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 HERE IT IS!!!! Titanis Chapter 3!!!!

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Mon Jul 11, 2016 5:46 pm

Hope you enjoy!!!!!

Chapter 3: I Discover A Titan's Power



That one thought echoed in my head. A Titan! I had been taught by my father when I was three, and in one history lesson, I had read a book about the ancient times. The Titans could move a mountain with one snap of a finger. Was I really that powerful?

Heliorak didn't respond to any of my thoughts, but he gave me a feeling of blank perplexity, like he'd been asked an unsolvable question. He spoke after a few blank seconds.

Here, try lifting my solid self three inches in the air without touching me. he offered.

Are you sure? I asked.

Just do it. He urged. I closed my eyes, concentrated hard, and mentally pushed out toward Heliorak. After a few seconds, I heard a humming sound.

Goldensun! yelled Heliorak in my thoughts. I opened my eyes. To my complete bewilderment, Heliorak was floating all the way to the ceiling. Let me down! he protested. I'm way too high! That was way above three inches!

Um...sorry. I thought. I lessened my concentration, and the more it lessened, the lower Heliorak dropped. Eventually, I stopped my mental push completely, and Heliorak gently settled in my hand. He spoke in a shocked and partly annoyed tone after he landed on my hand.

You've got to get that power under control. he said.

I know, I know. I responded. But how do I do it?

Try practicing a few nights to lessen the mental push to only lifting a stone three inches. he thought. Then see how far you can push the stone in the air. I'll be your teacher, but don't practice your power on me.

I was shocked and overjoyed at the same time. I was a Titan...and I had a teacher to help me with my power! Thanks, Heliorak! I thought.

No problem. he thought. And you'd better run to the kitchen. Your father's calling you. Sure enough, I heard my father's voice calling, “Goldensun! You have to get the firewood from the woodpile!”

Coming!” I responded. I threw a thought over my shoulder as I ran to the kitchen. And you might want to disguise yourself while I'm gone. The woodpile had to be a mile away so the wood wouldn't get wet. I'll be gone at least for twenty minutes.

I walked into the kitchen and started to put on my rain gear. It was hung on a few hooks beside the door. “We need wood for lunch and dinner. That means at least eight logs.” said my father as he got up from his chair.

Okay.” I said as I put on my second boot. “Where's Silvermoon?”

She's out hunting. We need more meat and herbs for lunch. I expect you home by the time the steel hand points to the 3.”

Okay.” I said as I slipped on my rain hood. “See you then.”

See you.” said my father as I closed the door behind me, then walking off toward the woodpile in the middle of cold wind and freezing rain.


* * *


I crouched in the bushes, scanning the landscape in front of me. A small rabbit was nibbling on a small tuft of grass. I drew my bow. Perfect. I thought. I released the string, and the arrow went thunk as it impaled itself in the rabbit's stomach. I picked up the rabbit and pulled out the arrow when I noticed a glimmer on the ground next to it. I put the rabbit on my belt, put the arrow in the quiver, and padded softly over to the glimmer. It was a clear gem, almost the same as the one I had given to Goldensun, except it had a silvery sheen. I decided that I would keep it anyway, even if Goldensun liked shiny things like these. I picked up the deer I had shot, slung it and my bow on on my shoulder, and began to walk on the muddy dirt road in front of me.

Sopping wet, I plodded on the road that led back to the house. The deer that was slung over my shoulder provided me with cover from the rain. It hadn't been a bad hunt. I'd gotten a few more rabbits, two squirrels, and one deer foal, but it wasn't the best hunt I'd ever had. I finally saw the trail of smoke in the sky, marking the spot where the cabin stood. But then I realized that something was wrong. The smoke trail from the chimney shouldn't be that thick....

I increased my speed just as Goldensun crashed through the woods. He had realized that I was running and he jogged to catch up to me. “What happened?” he yelled, a few logs in his hands.

The trail of smoke from the chimney shouldn't be that thick!” I yelled back, fearing the worst. Goldensun's eyes filled with terror. I was too terrified to even have to show it. We both crashed into the clearing and gasped.

The small cabin was in flames. Piles of items littered the ground from where the house had been looted. And in front of the door, my dad was battling a group of people in black cloaks. I could tell he was outnumbered, but he fought back anyway, punching a black cloaked man in the jaw. The man crumpled to the ground.

He waved to us as we stood there, petrified. “Go, Go! Run! I'll meet you at the centeral copse!” But we hesitated in our steps. “I'll be fine!” dad yelled as he punched another man and that man crumpled to the ground. “GO!”

And we ran, Goldensun dropping the logs and me dropping the freshly killed game. Branches and skeletal bushes slapped at my feet, but we kept running. Raindrops spattered in my eyes, but I wiped them aside and kept running. Squirrels and deer and rabbits jumped out of my way, startled, but I didn't have time to shoot them as they scurried out of my way. It looked as if the animals were racing, but we were in one for our lives. Finally, we stopped running and panted as we took in our surroundings.

The woodpile, now with a tarp covering it, stood right in the middle of the copse. There was a worn but muddy path around the woodpile, showing that people had come to the woodpile in the past day. I looked around frantically for our father to burst in the clearing, but I only heard the sound of rain against leaves. I became worried and agitatingly paced the clearing. What was taking him so long?


* * *


I was worried. My father wasn't coming. What was keeping him? The sun wouldn't come out for at least a few more hours. The sun. Sunray. Heliorak! Something clicked in my mind. Heliorak, where are you?! I shouted mentally.

Then I felt Heliorak's presence strengthen in my mind. Goldensun, what's wrong?

The house was just attacked! I didn't have time to come back for you! What can I do?

I felt Heliorak silently pondering the notion. Try and visualize me appearing in the place you're in. But do it so your sister won't notice me.

Okay. I thought nervously. I'll try. I closed my eyes and concentrated. The Topaz-Heliorak was appearing silently in the clearing...

As soon as I imagined it, there was a small pop, and Heliorak, still a Topaz, landed snugly in my hand. Whew. I thought. Close shave there.

Indeed. Heliorak thought. Then I “felt” him stiffen. Someone's coming!

And sure enough, there was a splash-squelch as footprints spashed in the mud. And there was my father, barreling through the woods, a group of four cloaked men on his tail. And then I saw it. One of the men was holding a yellow spear, and from the looks of it, there were four holes in it that looked to hold....

Goldensun! I need a favor! Heliorak screamed in my mind.

What? I responded.

Make the spear fly out of that man's hand and into yours!

Why? I countered.

Just do it! Heliorak yelled. I concentrated again. The shaft of the spear flying out into my hand...

Then the cloaked man cursed as the spear flew out of his hand, past my father, and I grabbed the shaft expertly. Then Heliorak yelled again.

Now slam the bottom of the shaft on the ground! I did, and the tip of the spear split into four and lowered to the side. In the hole, there was a gem laying there, a black gem that seemed to give off darkness for miles...

Lower me in there! shouted Heliorak.

ARE YOU CRAZY?! I thought.

DO IT!!!! yelled Heliorak. I put him in, and suddenly, the dark gem was thrown aside, bouncing off the cloaked man's nose and throwing him on the ground. The four pieces of metal holding it in lowered aside. Topaz-Heliorak was put in the spot the dark gem used to be, and the four metal pieces now leaned in to Topaz-Heliorak, holding him in the spear...

Slam the bottom of the shaft on the ground again! Heliorak yelled. I did, and the tip of the spear came back in place. As it joined into a sharp tip, four stained glass tiles with something painted on them covered the four holes, but I had no time to figure out what it was...

Throw it! Heliorak screamed. I lowered the spear into a throwing position and got ready to throw it at a man behind my father.

But I never threw it in time.

I looked up just in time to see the cloaked man I was aiming for pull out an inky black knife, grip the blade, and throw it. And just like he was aiming for, the knife flew through the air and buried itself through my dad's stomach.


By the way...I had to. Sorry.


 Re: HERE IT IS!!!! Titanis Chapter 3!!!!

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Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:13 pm

Hi dragoncrown485,


I noticed that you posted this on the Sci-Fi/Post Work board as well. Please pick only *one* board to post a story on and continue to post installments there. It helps readers track your story and also helps posts go up faster! I'll leave Titanis on the Novel board for now and delete it from Sci-Fi-- if you decide Sci-Fi is a more appropiate place for it, we can move the posts there.



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 Re: HERE IT IS!!!! Titanis Chapter 3!!!!

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Tue Nov 29, 2016 8:46 pm

That. Was. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Can you look at my stories? I don't know when they'll be up, but they probably need some help. Can you give me advice?

 Re: HERE IT IS!!!! Titanis Chapter 3!!!!

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Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:26 am

I've noticed that you aren't speaking silvermoon's part, i would like to hear about her a little more, please consider this, sorry if this is rude...

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