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How did you like the very first chapter of my book?
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 I need a title for this! HELP!

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Tue Mar 31, 2015 9:31 pm
I woke up in the middle of the night to a booming sound. I leaned on my soft, plush pillow and wondered what the noise was.
"Probrably just Farmer Cooper trying to scare away some cyotes," I thought to myself. Then, I laid back down. I laid there for a few more minutes before I fell asleep. In that time, all that I could hear were (...) screams from the farm beside our home in the middle of the forest.
I woke up again. I looked down at my watch. It read 3:26:52 AM. On the date it said, Monday, March 30, 2015.  The Black Market would be opening soon. I only had 4 more hours to get down to The Black Market and open up the trading post.
Three hours later, I woke up to the alarm on my watch. Then, I turned it off and got up. I sank my feet into my soft, comfy rug made out of wool. I had got it from an old trader, after giving him some food for his family. I got dressed and grabbed the game I had hunted yesterday in the woods.
I am a hunter, a farmer, a herder, and a breeder. I choose to use these assets for advantage. For example, I am using them for advantage by trading the outcome of all of those jobs for other things.
I put on my boots and grabbed my thick, warm coat that I always wore. Then, I marched right out through my door. I didn't live far from The Black Market. Only a quarter of a mile away.
After a few minutes of slow, painful trek through the forest, I finally got to The Black Market. I went inside and saw Alexandria Windford sitting in her stand, making her bestselling stew, Beef and Lettuce. Down here, not many people get the delight of Alexandria's stew. She usually gives me a bowl of it, and I eat it. No complaints.
"Good mornin'", said Alexandria as I walked over to her stand. I reached into my bag and pulled out the meat from the wild dogs I found yesterday in the woods.
"Here you go, Alex," I told her as I handed her the meat for her Dog and Tomato stew.
"Why thank you, Riley," she told me, "How old is the meat?" She looked at me persistently.
"The meat is only one day old," I told her, "Just got it yesterday."
"Okay, thanks again!" she told me again as I started walking to my stand. It seemed that the only stands open this early in the morning were mine and Alexandria's. There were others that sold plenty of things. Some sold clothes, others sold meat, and some sold many things.
When I finally got to the trading post, I laid out all of the tradable items where traders would come and try to bargain. There was meat, old clothes, and plenty of other items that could be traded. I finally finished putting the things out and changed the Closed sign to Open.
Soon, other buisnessmen and ladies went to their stands to set up. I was the only stand in my section open and ready for trade.
Once all of the stands were ready, we opened The Black Market and started buisness. There weren't many customers and traders at first, but soon the place was swarming with people. It looked as if a tital wave had come through. I got many customers, but there was this one that acted very suspicious.
This man had a black beard, a black mustaches, and long black hair. His eyes were as blue as the sky. His nose looked like any other person's nose. His clothes were tattered and wrinkly. His shoes, brown and muddy.
"What do you want for all of your game?" he asked.
"What are you willing to give me?" I replied in a backsass tone.
"I'll give you 20 coins."
"That's way to little for all of this game. I sleep and breathe hunting," I said in an angry tone, "200 coins."
Now this man was making me angry. I then punched him in the mouth as hard as I could. His mouth started dripping blood.
"Do we have a deal?" I asked.
"What deal?" he asked me, "We never made a deal? I said 100 coins. You aren't going to make me give u-" I had grabbed him by the throat.
"I said 200 coins for all of my game. Got it?" His face was turning blue. "Now, if you don't want to give me 200 coins for all of my game, leave. But, I will never want to see your stupid, twisted face here again." His cheeks were turning purple. "But if you do, you're going to get more then just a punch to the face. Do we have a deal here?"
He nodded and gave me a thumbs up. His whole face was purple. I finally let go of him and put all of the meat on the front desk. He handed me 200 coins and I took them.
"Are you going to take all of those by hand?" I asked, "How about taking this bag for another 20 coins?"
He growled at me and said, "No more trades! I really think that you are trying to smuggle all of my money away! Well, you may just hand me a punch in the face, but I can deliver much worse than that!"
Then, he put on an evil smile and pulled up his shirt sleeve.
Finally, all I could see was black.
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 FICTION STORY OF jess the lonley wild west girl

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Thu May 21, 2015 11:33 pm

Hi my name is jess , well thats not my full name i dint know my full name. Before my mom died all she said was jess... I miss her more than my dadangry my dad was mean , yelling guy , but most of all selfish. He used to tell me do you hate me ? I would say no but inside I said yes. I RAN AWAY  when i was only 9, now im 13 I now you never heard of a girl knowing here age eventhough she ran away I get itwell I mean i wouldnt say im selfish i would say a wildwest get mad easily fast girl is that better




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