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 How would Harry's Life turn out without he's two bestfriends

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Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:09 am

Well if whoever is reading this should know that I love...: I mean love Harry Potter. He's a very down to earth caring person. He reminds me of someone I know. Even though Harry's parents were killed he still has his two bestfreinds. Hermoine and Rondald Wesely. Me personally, I don't think that Harry would have been able to reach the day where he would finally be able to defeat voldemort. You see how I didn't captiliaze his name. Well I have no respect for the him, even in the elements of proper writing and literature. If you commit unecessarary murder on good people. I doubt your name should hold any importance to anyone that doesn't share your demise. I hope someone shall read this and be brave enough to give me a response on how you feel about my thoughts. Maybe I'm wrong on how Harry Potter's life would have turned out without his two bestfriends, but if anyone's that opinionated write me and I give you a reply!cool

 Re: How would Harry's Life turn out without he's two bestfri

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Sun Oct 18, 2015 2:06 pm

Wow! I think your opinion is very interesitng, actually! 


I love, love, love Harry's character too! Actually, he gets very little recognition and love for his personality from the fandom, from what I've observed! Other characters are always in the spotlight and discussed, but Harry... no one really notices him? Even though he's the main character, and I think that's unfair towards him, because he's the main character, he has such a great personality and developement, and yet it's so easy to see past him because we see everything through him that we basically just... take him for granted. :( Sorry Harry you deserve better son.


So! That aside, even though I think that Harry stands perfectly well as an individual character, he's nothing without love--- and yeah that includes friendship. The main point of his arc is exactly that; and his acceptance of others and his ability to love is what differiates him from Voldy after all! I think what is really important with Harry is that, even though his friends would follow his lead (esp in DH), when it comes down to it, Harry, Ron and Hermione are companions and true friends, without Harry being above them. They complete each other, and Harry needs them not only for their skills and to have his back in battle, but because they are his most dear friends and on many occasions they are the only people he feels at home with. They're his family by choice, you could say that. And that's very important, and Harry loves Ron and Hermione and appreciates everything they do for him so much, and this goes for everyone else who is on his side, too; like the Weasleys, Luna, Neville, Lupin, etc! All these people stood for him and fought by his side, often sacrifising their own safety, and by the end, many lost their lives. But nonetheless, though Harry was the "front" of the light side in the second wizarding war, everyone following him (including the entire Order), was not his followers or his army, and that sets him apart from Voldemort and his Death Eaters big time! 


Haha your view on Voldemort and not capitalising his name is respectable! Lol personally I capitalize it because... that's how it's written? Oh, and I also call him Voldy :P Yeah, but generally I don't "hate" hate him, because, although he's evil and does horrible things, he's still a fictional character. Who does not exist. But you're right on what you're saying! That's what Dumbledore was trying to say, wasn't it? The more power we give to a name, the more powerful the thing itself becomes- in our minds first and foremost. So yeah! I dont' think that Harry would've gone very far without Ron and Hermione; when he is alone, although he has a lovely personality, he's a very lonely kid and I don't think he'd have a real motive to keep moving. Harry is a soldier and he has a strong sense of justice, so of course he would keep moving, but he wouldn't have the character development he had with Ron and Hermione by his side. He'd be kinda... empty, shall I say? Like, i do think he'd still stand up against Voldemort, but only because he felt it was some sort of impersonal duty towards the entire wizarding world. Without his friends and surrogate family (the Weasleys; the DA; the Order) but especially Ron and Hermione, Harry would be kinda... isolated, detatched. But when he gets involved and has his friends who revive him and support him and whom he, too, loves and wants to protect, things get personal for him. He wants to defeat Voldemort not only because he feels he owes it to the wizarding community, but for himself too. It's things like these that make Harry "human", and since Voldemort has refused love and all these connections with people, this choice dehumanizes him. That's the difference between them. I mean technically Voldy can't feel love because he was born out of a love potion (aka not really "love"), and he was raised without it (in the orphanage). But I think that Harry who, too, was raised being unloved and unnoticed, made a personal choice to stay attatched to people, and that's what makes him powerful. Voldy thought that being detatched made him powerful, but in the end, he was dead wrong. And dead in general. Haha take that Voldy >D


So yeah! In general, I think that love and choice is the main intended theme in the story! The similarities and differences between Harry and Voldemort are stressed a lot, and that's pretty cool, imo! (but a darker version of Harry... that of a solider who only does his duty without any personal gain or attachment... would've been interesting, too! ;) But then the differences between him and Voldy wouldn't've been that sharp)

 Re: How would Harry's Life turn out without he's two bestfri

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Sat Nov 28, 2015 4:50 am

Harrys life without his two best friends would be like pumpkin pie without the pumpkin,por harry potter would be in a box living on the street asking for money or he could be living in a mansion with Ginny Weasly while Herminoe and Ron are on the streets aking for money and food. He could be living with Dudley and aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon onder the stairs till he died. He wouldn't be able to fight you know who without them and would perish although he would be able to see his parents no life would be terrible without his two friendsbroken heartbroken heartbroken heart

 Re: How would Harry's Life turn out without he's two bestfri

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Sat Feb 06, 2016 6:07 am

He would probably have not survived against voldemort. That's all I'm saying.

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