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 in memory part seven

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Tue Nov 02, 2010 9:37 am
(Scene begins with Dlyan and Scar walking near a creak. The soft sound of rolling water can be heard in the background. The wind is blowing scars hair around, and the two are smiling)
Scar: Who told you?
Dlyan: Well, you told me you see dr benson, and he's a scademis doctor.
Voiceover: I have been spending waaay too much time with Jimmy
Scar: Right...
Dlyan: my dad had scademis.
Scar: (overly excited) He did?! I mean, (softer) he did?
Dlyan (slightly amused) Yeah, he did. He died a few months ago, but he really suffered towards the end.
Scar: (sarcastically) Thank you, for giving me something to look forward to.
Dlyan (quickly changes the subject): So, how long have you lived in bakersville?
(The two sit down on an old log, and look out past the creak)
Scar: Almost all my life. We lived in new york city until I was 2, but I don't remember any of it.
Dlyan: That girl with you this morning-
Scar: (quickily) Oh, that's catlyn. She's my best friend. We've been best friends since first grade. It's a funny story.
Dlyan: (teasing) Oh, really?
Scar: Well, it's funny to me. She had just moved here, and she came to school on her first day in this cinderella costume. It was dyed black and she was wearing converse sneakers with it. She
had there chopsticks in her hair and she sat behind me and one hit me in the eye, and I started screaming.
Dlyan: And this is funny how?
Scar: Well, she voluntered to take me to the nurse, and she kept apologizing. When we got to the nurses office, she was out. she thought it would be funny to take the nurses stethoscope, which she left lying around, and she tried to listen to my butt.
Dlyan (laughs and scar joins in)
Scar: and we've been best friends ever since.
Dlyan: Did the nurse find out?
Scar: She walked in and found her trying to listen to my butt, and Catlyn said that it was her fauly for leaving the stethoscope around and tempting her.
(dlyan Laughs)
Scar: That earned her a trip to the school counsler.
Dlyan: Were you ok?
Scar: I'm sitting here talking to you, aren't I?
Dlyan: Stupid question. Do you have any siblings?
Scar: A princess and a puppy
Dlyan: Huh?
Scar: My little brother jimmy, he's 8. He thinks he's a puppy, and my sister allison thinks she's a princess, and to my mother, she is. She's 17.
Dlyan: She's the girl I saw this morning.
Voiceover: Boys love allison. She's the vogue cover girl and I'm the girl on psychgology today with my hair in my face and a headline that reads how to handle your smart aleck teenager.
Scar: Yeah. She's always been jealous of me because there's only a year between us. My fisrt memory is her sufocating me with a pillow.
(Scene progresses with scar talking and talking but we can't hear her talking to dlyan.)
Voiceover: i found myself telling dlyan things I wouldn't tell a stranger, things I don't even tell catlyn, and he actually listened. Really listened. He didn't tell me to be gratful I'm alive or that I'm just imagining my sister's princess status. He didn't treat me like a sick girl. He treated me like a real person.
(and then scar pukes on dlyan.)
Voiceover: I guess that''s what I get for eating the school food.
(Puke runs down Dlyans shirt, and he tries to fling it off his clothes with his hands. He tries not to look disgusted. Scar shakes her head)
Scar: What did I ever do to deserve this?
(scene ends and one starts with the girls in a crowded hallway at their lockers. Catlyn is wearing a short tubedress, a v neck long sleeve top under it, long dyed flared jeans and multicolored stacked platform sandals. Scar is wearing a Black and white striped long sleeve buttoned up shirt and black jeans. Catlyn's hair is pulled up in a messy bun with a fendora reporter hat. Scar's hair is hanging loosely on her shoulders.)
Catlyn: You puked on him?! (loudly)
Scar: I said he did! Are you deaf?! I don't think I've ever been so embarassed!
(Cuts to a scene of scar sliding down a slide into a pool. (...) several boys are standing there, laughing.)
Catyln: Really?
Scar: Okay, since then! Ugh! and he was so nice about it.
Catlyn: Nice? (the girls walk away)
Scar: Yeah. He said it was okay, and he needed a shower anyway. He told me not to feel bad, but I can't help it. This is the 1st time a guy has liked me and didn't use me to get to allison.
Catlyn: He's so not her type. Scar, be careful. (Julius crosses thier path.)
Catlyn: Get lost, julius and don't come back.
Scar: Just like his brain did?
Julius: (is now wearing a sparkely tiara) Aww, is somebody jealous that I don't like her? (in a baby voice)
Scar: No, Catlyn can have you. One lesson reason to puke. (walks away)
Catlyn: Scar, get back here! Don't leave me alone with this loser!
Scar: I have to get to class.
(scene ends with scar running to the bathroom and puking all over the floor and someone's new shoes. The girl screams.)

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