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 In memory part one

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Thu Oct 28, 2010 2:16 pm
I don't know just how much of this I will post
in memory
(the scene starts with a pale, darkhaired girl in a hospital bed)
Scar: how did I get here? How did my life turn out like this? I'm only 25 and I'm dying.
(a girl doctor with purple eyes and purple hair walks in)
Catlyn: Why can't I help her? That was my goal in life. Sure, I'm only an intern, but I have to save her! I promised her I would!
(Catlyn takes scar's hand, and the scene changes to a girl, about 10, sitting on a couch with a phone in her hand. her friend is in the same postion, but she has pink streaked hair)
Scar: Catlyn, I'm home. I just got back from the doctors
Catlyn: (nervous) well, what's wrong? It was nothing, right?
Catlyn: (worried) Scar?
Scar (sucks in breath): well, I have scademis.
Catlyn: Huh? What's scademis? I've never heard of that.
Scar: Neither have I. It's this disease that eats away at your heart and slowly kills you.
Catlyn: (close to tears): Scar! Oh my god! What can they do?
Scar: Give me pills until I eventually die.
Catlyn:  Scar, I'm going to be a doctor and I'm going to save you.
Scar: Catlyn- (sighs)
Catlyn: No, I'm serious! I'm going to save you! I promise!
(scene changes to the girls in the hospital again and now a tall guy with shaggy hair is standing there)
Dlyan: How is she?
Catlyn: (sighs) Not much better, but not worse.
Dlyan: Cat, I don't blame you.
Catlyn: Huh?
Dlyan: I don't blame you. You tried. You tried more than anyone.
Catlyn: But she's dying!
Dlyan: I know, but we need to hold it together. For scar's sake
Scar: I'm not deaf, ya know.
(Catlyn and dlyan laugh)
The next scene is in front of a tall victorian house with a subtitle that reads 8 years ago. a family is sitting down to breakfast. There's the father in his terrycloth robe, the mother in a designer suit, the blonde daughter in a juicy coture outfit, and the little brother eating out of a cereal bowl on the floor.)
Mother: Where is that girl? (sighs)
Father: She's tired. Let her sleep (gently)
Mother: It's the first day of school! She had all summer to sleep!
Allison: She's sick! She's always sick! (mockingly)
Father: (sharply) Allison, that's enough.
(scar walks in, in a black sweater, black dyed jeans and with her long hair covering her shoulders)
Father (large smile) good morning, sweetheart.
Scar: (mumbles) Morning.
Allsion: Are u actually going to school wearing that?
Scar: (sarcastically) No, I was planning on talking my pants and top off, and going to school in my happy bunny bra and panties (takes an apple out of a fruit basket) Hey, jimmy. Still a puppy?
Jimmy :Bark!
Scar: (sarcastically) and I'm the weird one?
Father: Honey, don't you think you should have something else to eat?
Mother: and pull that hair back!
Alison: yeah, princess.
Father: Allison!
Allison: (whines) U're always picking on me, and she can get away with murder!
Scar: No, I can't. You're still here, aren't you?
Father (laughs but stops when mother gives him a dirty look.)
Mother: That's enough.
Allison: See?! She always gets special treatement.
Scar: (cooly) oh, and you never do?
(walks out)
That's all for now
Written by: Tabitha, Avril, and Karen

 Re: In memory part one

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Mon Nov 01, 2010 10:53 pm
Very good! I liked the family in the last scene! :D



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