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 In memory part 8

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Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:09 am
(scene begins with catlyn sitting in a small waiting room. She's lying on her back on a couch with her feet hanging over the side of a plaid couch. Doctors walk back and forth, and the tv is playing softly in the background. catlyn's hands are over her heart. Suddnely, someone starts yelling. Allison walks in, perfectly dressed in a white cardigian, a cherry print sundress, high heels, and a pearl necklace hanging around her neck. Scar's mother and father follow. Scar's mother is wearing a buissness suit, and scar's father is wearing plaid pants and a coldplay shirt.Jimmy follows)
Allison: Why do I have to be here? It's the same thing every time. She pukes a little, you bring her here, she gets an injection, we go home, she lies around the house, end of story until next time.
I think she does it for attention.
Mother: Ask your father, he wanted you here (coldly)
Father: Because your sister's health is more important than going to see a movie.
Allison:  It's brad pitt!
Father: I don't care if it's me, you're going to be here!
Mother: Oh, let her go! Allison's right! Scar will be fine, just like she always is. I don't know why you brought her here.  (they stand in front of the tv)
Allsion (whips cellphone out of purse) I'm calling allie. I am going to see that movie. This place smells horrible, and I am not letting her puke on me.
Father: Enough! Allison, if you go to that movie, you will be grounded!
Mother: Go, allison. Once again your father is giving you so-called sick sister special treatment once again!
Father: She is sick!
mother: You don't take someone to the er just because she's puking unless she's puking up blood! Do you realize how much money we're wasting just by taking her to the er with minor problems?!
Father: (shouts) You're not paying the bills! What about all your manicures and 50 dollar haircuts?!
(a doctor walks into the room. Tall with grey hair)
doctor jacobs: Mr and mrs stevenson?
(the parents stop arguing, and look at the doctor)
Doctor: she's going to be fine
Allison (mumbles) Told you.
Doctor: But we want to keep her overnight for observation. She wants her father
Mother: (mumbles and sounds like allison) Just like she always does.
(father gives mother dirty look and follows the doctor. The other three sit down and act like catlyn isn't there)
Jimmy: Is scar going to die?
Allison : (ignores him) I'm leaving.
Mother: Go, I'll deak with your father.
(allison walks out of the room)
Jimmy: Mom?
Mother: Jimmy, shut up. I have a migrain (mother gets up and leaves)
Catlyn: Jimmy, scar's going to be ok.
Jimmy: Allison said she's going to die. I don't want her to, even though allison does,
Catlyn: Why does that not suprise me? Jimmy, scar's going to be ok. Don't worry.
Jimmy: Why does Scar have to be sick? (catlyn sits up)
Catlyn: i don't know, jimmy
Jimmy: Life isn't fair. I'm missing out on george egorsons birthday party! He was going to have a clown and a magician!
Catlyn: (annoyed) is that all you care about?! Your sister is sick and could die at any moment and all you care about is a stupid man with too much makeup and a man who left his wife for a woman with lips like a fish! It makes me sick to hear you talk like that! Is that all you can think about?!
Jimmy: No. I also think about who would get scar's room.
(scene ends and the next one starts with Scar lying in a bed, in a thin gown. Her face is pale and her eyes are large. She is gasping for air. Her father takes her hand.)

 Re: In memory part 8

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Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:26 pm
Whoa. That's really good. I found myself in tears when I finsished reading it.

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