school. He didn't feel like going back home for the summer. Meanwhile, moping on the train, Ron sits next to Harry and asks, "Hey Harry. How do you feel about going back home?" Harry replies, " I feel... I don't know,..sad I guess and kinda mad because I don't want to go back home. I don't know how my parents will feel when I come back too. They'll probably yell at me again. Do me a favor and break me out again will you?". Ron says back, "But we destroyed the car remember? How am I going to break you out?" Harry sighed. "Well I have to get off now.. My stop is right here." Ron says, "Well, see you next summer, or maybe even during the summer." Harry of course, got yelled at for escaping the house, but he went to his room and tried to ignore what was happening out there. He gets out a letter from Hermione he got when he left. It read : Dear Harry,

       I know you'll read this probably at home but, I've noticed something strange about our wands. It's been giving off a blueish-redish glow. Check yours and send me a letter about it. I think something's wrong going on. Do not try any spells because I don't you expelled (A/N: Or whatever, I forgot lol) 


"Huh", Harry said as he took out his wand. That's strange. As he examines it he doesn't see anything that's worth looking for. He puts it in a case and looks out the window before going to sleep and hearing his Uncle babblering about stuff downstairs. In his dream, he hears a mysterious voice that says, "One that seeks, will find what they seek, but to find is to loose one thing they use most"(Okay, I have no idea what that means but I JUST made it up that second :PHarry woke up very startled. He took a look at his wand and saw it glowing, but (for Morse Code if you know it) the glowing said, Come back to where you belong. Harry was confused. He couldn't go back now! It was the beginning of summer and he wasn't aloud back to the school. Instead, he wrote a letter to Hermione and Dumbledore (I didn't know anyone else..What, you want it to be sent Snape?) about his findings. A few days later, he never got a reply and he was always yelled at, except for one night. He got a letter back from Hermione that said,                                                       Dear Harry,                                                                                                                                                  Your findings are....interesting. My wand did the samerhing. I'm wondering, what does this mean? Is something happening to us? I'm not sure what will happen. Make sure to be safe.                                                                                                                                                          


"Guess she didn't know what to do, now-" Harry said being cut off by Hedwig bringing in a note from Dumbledore. Harry couldn't believe it, he was being called back to Hogwarts! He was very excited, but he was also confused because, why does he have to go back? He "asked" to go back but his Uncle, of course, phorbited it. He didn't trust Harry, even with the note from Dumbledore. Harry had no choice but to run out. He grabbed all his stuff and literally ran out. He didn't know how but he managed to get to Ron's house. (Which is REALLY far away) He explained to Ron what happened and Ron was suprised since his wand did the same thing on the same day. They both decided to go back to Hogwarts..... if they were allowed to. Ron showed Harry his letter to go back to Hogwarts so Harry wasn't concerned. Apparently, Ron's mother thought that it was a joke and said they couldn't go. After begging, She agreeed that they could go and took them to the barrier with a new car that she bought because she didn't want her husband to make it fly. On the train, they met Hermione. She was very suprised and said, "You were "invited" to come back too?", Ron and Harry nodded. They all started talking about thier wands. Hermione's wand flashed, Come to the place where you're true friends and yourself belong. Ron's flashed, If you come back to where you beong, you will find you're friends. Harry said that his wand flashed "Come back where you belong". They all meant the same thing. When the three faced Dumbledore, they all told them of what happened to their wands. He said, "You three may be loosing your powers. If you loose them, you cannot come to learn at this school." Harry says, "But I don't want my powers to just be taken. What should I do?" Dumbledore 

 Re: Harry Potter and Loosing Magic[Fan Fiction]

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Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:25 pm

cool chapter, I like it

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