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 Here is some more poems I wrote

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Sat Apr 09, 2016 11:10 pm


I am someones faithful servant 
He is the Messiah.
He is the lord of lords.
He is the king above all kings.
He is my God.
I am his daughter.
He has a kingdom.
We are his sons and daughters.
He never leaves his sons or daughters.
He carries us in our darkness; in our broken times.
We are his faithful servants.
And he is our king.
No one can take him away from us or what he did to save us.
He is and has always been faithful to us.
We should always be faithful to our God and his son Jesus.
Where would we be without good friends?
How do we know who are the ones that are the best?
I think if she or he listens to you talk about a bad day or if you’re new listen to your past.
They will always be there through the god,the bad,and the horrible.
They will always have your back and if you fall the best thing about that is they will help you up.
They will stand by you in a really tough time to back you up.
If you’re being bullied they will stand up for you and help you out.
The qualities of the best are loyalty,and kindness are the ones I look for.
I once heard a saying “A good friend is like a four-leaf clover hard to find and luck to have.
I am sure you’re wondering why I wrote this?
Well it’s because of a two very special friends one a pet and a new friend.
Sadly my dog died we were best friends ever since I got her when I was three and a half.
The recent one well let’s just keep his name classified.
I love how he has listen to me talk about the moved I had.
I feel so comfortable telling him things I can never tell my parents(my everyday life at school.)
I may not know him well yet, but I just can’t help always wanting to be around him.
So far I would consider him my four-leaf clover friend.
I can’t just help being so happy around him, even if he just listens to what I’m saying.
He just is so kind,sweet,very listening, and we have two things in common.
I like that I really hope I can get to know him better and he can get to know me.
I always look forward to Thursdays at my youth group because of him.
Where we would be without friends like that for some depression and if that continues 
maybe that person committees suicided. 
Without those true friends truth is we would never grow in social skills.
They help shape us into the person we will become and they are the key to most things.
This is what I think we would be without friends
This how I think which ones are the best.
Oh this isn't a poem but if any of you can translete this song I wrote to how someone in the midevil times would say it that would be helpful. (It is for a trilogy i'm writing back in time the first is midevil the second either greek or romans)
I may not be a prince but will you say you love me
i may not be royal but can you love me
I’m a knight you’re a princess
it shouldn’t always be the prince who has all the happy endings
i love you can you love me
will you say I love you
please tell me now before I go cray
I need you in my life so will you love me
Please say that you feel the same way
Life without you would’t be amazing
You have brought happiness back into my life
So say that you love me 
Oh, Princess Faye please say you love me
I can give you what he can’t 
I got more experience to protect you from harm 
I can give you true love girl
oh but he can’t do that girl
i can give you loyal he can never do that 
I swear on my chivalry if i break any promises i won’t be a knight anymore
you are so amazing, girl
you can beat all those guys
i never met a girl like that
so please baby please say you can love 
can you love me, girl 
can you bring happiness and joy back
just say yes if you can love me, Princess Faye
So what is your answer 


 Re: Here is some more poems I wrote

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Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:45 pm

Cool! winkyessmiley

 Re: Here is some more poems I wrote

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Wed Apr 27, 2016 2:46 am

thanks ghostwolf

 Re: Here is some more poems I wrote

Joined: Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:15 am
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Fri May 27, 2016 10:19 pm

those are great poems! i like how each one has a message behind them. i do however, have one piece of advice: don't make your poems a story but in short form. i have read many of your poems, and this is only a problem in a couple. here's how to fix that. when you are writing (even if lets say it is a story) try not to make it sound like a conversation. like in your poem FREINDS you say, "I think if she or he listens to you talk about a bad day or if you’re new listen to your past." it would be better if you didn't use "i think". Other than that amazing job! 

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