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 Hi, it's me ,everybody,

Joined: Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:33 pm
Posts: 83
Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:03 am

Um, I have quite a few friends by now, but not that many. So is anyone looking for a friend? I'm you're man! Er, girl!

 Re: Hi, it's me ,everybody,

Joined: Tue May 17, 2016 8:14 pm
Posts: 11
Sat Jul 02, 2016 7:27 pm

hi im strongbubbly17 nice to meet you lets be friendssmiley


 Re: Hi, it's me ,everybody,

Joined: Sat Jun 25, 2016 12:21 pm
Posts: 15
Tue Jul 05, 2016 2:20 pm

Any one need a friend I'd be happy to friend someone smiley

 Re: Hi, it's me ,everybody,

Joined: Sat Jun 16, 2007 5:17 pm
Posts: 7691
Wed Jul 13, 2016 8:16 pm

I'll be your friend if I'm not already.

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