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 In memory, part 4

Joined: Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:56 pm
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Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:15 pm
The scene starts with the two girls, waiting in line for their schedules when a guy walks over to them. He had long, dark shaggy hair and is wearing a slipknot shirt. He stands behind scar.
Dlyan: Hey, is this the line to get your schedule?
(Scar turns around and is about to say, no, it's the line for the suprise physical exam, and stops)
Scar: (stutters): um....well.....I, uh, yeah
(dlyan laughs and scar blushes)
Voice over: I sound like an idoit. Breathe! calm down!
Different voice over: But he's so hot! Where the heck did he come from? Guys in bakersville aren't this hot!
Voice over: Now you're acting like a girl at a jonas brothers concert!
Different voice: Say something, stupid!
Scar: So.. did you get your suprise physical?
Voice over: DoH!
Dlyan: (Laughs) What?
Catlyn: (turns around) Oh, don't mind her. Pill side effects. It could be worse. She could be growing a beard.
(scar elbows catlyn in the side and hises shut up)
Scar: I'm sorry. I'm nervous. Nice shirt. Love slipknot.
Dlyan: Thanks. I like them 2. Obvoiusly (they laugh) Yeah, the first day of school can do that to a kid. I'm dlyan.
Scar: I'm Scar.
Dlyan (suprised) Scar? Short for scarlet?
Scar: No, just scar. My mother was drunk on lasanga.
Dlyan: (laughs) Ok, just scar.
(Catlyn picks up her schedule and hands scar hers) We got the same homeroom.
Scar: Are you new?
Dlyan: Nah, I'm dlyan.
(They both laugh)
Scar: (impatiently) We're going to be late if we don't go.
Dlyan: Yeah, I'm new to bakersville.
Scar: What made your parents move here?
Catyln (sarcastically) we're missing free tacos.
Dlyan: My mom and I moved here. She said we needed a change. My dad just died.
Scar: Oh, I'm sorry.
Catyln: Dlyan needs his schedule, scar.
Scar: Oh, I'm sorry.
Catlyn (thinks scar is talking to her) Great, well-
Dlyan: No, it's ok. I have no idea where i'm going anyway so what does a schedule mean to me?
Scar: (laughs) Teachers are pretty cool about the first day, and being late. I could show you around?
(catlyn shakes her head.)
Catlyn: We don't know whre we're going, either, scar. We're pointless. Cmon.
(Dlyan gets his schedule)
Scar: Which homeroom did you get?
Dlyan: 115
Scar: No Way! Us, 2!
Catlyn (mumbles) What are the odds?
(Scar and dlyan walk away, and catlyn follows suit, but isn't happy about it.
Dlyan: So, you're a junior, 2. That's cool. At leat I'll know someone in homeroom.
Scar: Well, it will be nice to have someone who doesn't eat his boogers for breakfast (quickly0 YOu don't do you?!
Dlyan (laughs)
(perfectly dressed allison walks in, and pretty much everything stops. She's followed by three pretty, but not as pretty girls) The one gets her schedule while the other hands her her bookbag. The other is holding a latte in her free hand. scar gags.)
Dlyan: I take it you don't like her?
Scar: You definelty take that right.
Allison: Stacy, this latte is cold.
Stacy: Aren't they supposed to be?
allison: Are you talking back to me?
Stacy: (scared) n-no. I'll go get you another (runs out the door)
(girl hands allison her schedule and she rips it from the girls hand)
Allison: Ugh, gym first period. Shelia, go deal with this. tell them last period. I'm not walking aroun d all day, sweaty and smelly.
(She runs towards the principals office. The last girl hands her her bookback and she starts chewing the girl out)
Voice over: That's allison, my older, more attractive, perfect sister. Those girls who are cowering in fear are her lackeys. They'd do anything for her. They'd kill for her. They have zero confidence. Knowing this, allison latched herself onto them and used that to her advantage.
Allison: (walks past Scar) Loser
Scar: Princess
Allison (smirks) you say that like it's a bad thing. (walks past her, and as the scene ends all you can hear is the clicking of heels.

 Re: In memory, part 4

Joined: Fri Feb 02, 2007 11:47 am
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Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:04 pm
Hey! As a major Jonas Brothers fan, I take offense to that being used as an insult!
Lol, jk. I know we can be pretty tweeny-bopper-hyper at concerts. :D

This is great!



 Re: In memory, part 4

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Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:10 pm
Haha... I didn't know being "drunk on lasagna" was possible! Keep it up. :^)
~Cooly 11~

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