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 I Won

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Tue Nov 24, 2009 12:22 pm


           Besides writing, one of my major loves is hula hooping. This may sound a little— okay, probably sounds pretty strange, but it’s what I’m into. I can do all sorts of tricks with hula hoops, like running, sitting, and hopping on one foot, all while hooping.

How I got into hula hooping in the first place is a whole other story, but some basic facts on it is essential to this one… so, basically, when I was in second grade, my family was going around the State Fair and I saw a sign advertising a hula hoop contest, and I decided on a whim to compete. Then, I lost. Horribly. And I hate losing.


In turn, I decided I would practice up and then return to the fair the next year to redeem myself by winning. Over the course of the next several years, I never had a chance to get back to the contest, because either I was on vacation, or they changed the date without announcing the change, or whatever… but I missed it all the way up until the summer between sixth and seventh grade. That year, I finally went back, and I finally won.


I was all pumped up to go and win again the year after that, when disaster struck about a month and a half before the contest. My grandparents and aunt were in a horrible car accident, leaving my grandad in the ICU for about a month as he battled for his life. When they finally moved him out of the hospital and into a rehabilitation center it was a really good day for my family. Soon after that, it was Grandad’s birthday, and my family decided to throw him a big surprise party for it. We were all so thankful for his life.


But then, I found out that the hula hoop contest was on the same day. The obvious answer was that I couldn’t go. No, it was a family day. It was my grandad’s birthday. I couldn’t go to the contest… someone else would just get to win that year.


Still, I wanted to go really badly. When the day finally approached, I was in a really bad mood over the entire thing. Why should I have to give up something this big for a birthday party!? I could always go for the beginning of the party, go over to the fair for the contest, and then come back for the end!


But none of my ideas flew with my parents, and so I was left miserable over the entire thing… which just made me feel really guilty, because it was my grandfather’s birthday, and he had just survived a life threatening car accident. Shouldn’t I be happy?


As the day wore on, we surprised Grandad with his favorite food, sung Happy Birthday to him, and gave him gifts. He couldn’t stop smiling. Then, Mom had me hula hoop for him.


Grandad knew how much I wanted to go to the contest. He knew how much it meant to me, and how much I was giving up to be there. But it was more important in the long run to be there, with my family, and so I hula hooped there in the rehab center, with various family members yelling out commands like they did in the contest. “Walk in a circle to the left!” “Jump five times!” “Skip from one end of the room to the other!”


Seeing the smile on Grandad’s face was much bigger a reward than the medal I would have gotten for winning the contest.




"Don't declare defeat. Declare determination."

 Re: I Won

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Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:39 am
Nice Memoir. Happy endings are my favorite. We had to do memoirs in class. my friend did her on blowing up her sisters baby bottle and another person did breaking their arm

 Re: I Won

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Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:39 pm

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