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 in memory post last for now

Joined: Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:56 pm
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Wed Nov 03, 2010 10:07 am
(scene begins with dlyan rushing out of the hospital, holding a cacket shaped purse.)
Catlyn: Ugh. Him again? (gets out of car) what do you want? I'm already 15 minutes late.
Dlyan: You forgot your purse?
Catyln: (rips purse from his hands) All my money better still be in there. (gets back in car and to aunt) Drive. (aunt drives away)
Aunt Jeza: Who is that hunk?
Catlyn: Scar's boyfriend.
Aunt Jeza: (Shocked) SCAR HAS A BOYFRIEND?!Little Scar stevenson?
Catlyn: Yes and Yes. Ugh.
Aunt Jeza: is someone jealous? (teasing)
Catlyn: Why does everyone keep asking me that?! No!
Aunt Jeza: Scar is allowd to have other friends.
Catlyn: I never said she wasn't!
Aunt Jeza: Well, you're being defensive.
Catlyn: No, I'm not.
Aunt Jeza: Listen, honey pie, don't take your anger out on me. It's not my fault scar's sick and you don't have a boyfriend.
CatLyn: (gets out of car) I'm not angry! (slams car door)
Aunt Jeza: That's the understatement of the year.
(Catlyn runs inside, pulling a green smock over her head. A tall boy with dirty blonde hair is waiting)
Catlyn: Hey, scuzman
Richard: Do you call everyone by their last name or just me?
Catlyn: Just the people I hate. (climbs over counter)
Richard: Real lady like. I covered for you. (annoyed) again. If larritate asks, your uncle is in a coma.
Catlyn: That's the best that you could come up with?
Richard: is that how they say thank you on your plannet? You have to organize the clearance table. Some todler came in and had a tantrum over glitter paint.
Catlyn: That;s what that smell is. I'm not changing your diaper. I don't get paid enough to do that. Ever.
(clims back over counter and richard walks away, rolling his eyes.)

 Re: in memory post last for now

Joined: Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:50 am
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Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:20 pm
I hope you keep writing/posting these. I really love them. I have an ear/throat/sinese infection. I've had it for 3 weeks. Today I have to make sure to eat a lot to keep my body running. I have been pretty bored and I feel wierd when I eat but this has kept it off my mind. I really really love these stories. I hope I find more stories like this by you very soon. Peace out amazing writer peep, Kenzie. P.s. I really think that you are a great writer.

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