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 Hi!! Read my story and if you want , give feedback!! :)

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Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:24 pm

Matthew - Room19

I open my eyes to see a bright light looming over me.I squint.I try to remember what happened, but my memory is foggy.I only know bits and pieces.My head is pounding.I try to sit up, only to be stopped when the pounding tensifies.Moving makes it worse.I look around with my eyes,keeping my head down from moving.It takes me a second to focus on my surroundings.I am laying on a metal table.There are straps holding me down by the arms and legs.I try not to panic.I make a second attempt to sit up.I grunt with the effort, but I finally manage to get my head up.Its a start.Black spots dot my vision, making it difficult to see for a couple of seconds.I breathe in through my nose and out with my mouth.I wait for the pounding to lessen.When it does I slowly move my head to the right.There is a faded red wooden door near me, but I cannot reach.1) because my hands are strapped to my sides and 2) because even if I could, I think the movement would knock me unconscious.When the pounding in my head first started i thought it was my heartbeat.It did not hurt.But now i know that the pain was so bad i couldn't even feel it.I can now.It's like when you slam your finger in the door, or stub your toe.It doesn't hurt at first, only throbs.But when you feel it, it hurts so bad you want to scream out. It's like that, only a million times worse... and in my head.       

 Re: Hi!! Read my story and if you want , give feedback!! :)

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Sun May 14, 2017 8:53 pm

that is very good just 2 thing... give spaces every time you do periods and what do 1) and 2) mean?


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