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whats your favorite book to read?
1. Swindle 23%  23%  [ 3 ]
2. The Secret Garden 31%  31%  [ 4 ]
3. Junie B. Jones 23%  23%  [ 3 ]
4. Showoff 23%  23%  [ 3 ]
Total votes : 13
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 hi it's my first day

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Thu Jul 21, 2016 3:40 pm

hi my name is natalia  (...)I am 8 years old. I am going to be in 3rd grade.smiley

Favorite Color:PinksThe Best Sports:DancingDone That:Baked cupcakes, Built a fort, Gotten so dizzy I fell over, Gotten straight A's on a report card, Made up a rule, Moved from where I lived, Pretended I had superpowers, Read a chapter book in less than one day, Stayed awake all night, Won a trophyMy Future Job:AnimatorMy Hobbies Include:Drawing, Playing video games, Watching TV, Kickin' back with friends, Playing a musical instrument, Doing arts and crafts, Collecting things, Playing board games, Surfing the net, Volunteering, Playing sports, Riding my bike, Rollerskating, Riding my scooter, SkateboardingI never leave home without:mp3 player, Cell phone, Gum, Calculator, Notebook, Snack, Favorite book, Portable game playerFavorite Class:ArtClass I'm Not So Crazy About:WritingI Like To Read:Adventure books, Animal stories, Biographies, Books for school, Chick lit, Comic books, Entire series of books, Fantasy books, Graphic novels, Books about history, Horror stories, Funny books, Magazines, Mysteries, Newspapers, Poetry, Science fiction, Sports booksTV I tune into:News, Reality, Sitcoms, Game Shows, Dramas, Cooking, Science, Building/construction, History, Cartoons, Talk ShowsMovies I like to watch:Action, Drama, Comedy, AnimationMusic I like to listen to:Pop, Rock, Classical, Blues, Jazz, Metal, FolkI Can:Blow up a balloon, Dive off the high-dive, Do a cartwheel, Do a split, Do an ollie on my skateboard, Do long-division, Draw a picture of a dog, Eat an entire pizza by myself, Fit ten marshmallows in my mouth, Fold a paper fortune-teller, French braid hair, Hit a three-point shot with my eyes closed, Name all 50 state capitals, Knit, Play the piano, Ride a horse, Rub my belly and pat my head at the same time, Snap my fingers, Speak more than one language, Speak pig latin, Stand on my head, Stand on one foot for a really long time, Touch my tongue to my nose, Touch the rim of the basketball net, Twirl a baton, Weave a lanyard, Whistle, Wink, Write in cursive, Write with both my left and right handsMy Favorite Animal:PandasMy Time Capsule:My diaryMy Favorite Snack:Candy, Chocolates, CookiesMy Favorite Cookie:Chocolate MintMy Favorite Ice Cream:Mint Chocolate ChipIf I were stranded on a desert island, I'd want to have:A backpack, A blanket, A tentI'd like to go on vacation and:Explore castles or ancient ruins.mail


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