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 I'm Starting a Story and I Want You to Finish It!

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Sat May 30, 2015 2:21 pm

Hi! So, I'm gonna post the beginning of a story, you guys are gonna read it, and then you keep going with your own ideas! 


Zinnia had literally been chased up a tree. Her older brother, Asa, was a little higher then her. Zinnia had been in the same place as him before, but an angry squirrel had started swearing and throwing nuts at her, so she moved. 

The two siblings had run through the forest for hours, searching for a place to hide from their pursuers. All Asa had done was stolen a loaf of bread, and now the palace guards were after them. 

"Hey, Z! Hungry?" Asa said in a loud whisper. 

Zinnia nodded. The loaf of bread fell, and she adjusted her position so she could catch it. Zinnia caught it, and tried to take a bite. 

"Ow!" Zinnia yelled loudly. 

"Z! Don't yell! What's wrong?" Asa scrambled down to Zinnia's level. 

"This bread. It's, like, hard. I can't bite it."

Asa pulled the bread apart, and his breathe caught in his throat. "Z. Are you seeing this?"

Instead of answering, Zinnia grabbed the necklace that had been hidden inside the bread. "Asa. It's pure gold." 

"This was why they were chasing us. Zinnia, put it on and tuck it underneath your shirt."

Zinnia nodded and grinned. We're rich. 


Remember to continue this with your own ideas! 



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